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Gaye, you are going to love that thing. I never thought myself the type to declare my love for an IUD, but I am here to say, Mirena is awesome.


MelW, your jam sounds truly delish, and pickles...sigh. On the farm, I had a wall of pickles in the basement. happytears.gif


Did I mention they updated the aerial maps on Google? Dh discovered that a view of our old place now includes a spring flock of mamas and babies. Double happytears.gif. How did he discover this? Why, monitoring real estate listings for farmettes back home, of course. energy.gif (It will be a while.)


We are slowly working our way back to normal, with earlier and earlier bedtimes. thumb.gif Last night it was 9, and next I am going to steal a run before administering scantron tests to my kids. Dd was unhappy talking about it last night, but she loses her mind when she's tired. Kids also have their final TKD class and belt testing today, so it will be another long one.


sparkle, perhaps disturbingly, perhaps luckily, my brain chaos already seems to be responding to suppressing ovulation. shrug.gif I haven't settled fully on how I feel about it, except that I also don't have a week of the physical pain of the swelling/bloat of every organ south of my navel. Going to do this a few more months for sure.

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Jooj ~ it's nice to dream about another farm, even if it is in the far off future.  How's the first day of online school going?


sparkle ~ you DO rock! 


RR ~ Biked the kids to school yesterday and then added in an extra 5 or so miles on the mountain bike.  It hurt, and not in a good way.  Then I went to PT where they are trying to get my SI joint back where it belongs.  Apparently, it's rotated out of position and sitting on the sciatic nerve, hence the pain and feeling that it's "stuck".  So far it actually seems to feel better.  I go back again today for more PT.  Got my fingers crossed that all will be well after a month of 3x weekly visits.


NRR ~ kids are LOVING school this year and I couldn't be more thrilled!  All three have fantastic teachers. I have been very busy getting the library schedule ready, training volunteers and getting the space set up for students on Monday morning.

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Kristina - That's great to hear about the kids, and hopeful about the hip!!! 


Jo - I love the idea of you getting a farm, even if it is in the future. 


RR: Well, I had planned it all out to go to spin class early this morning (5:30), but there was some sort of alarm malfunction and I slept right through it.  I was really disappointed, but I am going to tag along with Katie during her cross country practice today instead. 

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Wow. Four very high energy, very happy, 9 and 10 year old girls, plus one 5 year old boy.  My head is spinning and I have a long way to go.

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Gaye- Mirena! I want one! Someday...when my insurance isn't quite so...paltry.

Jo - aw farmette wool.gif

RR: nada

NRR: I took my DS (age 11) to the doc today and it looks like he has IBS. He gets stomach aches all the time and, as some of you who've been around awhile know, he is a pretty nervous kid so it makes sense. While we were there, the doc confirmed we were up to date on all shots except it is time to consider HPV vaccine. I feel like I have seen/heard some horror stories about that one, but has anyone done it or have an opinion on it? I think they used to just do girls, but now they also include boys.(disclosure: we fully vax'd, although on a slightly delayed schedule in the early years. I have no judgement on people's choices one way or the other here, just looking for some info)

TIA! tiphat.gif
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Quick RR: I did about 2.5 miles with Katie's cross country team this morning.  We did about an hour of tag games.  The translation for that is: Speedwork!  I am sore and stiff after trying to keep up with 11-13 year olds!

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mel~Your jam sounds DEElicious! I have 25 lbs of peaches headed my way next week, so I will be jamming it up myself very soon. yummy.gif

poppy~hug.gif for DS. IBS is tough. I have no idea on the vax...I was counting on not needing to worry about it since I have a boy, but now...shrug.gif We are also fully vaxed, just spaced a few out a little more, so I'll probably do it. I have a while to figure it out, at least.

On the mirena~I'm so glad to hear some love for it. I really put it off for a long time because I just felt like it was so permanent. Which it isn't, but definitely more permanent than the pill. The final straw was the fact that I'm going back on a high-deductible insurance plan, and my seasonique bcp (which I love.gif) is nearly $300 a pack. Generic. yikes.gif So, I figured, before my student insurance runs out next week, I might as well just do it. And, as mentioned...no more remembering to take my pill when I get home from work. We shall see. I'm desperately hoping to be one of the 40% of women who has zero periods with the mirena, but I would settle for just having occasional spotting. Oh yeah, and they insisted on giving me a pregnancy test before inserting it. biglaugh.gif I literally laughed out loud. rolleyes.gif

DS's school open house and back to school picnic were this afternoon. His teacher seems nice (she's new to the school), and he has a bunch of his friends in his class. He's SUPER excited to get to go to the "big kid" playground this year (there's a separate playground for ECE and Kind).

rr~I didn't want to pay the nanny (and have her over for the 37th time in three days) to get a run in, so I figured we'd just go to the Y and I'd do spin class. Double-checked class time on the online schedule last night. Got to the Y and found out that 9:15 spin class has been an outdoor ride all summer. irked.gif Thanks for updating the online schedule, people! Sigh. I needed to get something in, so I went to the cardio room and spun on my own. They have these fancy spin bikes that have a video screen and have pre-programmed spin classes in them, so I did that. It was a pretty good workout, but it didn't seem to have ANY recovery time built in. About 30 minutes in, I figured out that maybe there was recovery, but I didn't realize it because the guy was saying it and I didn't have headphones, so I was just going by the condensed instructions onscreen. Also, no headphones=60 minutes of spinning in silence. That was fun. I spent most of it reading the closed captioning on the Today show that the girl on the treadmill in front of me was watching. It was boring, but it was a decent workout at least, even if not as planned.
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Hi everyone. 


No run (yet) today. I am feeling so tired this week. I ran 5.5 on Tuesday, swam 800 yards on Wednesday (which took me a half  hour! yikes! so slow) and ran 5 yesterday. Today, I don't know. We'll see.


I'm in full on panic. School starts on Monday for the kids and I also go back to work that day (two faculty days first). I spent the morning in the shower crying this morning that I am going to be a crappy teacher, crappy mother who won't be able to take care of the house, and then getting sadder about the state of my marriage. Sigh. Not so good, and dd1 (who has anxiety issues already) heard me crying while I was in the shower behind a closed door and got very worried so that amped up my own upset at myself. Still on the verge, actually. Why am I such a whiny mess?!


Meanwhile I have my kids and a couple extras here this morning, at least they're playing. Ds' birthday party was yesterday so he's busy building a lego set and his friend is battling beyblades or something. SpongeBob is on the tube (go, me. awesome parenting. disappointed.gif) and I am going to get myself a coffee. Fallin apart here a little.


Probably I do need to run today. I just have no idea when.

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hug.gif Nic. I hope that the pre-school anxiety is more bearable after a run. Maybe just a short one if you are feeling tired.


FWIW, I think you are being a great role model for your kids, even if your housekeeping goes downhill some once school and work starts. You are busy but you have the right priorities in life with family, work and exercise. In *my* opinion, it's even ok for kids to see their moms/dads be emotional, like crying. I hope it's not a bad thing because I have sure been there once or twice.


Jen, we just had DD (she's 16) get the HPV shot. No side effects at all.  My feeling is that it is right to offer it to both girls and boys. It was expensive, though! We have a high deductible plan that doesn't cover preventative stuff for the kids, and I am paying somewhere around 300$ out of pocket for each shot! Of which there are three yikes2.gif  So, that's a consideration, too. I really don't know whether I will get it for DS once he is old enough, but I am leaning towards getting it.


But the IBS - that is quite a diagnosis. Good to put a name on all the trouble, but it's just one of those things that people really battle for many years, so that has got to be kind of scary. What is the latest research saying about it? Is there a treatment or dietary restrictions?



NRR: Work has been hellish for the past ... 14 days or something. I can't wait for a break. I miss my kids and doing anything fun. I guess Labor day weekend is around the corner.


Question for you guys - I am organizing a bike safety clinic at our elementary school. One of our parents is the owner of a bike shop here in town, and he voiced his support for it a couple of times last year. We even set the date for a weekend that suited him. Now, he is not responding to any of my emails and I am getting a little worried. It's time for us to firm up exactly how many people we need, what stations we are going to set up, etc., and he has gone all incommunicado. Should I be a pest and show up at his store?


RR: Running has been going pretty well. I do my long runs on Saturday with a group, which I love. The coach drives around and meets us at different stops so we can fill up our water bottles. The others are all faster than me, plus I am doing a 1 minute walk break to 3 minutes of running, but we all catch up at the water stops. Last week was 14 miles and I was so tired!! Phew, that was the most tiring run ever. It makes me wonder how I will be able to run farther. Tomorrow is only 8.

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Thanks, Mel.


Yeah I would just show up at his shop. I'm like that though. redface.gif


Poppy -- IBS...I have suffered with some form of this since puberty. It was misdiagnosed, mistreated, etc. until it was finally diagnosed last year as Celiac. But I'm also dairy protein intolerant I think (50% of celiac/gluten intolerant people are) which I've just really started to be good about eliminating. IBS is kind of like a 'garbage can' diagnosis -- that's what they call it when they can't explain the ongoing, chronic intestinal issues. You may find you want to pursue a more comprehensive evaluation. hug2.gif It can be so debilitating physically and demoralizing emotionally because people don't really understand that it's not just a 'stomach ache' and begin to think you're psychosomatic or exaggerating. Sigh.


Trying to remain calm, here. 

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Nic - hug.gif Hang in there, I know it seems overwhelming right now but you can do this! And thanks for the comments on IBS - it definitely felt like a "eh" diagnosis but we did discuss any potential food allergies and he just doesn't seem to fit in with that profile. So, we're just keeping an eye on his stress level, make sure he is eating well, exercising, etc. I think it's a nervous stomach but it does seem to present itself randomly.

Mel - bigeyes.gif Wow, um yeah I better look into that! Our kids' insurance is actually really good, compared to our own. We have them on a different plan, so I am hopeful it is covered. If it is not then I will likely hold off. I think the things I have read about it were from some friends who are anti-vax posting articles online. I never actually read them in detail, though. It certainly sounds like it has benefits but the whole thing is just confusing. As for the IBS the handout regarding IBS and teens mainly focuses on diet and exercise: don't drink soda, make sure you move around, take fiber if needed, etc. Fairly generic stuff, TBH.
ETA: yes I would totally go into his shop - sounds like he is dropping the ball!

Gaye - 300 bucks for generic?? What kind of BCP is that? Unfortunately our crappy insurance only covers BC if it is generic and the Mirena does not fall into that category.
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Poppy, FWIW my IBS didn't present until puberty. I do think hormonal fluctuations have a lot to do with it. And food allergies/sensitivities aren't always diagnosable or clear but may just be a threshold thing...too much and you trip the wire, and the whole system goes out of whack. Just something to keep in mind. Stress exacerbates it for sure and keeping in balance with exercise and eating well is really crucial. thumb.gif

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Thanks Nic! That is super helpful info, I appreciate it.
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We started Katie on the HPV vaccine this summer.  She is 11.  She has had no ill effects, but has, historically, tolerated vaccines very well.  She is also fully vaccinated, although, we did delay some as a baby.


Nic - I want you to go easy on yourself.  A bad mother doesn't worry about whether she is being a bad mother.  If you want to play who is the bad mother wars, my kids have been fending for themselves for breakfast for months now, spending much of their mornings watching tv while I sleep, and had McDonald's as their midday meal.  You have done this before, and you can do it again.  Your kids are seeing you do positive, affirming, strong things that will better yours and their lives.  Go light on yourself. 


Meet the teacher is starting in about 20 minutes, so we have a full afternoon of running from school to school to do that!

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I have ideas about GI issues that I should probably explain more on yahoo due to the length of the post it would take to go into detail, but there is a lot if information that is NOT broadly known and/or ignored that I have found very helpful and can be another tool in the toolbox on a case-by-case basis.

Briefly, the hypothalamus controls most gut issues, including auto-immune, and specific GI issues like gerd and ibs, but also related to allergies generally and asthma. The hypothalamus also controls the endocrine system (hormones). So you have a feedback loopty-loop going that connects the gut with hormones, which is why fluctuations in hormones affect the gut and vice-versa. The gut uses more blood/is supplied by more blood than any other organ system in the body. Remember that the gut is actually the size of a tennis court when all rolled out flat. Blood supply to the gut is controlled by the hypothalamus.

Stress (and by this I mean the broadest interpretation, from road-rage to white flour to lack of sleep to electromagnetic radiation to flourescent lighting/screen lights to nerves) affects the hypothalamus directly. This is why stress can have an immediate affect on ibs, gerd, allergies, ovulation, skin conditions, etc. The hypothalamus "stores" stress. It unloads stress through sleep, but we do not get enough sleep in our modern age (with all of the above stressors) to sufficiently unload the stresses we take in every day, so they build up. When the hypothalamus reaches a tipping point, "chronic" health conditions can develop. I learned this through a lot of searching when I was diagnosed years ago and revolted against the idea that I, miss healthy, could be sick. The only way I know to unload the hypothalamus is through "skilled relaxation", which for me has taken the form of daily meditation (I was diagnosed with gerd 5 years ago, and was able to reverse the very painful symptoms with daily meditation - did you think I was really disciplined disappointed.giflol.gif). I could say more about this part but that's what I learned and it worked for me. The problem in this case is that starting a kid on a daily, consistent relaxation technique would be very hard. but at least it's a possibility in the long run. PM me if you want to know more about what exactly I do.

Nic - hug.gif I have been a wreck this week too (crying in the car, dark thoughts), with much less on my plate. I can only imagine how you are working to hold it together! One day at a time!

RR: weights yesterday, today is a rest day......

NRR; date night with hubby. 8 year anniversary tomorrow, 17 years together (yes we have a nearly 10 year old, yes she was our flower girl, yes I was 5 mos. preggers w/ DS lol.gif)
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poppy ~ I haven't decided yet about the HPV vaccine, but DS will be 11 in October so I guess it's time to start thinking about it.  He's got all the "required" vaccines (delayed), but none of the optional ones.  Regarding the IBS, I don't really know.  My neighbor's son has a lot of stomach symptoms, but years of testing have all come up negative.  I hope you can figure something out for him though.


Nic ~ hug2.gif You sound so overwhelmed.  I think once it's all underway, you'll find the rhythm.  The "what ifs" and "how wills" always are worse than the reality, in my experience anyway.  I'll be thinking of you this week.


sparkle ~ happy anniversary!!!!!  You're too funny twins.gif.


RR ~ biked to and from school twice.  And the cool part is I saw 4 other parents biking to school to pick up their kids this afternoon.  I like to think they saw me doing it and thought, "Hey, I can do that too!" lol.gif  Seriously, it's no more than a mile from any of the houses in our sub-division to the school and I see SO many parents driving their kids every day. There are no busy roads to cross, sidewalks the entire way.  No excuses!


NRR ~ Library work is really picking up and I'm enjoying it so much!  Just wish I got paid, but maybe next year...  I spent the morning training volunteers, setting up all the display books, cleaning shelves, and building my volunteer database.  I feel so "useful".  Maybe it is time for me to find a real job.... Not that I'm useless as a SAHM, but vacuuming, dusting, dishes and bedmaking are not the most fulfilling of endeavors year in and year out.


And I think the PT is working!!!!!  My hip doesn't hurt today!  And interestingly, my leg feels good too.  I really hope this does the trick and I can make my eagerly anticipated return to running.  Gee, it's only been 3 years and 3 months since the original injury.

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I only have a moment to post but thanks everyone for your comments on the IBS and HPV. luxlove.gif

JG - it's hard to grasp that we have arrived at the age to consider this one! Still trying to wrap my head around it....

Bec - that's is good to know, thank you!

Sparkle - Although complicated, that makes total sense. I mentioned it to dh and he thinks we should try it - going to see about doing something meditative with ds, even if it is a little yoga routine so that there is some movement, each morning before school.

You and Nic have been very helpful through this -thank you!
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Jeez poppy, thanks for the heads up. I guess this is a convo I should have before our physicals in 2-ish weeks. Ds is about the same as yours. He also, btw, had a lot of stomachaches, which seem oddly to run in the family and hit around grade 2. Ds seems to have outgrown it, and dd had trouble this past year (seems to go away in summer). I have taken ds off fluid milk, which seems to be right for him, and will likely follow with dd soon. We also did all the required vaxes but don't do flu.

JayGee, a cautious joy.gif!


sparkle, the hypothalamus talk is speaking directly, loudly, to me. bag.gif


Nic, SpongeBob's on here in the hotel suite, too. hug2.gif


Spent the night at my parents'. Looks like the drama has been smoothed.


And dh has arrived on US soil. Hoping he makes it up here in a few short hours. I think I am going to suit up with the kids and head to the pool.

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Taking a break from Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles ... and David Foster Wallace smile.gif to

RR: So ugly. Was going to do the bike intervals to run/walk interval work-out, but I could only make it through 36 minutes on the bike before I just couldnt stand it/was so uncomfortable I couldnt go on. So I figured I'd do 24 minutes on the TM, call it an hour and be done, but I ended up doing 50 minutes on the TM of running and walking. That's the most Ive run, well, since camp a month ago, and before that since last year, so I'm pretty happy, although my aches and pains are giving me some back-talk today mischievous.gif Weights tomorrow

I reeaallly need to see my A.R.T. guy b/c something is seriously not right with my legs; I think one is longer than the other, or otherwise out of whack. My right leg is just not able to push through the biking (hamstring pain/weakness/tightness....)

Oh and lastly, I got an email from my Classical Rhet. prof. today, the one I see at the gym, telling me to read this extra stuff he'd attached, and oh yeah, write 1000 words about it, in addition to the 100+ pages we were supposed to read and write about already. So then, I see him at the gym today after getting the email! And I told him "you ruined my work-out! lol.gif" and he tried to reassure me about how low-key the assignment is. All this to say, no personals at this time Sheepish.gif
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poppy~Yeah, $300 for generic. It's the one where you only get your period every 3 months, so a pack is a 3 month supply, but still. OUCH. I probably should have checked with my insurance to see if the mirena was going to be fully covered, but I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that it covers this as fully as it covers everything else. bag.gif

nic~hug.gif Hang in there. I think the start of school the first year teaching new things has got to be terrifying. I just can't imagine. Seriously, do not worry about the house. You should see mine right now, and I only have one kid.

I made it through work last night, barely. I hit the wall so hard around 4 am, it was ridiculous. I actually ended up going in the locker room and laying down for 20 minutes because I just wasn't going to make it, only to wake up to a page for a crash c-section. Nothing like a little adrenaline to wake you up for the rest of the shift. rolleyes.gif Now to make it through tonight's shift...it may require some more caffeine than normal. Plus I'm hoping to only sleep about 3 hours in the morning so I can get up and take DS downtown to watch the final stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge.

rr~15 miles yesterday morning. Ow. That kind of hurt. I actually did ok for about 9, then struggled for 5, and felt decent for the last mile. Everything pretty much hurt by the end, though. I ran with my friend, who has that natural talent thing orngtongue.gif...she had never run more than 13.1 before in her life, and that was three months ago, and she easily could have run circles around me for our 15 miler. Sheesh. Not fair! I was taking DS to the zoo after my run as a last hurrah before school starts, so I didn't have time for an ice bath. Instead, I'm hoping that walking around the zoo constituted an extended cooldown. I think it probably kind of worked, since I'm not too sore today, muslce-wise. Really, my feet just hurt. Which was not helped by having back-to-back babies last night where I was standing and doing their admissions for about 4 hours straight. Hopefully, I get to sit a bit more tonight!
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