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Plady - You can do it. You can do it! Try adding more fat. Nuts (cashews and almonds, specifically, in combination) are my saving grace when I cut out sugar goodvibes.gif And congrats on the job! It must feel great.

Mamajb - Its hard to hear you being so down, because you're down, but moreso b/c you are being hard on yourself for it. I do the same thing; beating myself up b/c I'm down when I have so much. You know that there's nothing you could say that would make us think you were a whiner, or ungrateful. Life is just hard sometimes, for uncertain reasons, and existential angst is a powerful thing! (at least in my world lol.gif) This too shall pass. Crises is a door to transformation. Be gentle with yourself as you make your way through this. We will keep the flame burning of mamajb respect and admiration always orngbiggrin.gifgoodvibes.gif on the house

JG - How'd the 20 minutes go!?
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sparkle ~ never made it out the door hide.gif


Plady ~ I'm sugar detoxing again too and it SUCKS.  I ate a ton of ice cream and other sugary crap on vacation and the cravings have been unbearable.  Yesterday I gave in to a bag of jelly beans which spiraled into a sugar binge of epic porportions.  Ending with me behaving like a total bitch on wheels toward my family.  Not cool.  So today I'm back on the damn no-sugar wagon.


mommajb ~ feel free to whine and vent away.  Dingoes share the joy AND the difficulties of life grouphug.gif.


NRR (because there is no R to R) ~ went to the doctor this morning to get my hip and back looked at.  She is mystified since the pain is localized to my iliac crest, where there is no joint.  It's been going on for too long for it to be a muscle strain.  So I got an x-ray of my pelvis to check for bone fragments that may have broken off and I'm on a 6 day pack of steriods to reduce inflammation.  And no running.  Seriously, I'm only 44 and WAY too young to be falling apart.


I took DS with me to the doctors and then we had a son/Mama morning with a haircut for him, a new shirt for the first day of school, a new book from the bookstore and sushi for lunch.  That part was wonderful luxlove.gif.

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hug2.gifMommajb blowkiss.gif


Oh JG and others dealing with the sugar withdrawal, I need it out of my life, too. It is so hard, but I've got to do it again. It creeps up on me, and I'm at an unacceptable level again.


And I'm sorry to hear that there are no answers yet on the pain. irked.gif Hopefully the inflammation/pain will be reduced by the steroids, maybe that will give things a chance to heal?


Running along, reading when I can and thinking of you guys -  my virtual RPs.


Knee is stiff and creaky, but functional. I have 6 miles planned in the morning with a 5 a.m. group of runners. I like getting that run out of the way so early, and when I roll out of bed at 4:15 a.m., I am so groggy that I can't even think of a good excuse not to do it. lol.gif


Back to geek.gif

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Morning mamas (well, late late morning anyway)


JG and Mel - Hang in there.  I dreamed about going to a restaurant with my mom and explaining in detail why we weren't going to order pasta or potatoes or rice or dessert.  It's really ridiculous how mental this sugar thing is.  I'm super proud of my kids though.  Here on Day 4 they are still going whine free.  Yesterday there was a little haggling for sandwiches and I told them that while we are kicking the habit we had to stay strong and that sugar is a harder addiction than cigarrettes to kick.  They both really responded to that and immediately stopped asking for bread. lol.gif  And JG,it sounds like we have the same pain.  Does yours hurt if you try to roll from one side to the other in bed? 

This aging thing can bite me.  Yesterday I made a plaster cast of my friend's breasts so she has something to remember them by after her double mastectomy at then end of the month. She's got a great attitude about it all but sheesh.


Mel - 4:15.  Ouch.  I'm going to meditate on that, maybe it can inspire me too.


RR: nada

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Wow, speaking of sugar, I went on a bender myself yesterday. In fact, it was just back to the usual (as in, pre-vacation), which includes a lot of chocolate chips per day, but as I'd been off regular sugar for 2+ weeks, that caffeine/sugar jolt was enough to send me into a near coma by afternoon (combined with the fact that I slept like sh** the night before). In any case, I had an uneventful PMS two weeks (literally timed to the day with my trip) which underscores for me how bad sugar is for my mood in general, but specifically how much I am going to need to rein it in with peri-menopause around the corner if I dont want ti kill anyone or myself. Seriously.

So today its back on the wagon. I'm really *just* a chocolate chip junkie (in muffins that I make healthy ... I just happen to put in a lot of chocolate chips - 65% cacao of course, anything to justify the crutch right!), but man is it a hard one to say no to....

JG - I must have missed the info about your back troubles. When did this start? What's going on? Ay Caramba mama! That day with your ds sounded lovely though orngbiggrin.gif

Plady - Its AMAZING that your kids can go 4 days! Seriously, my kids have a "healthy" treat every day, and if they didnt get it there might be armaggedon around here. I am wondering though what is going to happen to your kids' when they eat dump cake w/ gummie worms biglaugh.gif Isnt that what's on the menu for AG's bday ROTFLMAO.gif

Mel38 - I am so jealous of your german. I met a couple at camp who packed their whole family off to Germany 3 years ago on a whim to teach for the defense dept, and now all 4 of their kids and they are bilingual and they love it there and are going to stay (they are in Bavaria). I am now wishing I had a community of people to speak German with so that I could resurrect mine and actually use it. I do have a friend here from Germany so I could talk to her, but you know, I want the full experience. Dh; not so much lol.gif

RR: 60 minute bike intervals and 20 minute run/walk intervals. I was SORE from weights day before yesterday, but afraid that if I take more than one rest day, my momentum will slip. So it was hard, but done. Check.
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I am so sleepy this afternoon. A hot run on a hot day followed by no excitement whatsoever. sleeping.gif

The inspection was less than stellar as a result of the house being vacant all year. I hope the repairs are doable in the time frame and don't break us financially. I've sent more people to the house to check on it and take care of things for various reasons it really should not have been a problem. nono02.gif On top of that we have water problems here with ds1's shower. Needless to say he did not tell us day one. It will be a relief to only have one home to manage an to have it be the one we are living in.

After memiles' jean post on FB I decided to do some shopping. I have a Twice account, I know my size :yike, picked up some jeans for now but if they aren't big and soon I am going to complain about that too. I need to find a sweet spot diet wise so that I can make some headway against the weight gain that has occurred.

We have to run ds1 out later social life and pan to hit the beach on the way back. What a way to start and end a Saturday; it makes driving kids around not so bad.
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Can someone explain to me why I'm trying to watch the Olympics and instead getting a Tom Brokaw documentary on WWII? I mean, don't get me wrong, I think Tom Brokaw documentaries are fabulous, but if I wanted to watch one, I would turn on the History Channel or something. Where are the freaking Olympics??? rolleyes.gif

race report~ Today was the Mudathlon! And get this...it was fun! redface.gif I was totally squeamish and not super looking forward to the race, but it turned out to be a blast. We were in the second wave, so it wasn't too crowded or hot. With 40 obstacles in 3 miles, this is not the type of race to set any speed records, and we weren't out to go super fast, but we ran pretty much the whole thing. I honestly can't even remember all the obstacles, but we had to climb over hay bales, those big wooden spool thingies, lots of walls, a couple of cargo nets, etc. We had to lower ourselves down on ropes and pull ourselves back up, make several creek crossings, do a potato sack race (!), crawl through a couple of mud pits, slide down a waterslide into a mud pit, go across a balance beam and a rope bridge, and more. I even decided to embrace the mud (and impress my kiddo, who was watching), by willingly taking a flying dive through the mudpit just before the finish line. Heck, when you're already that dirty, why not, right? I came out of it relatively unscathed...several bruises that I'm sure I haven't discovered yet, two scraped up knees, a scraped shin, and a scraped belly. Oh, and some very dirty toenails (my poor, poor, pedicure)!

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Major kudos to those of you on sugar withdrawl. Major kudos.

mommajb--hope all the house stuff goes well. Where in Indiana?

JayGee--sorry to hear you're having pain again. You are too young to be falling apart.

ETA: congrats tjsmama!! You look quite good considering you were crawling in mud!

Race Report: aka, who knew I was even going to run a race this week?

So I decided to run Westminster's Holy Cow Trail Stampede 10K this morning. It's the first time I've ever registered 15 minutes before the race started. I mostly decided to do it because (1) it would count as speedwork for the week, (2) we're usually in another part of the state, which is sad anytime a race is 15 minutes from my house) and (3) it's part of the Westminster Faire and I figured it was a good chance to wear my school campaign shirt. (The more I wear it, the more it looks like lots of people support this, right? Kind of like that part at the end of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH where there are only a few rats but they run all around the forest trying to make it look like there was a bunch of them.)

The weather was decent: lower 70s and overcast. I was grateful for the overcast skies. Headed out fast, mostly because I ended up a little closer to the start line than I expected. The first mile was 7:47, and I wondered if I'd regret going out so fast. Everything that followed was progressively slower: 8:18, 8:28, 8:27, 8:41, 8:44, and 8:29 for the final .2, for a 52:45 time and 8:30 average. (!) It's a new PR for the 10k, and my second this year (January's Yeti Chase was a ~2 minute PR from my old time and this was about 45 seconds faster than that. Maybe under the right conditions I could go sub-50??).

As we approached the turnaround I was counting the women to see how I was faring. Only 7 were in front of me, as I'd just passed a female runner near the turnaround. Then she passed me, and then I passed her again and held that for about a mile and a half. Then she passed me again and not long after that, a second woman passed me and then her. So she was chasing the woman in purple and I was chasing her. I'd hoped to catch her at the end but just couldn't manage it and she finished 4 seconds ahead of me. After the race, she found me and we both congratulated each other on a great race. I was grateful for her ahead of me because I'm not sure I would have pushed that hard otherwise (though seeing I was going to manage a PR when I hit the 6-mile mark definitely helped the .2).

Other stats:
10/54 women
5/16 F30-39
33/105 overall

Oh, and I just noticed that a neighbor won 2nd in our age group. Wow! We were looking at the results and she tapped me and said she thought we lived in the same neighborhood. We've seen each other out with joggers. She's fast: 49:20!

NRR: Went home, showered, played for a wedding, stopped at the grocery store to pick up dessert for the class potluck, went to the class potluck, came home, practiced for Sunday and here I am. Egads!
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Wow, great races Lisa and Gaye! So impressed with you guys.


Mommajb, sending you good vibes and prayers that things go your way with the house sale and all the repairs etc. Very stressful. Glad you got a good run in at least.


Just back from 12 miles on the trails. It felt pretty good after a fairly bad couple of runs earlier this week (and one really good one on the trails last Tuesday). My race is next Sunday. But I am worried because my workout run times seem to be getting slower. I don't know why. Could be the humidity I guess...I am thinner than I've been since getting pregnant with dd1 (my oldest), in much better shape, and when I mind my diet and keep it mostly vegan (sometimes I do eggs) and am very careful about the dairy and gluten, my stomach is ok. Today it took me over 2 hours to go 12 miles...now it was hilly, rocky trails..so that definitely slowed me down. But I am certainly seeing slower times on my regular runs too and it is making me a little nutty.


Trying not to obsess...remember the goal is long term...but man I can taste that sub 2 hours I've been working toward. Sigh.


Dh and I are in agreement (!) about the exercise issue for the kids. Taking your excellent Dingo advice, we are going to offer them the option of swim team, or another JCC kids' fitness class twice a week, plus the one they already do (although for ds it isn't as important he go twice a week until later in the winter since soccer is pretty frequent in the fall). I am waiting on the brochure for fall classes and luckily for me swim team doesn't start up until after all the Jewish holidays (which end the second week of October), and therefore after dd1's bat mitzvah, before which I cannot commit to doing anything at all really. redface.gif


Feet up, having some caffix.gif

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Way to go Gaye and Lisa!banana.gif


Nick - I think you can do it!


Mommajb - I hope the repairs all get taken care of with no problems. It's really amazing how much a house suffers when its empty. Yes, it's going to be so much easier to just deal with one house!!


Sparkle - Oh, that would really be my dream, too! To just pick up and go, but it's also not happening for us. We aren't even very good at speaking German at home, unfortunately. Actually, there used to be a German language meet-up group here in town that met at least once a week - do you think there is anything like that in your area? Or start one! (You know, in all your free time lol.gif)


On a side note, Sparkle, those muffins sound really, really good.


Plady and Jo and others doing the Whole 30, I am completely in awe of you guys. And to even manage with the kids!

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Mel38 - yeah, there was a German speaking meet-up back in the day, and actually the woman I am now friends with was in it, but it was a mom's group, and now that the kids are all grown, they dont meet anymore. For some reason, German is fairly popular here (Ive heard that there is a good German philosophy program, or something random like that). One of the moms in the group is American, but married to a German who is a Prof., they have 3 kids whom they raised bilingual, and who are now tri-lingual after several years in Spanish immersion elementary school. Needless to say, I hate them winky.giflol.gif I could find people to talk to, I just wish I could sit in a cafe and hear it all around, or be forced to use it at the grocery store and so on

Gaye and Real - Woot broc1.gif
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Hi all. I've been trying to stay kept up, but keep falling behind. How is it that I'm even busier when I'm not in session? (It may be an organization thing. LOL)


I spent the weekend at a continuing education seminar and learned a lot. Came home to a bit more chaos than I expected and honestly, I'm too tired to deal with it.  Just wishing that I didn't feel like I have to pick up the pieces and be the responsible adult.  Also wishing dh would actually TALK to me about... well... anything that matters.


Last workout was Wednesday afternoon, and I'm anxious for tomorrow morning's boot camp.  On the bright side, I got a 2 hour massage yesterday afternoon and it was fabulous. 

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Just a couple of weeks more and I will finish up this cafe job. There have been some fun moments for sure and it has given me some desperately needed income but I am ready to turn to some new things. My feet, legs and hands are worn out and sore every day. It makes me feel so old! I may get a few more shifts in the fall before it closes right down for the season but I am glad I will be home more, especially with getting the kids back to school. I look forward to walking being something I choose to do and even having the option of running again and not need to rest my feet every possible chance I get! I have become such a whiner - sorry about that!

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Shanti, you are not a whiner! You are working so hard!

Mommajb, sending you good house repair and sale vibes.

Real, congrats on the super fast PR!

Gaye, awesome mudathlon photo. Sounds fun!

Nic, wishing you an amazing half!

Dimitrizmom, enjoy the bootcamp. Two hour massage sounds heavenly!

RR- A quick 5k post dinner tonight. It cured my tired but made me wired- now I can't sleep!

NRR- It's been another busy week- canning a ton of jams, tomatoes and dilly beans, midterm evaluations and various work for the college, plus a 12 hour night shift Friday and a day tomorrow and night Tuesday booked at the hospital. In between it's been my summer pattern of as much swimming as I can possibly cram in to summer smile.gif
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Okay Shanti and Mommajb - Y'all are NOT WHINERS.  You can cross that off your lists of what you might be, cause you ain't.


Shanti - I hope you find an outlet once the cafe is closed.


MelW - I am constantly amazed to think of you swimming just over there in that icy water.  I have yet to get farther in than my knees.  It can't only be because I rarely think to go to the beach on a hot day either.  You're just a superstar!


Gaye - I love the big happy smiles through the mud!


DMZmom - hug.gif


Real - Nice spur of the moment race! Could your neighbor possibly turn into a running partner?


Sparkle - I don't speak German but I did just buy some sausages!


RR: Nope but I do have a sense of urgency about getting back into the gym to pick up a few weights and heft them around for a bit.  I always find it irritating that my entire paycheck from lifeguarding doesn't cover my gym dues and the only time I'm in the gym these days is to lifeguard.  There's something not working there.


NSR: We're on Day 7 today of No Sugar (nearly no carbs at all really).  The kids are beginning to push back a little bit but more from lack of variety in meals than from wanting sweets so I'm still amazed at them.  I'm letting them have some fruit but they've also gone a week without milk which does seem to be helping their coughs.  Last night I woke up once with Alison coughing but it was a nearly dry cough this time, not like the puking-up-buckets-of-phlegm we've been dealing with so yay!   As far as physique goes I'm seeing no change yet but - I do believe in Atkins! I do! I do! I do believe in Atkins! I do! I do! dust.gif

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Good Morning!


Gaye ~ nice work on the mudathlon! That looks like a ton of fun.


mommajb ~ I hope the house closing goes quickly, in spite of needed repairs.


Shanti ~ you are NOT a whiner!  You've worked really, really hard at the cafe.


dmzmom ~ sweet massage!  I can only imagine how wonderful that must be.


sparkle ~ I'd speak German with you, but mine is very rusty!  As as for my back, I have no idea what is wrong with it, but it hurts.


Plady ~ YES, the hip pain is awful when rolling over in bed!  Have you gotten a plausible diagnosis for yours?  And I need to get my kids off the sugar.  DD2 woke up this morning asking for donuts.


NRR ~ my x-ray came back normal.  I am on a 6 day pack of steroids to reduce inflammation and can I just say how much I HATE steroids?!  I think I have every side effect possible (nausea, indigestion, sleeplessness, tiredness).  Thank goodness I only have 2 more days left in the pack.  Blech.....


School starts on Wednesday and tonight is Open House.  I am simultaneously taking each child to meet their teacher, signing up parents to volunteer in the library and working the PTO table.  Don't ask me how this is possible.


And to top things off, AF is very, very late.  I don't know when I ovulated last month because we were on vacation and I forgot to bring my thermometer, but right now I'm on CD34 and my cycle is normally 26 days yikes2.gif.

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Plady ~ YES, the hip pain is awful when rolling over in bed!  Have you gotten a plausible diagnosis for yours?  And I need to get my kids off the sugar.  DD2 woke up this morning asking for donuts.


And to top things off, AF is very, very late.  I don't know when I ovulated last month because we were on vacation and I forgot to bring my thermometer, but right now I'm on CD34 and my cycle is normally 26 days yikes2.gif.


Re:Hip - No.  I think the best closest diagnosis was Wicked Tight Psoas.  I've been 'resting' it all summer but I haven't been doing my PT exercises (bridges, those subtle transverse ab holds, clamshell on back with resistance band).  It was really bad when I was boxing and whichever side was back depending on my stance, that was the side that felt the most irritation I think having something to do with the rotation of my torso into punches.  It's the pain rolling over in bed and the occasional 'oops, can't hold weight on that leg!' feeling that really bugs me but my x-rays were "perfect', nothing found on u/s for the weird little inflamed node, chiro doesn't seem to touch it.  On my to do list today is figure out if my insurance really does cover any massage and then go get some specifically for the Psoas (so fun).  I'll keep you posted if I ever find anything that helps.


RAF: goodvibes.gifCome on AF!  Today's the day!

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RR: Well, not running but I did swim for 35 minutes, just laps.  One after the other after the other.  And I didn't die or anything.  I forget why picking up heavy things didn't work out today but I'm glad that something did!

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Has anyone here ever tried/read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross? Im going to get it at the library today. I am not far from where you are Jo, and something's got to give but I dont think I'm ready for hormones or anti-depressants. I'm mega-dosing on fish-oil and making sure I get enough rest and trying to exercise, etcetera etcetera....

JG - ??? Hoping for the first "irregular" cycle of peri-menopause and not something less desired....

Plady - Good for you! Did it feel good? It sounds good

RR: getting ready....
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Subbing and also glad to only have 3 pages.  Just been using FB to keep in touch.  It's so much easier since there is an app for the phone which I can see anywhere.    Funny how those posts get so many views yet so few "likes" he he.  :)  I must be a super "like"-er!!  haha!


RR: taking it easy on the plantar faciitis, it's getting much better.  Last week was a cut back week so it made it easy to "take it easy".  :) 


I'm all stressed out about stupid motorcycle class and test I have to take this weekend (15-22 HOURS Friday night through Sunday evening!!!).  I hurt somethin in  my back doing new ab exercises *roll eyes*.  So I didn't run Saturday through today (yet).  I hope to get on the TM after ds1 is done with school. 

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