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RR: 60 min. bike intervals 20 minute run/walk intervals. A teeny bit stronger than last week, at least for the first 20 minutes... then it just hurt lol.gif Actually the running felt pretty good.....
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Has anyone here ever tried/read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross? Im going to get it at the library today. I am not far from where you are Jo, and something's got to give but I dont think I'm ready for hormones or anti-depressants. I'm mega-dosing on fish-oil and making sure I get enough rest and trying to exercise, etcetera etcetera....
JG - ??? Hoping for the first "irregular" cycle of peri-menopause and not something less desired....

sparkle ~ I have read The Mood Cure and, while it seems very interesting, I am put off by the sheer number/expense/timing of supplements she requires.  And yeah, I'm really hoping it's a peri-menopause thing....


RM ~ good luck on your motorcycle class!


Plady ~ does swimming bother your hip?  Freestyle really hurts mine for some reason.


NRR ~ I've fallen so far off the healthy eating/exercising/involved parent/helpful spouse/supportive friend wagon it's not even funny.  I know that eating well and exercising, even just a little, will go so far into pulling me out of this funk, but I just keep heading back to the pantry for more chocolate and plopping myself down with the iPad.  My girls are playing online games and heaven only knows what DS is doing.  I am taking everyone to the pool this afternoon for one final swim day before school starts tomorrow.  Still no AF and my anxiety is through the roof.  I may break down and buy a test tomorrow once the kids are back in school.  Honestly, I feel like throwing up just THINKING about that possibility.

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JayGee- Sending you the strongest AF vibes!! Thinking of you.

Sparkle, way to make the forward motion happen!

RM, good luck with the class/test.

Last night I had a flat tire when I left work at 7:30- got it off and my full-sized spare on, and had three nails pulled out at the shop this morning. Then made student visits at the hospital, did some course prep and am off for a 12 hour night in maternity tonight. I don't have any more hospital shifts booked until labour day, so am looking forward to a couple of weeks of working "just" one job.
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hug.gif JG!

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JayGee, hug2.gif


Dh is away and I haven't run since Sunday. Turning into a big old grouch.

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JayGee - More AF vibes coming to you. hug2.gifWith that happening in the background (and I'm guessing you've only mentioned it to us?) I don't blame you for mainlining chocolate and retreating into cyberspace. I'd get the test.  Imagine me holding your hand when you do.


Re:Swimming and hip.  It has in the past made it hurt more.  The other day it didn't seem to bother it and I'm thinking about going again today but I am up early because I just couldn't stand trying to find a comfy position in bed any more.


MelW - What a PITA about the tire!  Yay for *just* one job!  Could that improve your chances of a late Aug meet-up while Sparkle's here?


Nic - I hope you can find a way to get a run in.  How long until dh is back?


It's the first day of the county fair today and that is pretty much the biggest event of the year here.  And every year I tell myself that next year I'll get my act together and enter something really good and then every year it sneaks up on me and I enter something lame just for the discount ticket. eyesroll.gif  This year was my failed-to-set-cherry-jam (aka sauce).  But today is the day we get to see if we won anything anyway.  And we get to spend time walking the gauntlet of elephant ears and berries with cream and corn dogs and cotton candy.  Actually, the berries sound good but nothing else does, I just wish it didn't smell so good!

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Test was negative and AF arrived (after I dropped $8.00 on the test...) now to figure out what is up with the 36 day cycle.

Heading out for my 20 minute run now. Oh, and the kids are back to school this morning. Is it wrong of me to feel relieved?
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No time to say anything else, more later I guess. Return tickets bought, way earlier than I want to go and causing all kinds of trouble with our orthodontic stuff because dh didn't bother to bring it up with me at all before ordering tickets. Ugh.

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JayGee, what a relief. I can't tell you how many times I've shucked out the cash for a test only to get AF as soon as I got the negative. eyesroll.gif Maybe the exit of the stress produces AF? Who knows. My cycles are also totally wonky now.


Jo, wave.gif


Hopefully will either get out today during the day or later this evening when dd1's bat mitzvah teacher comes over to work with her. Taper week anyway so I guess it's all good.


I. am. overwhelmed. It's quarter to twelve, I am still not really dressed, I have spent the morning working steadily on this-that-and-the-other and although I have gotten stuff done, it doesn't seem to have made a real dent. Sigh.


Step by step I guess.

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I tried to run and about 5 minutes in, something went POP in my hip and THE PAIN!!!! I hobbled home, and made an appointment with the physical therapist for Monday. argh.
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JG - Can you say Peri-menopause. It sounds pretty classic to me (first shortened cycles, the irregular.....) And combined with the mood stuff and crazy cravings. This is all familiar to me from PMS and that stint when I thought I was entering peri last year.... I'm reading the mood cure, and while I agree that there can be a lot to keep track of, it seems that one can just pick one or two aminos that sound most appropriate. I think I'm going to try 2, just during my luteal phase and see what happens (5-htp and another one I cant remember off hand). Im SO relieved with you/for you about AF

RR: Weight circuit for about 80 minutes. Getting stronger, but oh, so weak. Its so sad to watch the aging process happen, as in, wow, I really will never be THAT strong again (like I was in my twenties) without more hours of weight training than I would ever want to do lol.gif
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JayGee - Bask in the relief.  I'm so sorry about your hip.  I can just imagine (which explains why I only dream about running these days).

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JayGee, OH NO! I hate the sound of it! It sounds like an xray might happen? Good luck, mama. You need some smooth-sailing health vibes. goodvibes.gif


Nic blowkiss.gif


MelW, rant.gif flat tire. I hope there is calm ahead, and good things on the career horizon.


Sparkle, I have not read The Mood Cure, but alprazolam is certainly good at stopping my mind from spinning when needed. Have not yet noticed any side effects from BCP and am now nearing the time that I'd be crossing over, Oing and luteal-wise, so we'll see. But also I am so clearly NOT used to living in a house with a high-maintenance 6yo and 3yo. Oh my, my kids really are low-key. But you've made strides in your workouts, ma'am. Well done. I hope to be reporting similar soon.


Plady, I am so happy that your job world is gelling. I still have yet to sit down with my copy of the book where the poem lives, but I spent some time with the bios of the writers. My first reaction was to feel like such a loser alongside a bunch of achievery Pushcart Prize types. Then I thought, jeez, this was my first submission in over a decade and it worked, so maybe I just need to write more. (I know, duh.) My longhand way of saying I am grateful the universe is steering you into your passion and not away. 


All of my muscular awesomeness is gone. Sunday morning, I plan to wake at 4:30 and get in a run/walk before the holiday-day begins. Then, back to the arms and abs work, and back to my morning workouts. The good news is that this is the first Ramadan I have not gained weight. I have not stayed truly W30 compliant, but I have strayed only a couple of times for well-calculated treats: Bosnian pitta bread with spinach stuffing, birthday OMGcheesecake, and this cottage pie I made one night with lentils. Result? Grain is indeed my enemy. Dairy is not a digestive problem but ingestion coincides conspicuously with hormonal acne. Legumes TMI ALERT are not well digested. I have had to relax a little about things because my well-intentioned friend enjoys a challenge and likes to paleo-ify stuff. So I have been having canola oil, which I otherwise wouldn't ever (even before W30, this was not something we kept around). But have discovered an amazing organic ghee. I am sure my friend is looking forward to her usual grain- and bean-based diet, but she does admit that even just reducing grains has her fitting into her clothes better. thumb.gif


Did I mention the apartment dh picked out is a) ugly, and b) apparently too small for our dining table? I mean, I was willing to go from 3BR to 2BR, but if there's not even room for us to sit and eat food, wtf? Where do the bikes go?  Ugh, and the stove/oven doesn't fit, so he has to sell ours and buy a new one. Going to focus on beach views and park access and try really hard not to care about anything else.


poppy, if you're here, the shrug is lovely. It is gorgeous and should work perfectly. I almost want to add a blue length of ribbon or some such as a faster, but we'll see. It's perfect with the boots and dress and totally fits the aesthetic I was shooting for. I am finally starting to feel, at 39, like my style is coming together. eyesroll.gif

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jaygee~joy.gif for AF and goodvibes.gif for your hip. Hoping it's no big deal.

jo~wave.gif Sorry about the apartment. Hopefully it works out better than you think!

plady~I think your cherry sauce sounds delicious. orngbiggrin.gif

I'm back home, briefly. I feel like a complete slug, I did not get a single run in after the mudathlon, despite big plans to at least get a short one in Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Sigh. Oh well, I had a nice time with family, and especially with DS. As much as the little booger drives me crazy, I sure do miss him when he's not around. My parents brought my niece down and the kids had a fabulous time, as usual. I flew home yesterday just in time to go to work, yippee. It wasn't a bad night, all things considered (mostly the fact that I barely slept on the plane thanks to a screaming baby two rows back), but I really didn't want to be there. Oh well, it saved me 12 hours of PTO, I guess. Now I'm trying to get motivated to start packing for Vermont. Have I mentioned the fact that I'm terrified about traveling for a triathlon??? Yeesh. At least my bike is packed up and ready to go, but I still need to pack my transition bag (which is going to be my carry-on, so I have all my shoes and helmet and stuff with me) and figure out what else I need. And how I'm going to move all this stuff between cars and airports...the bike bag is NOT easy to maneuver. Bah.
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JG - we xposted. Yikes about the hip! wtf? I'm really hoping for some mechanical thing where the PT can just 'pop' it back in place...
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tjsmama, we were working maternity night shifts together across the distance last night. I started out with one very independent postpartum mama and baby worried it was going to be a horribly boring night (baby had been born at the start of my day shift on Monday, and there had been NOBODY in maternity since then). But we had a great quick birth before midnight, then I was called down to the ER to help with a cardiac arrest on the way in via ambulance. The paramedics, ER doc and nurses were all fabulous- I was mostly just the recorder and clock watcher while they did their thing. I got a break in the early morning, and admitted the next labouring woman at 0630 before going home. That's life in a small town hospital- feast or famine, and getting pulled to help in ER quite a bit lately.


JayGee joy.gif for AF, and hoping that you can get your hip figured out soon. Enjoy the back to school time away from the kids.


jo, I bet you'll build up muscular awesomeness again soon. And I'm am stealing that term! I hope that you find a way to make the new apartment a home, however temporary. I can't wait to see wedding pictures, too!


sparkle, I'm impressed with your workout groove right now. Luckily for me I was weak for much of my 20s, so I bet I can see that strength again lol.gif


Plady, enjoy the fair! Unfortunately the timing of sparkle's visit and when I finish my "on call" for the college job (all of August on call for students in final practicums) won't work for a visit. But I'll make it happen some day.


RR- After my nap this morning, did a 45 min trail run with my husband on a riverside trail. There was a break for swimming in the middle- probably about 200 metres with a decent current. I was tired and glad to have a running partner to keep me motivated to finish.


NRR- I just got the news that I have a bunch more teaching contracts for October-May. It's 50% class room Oct-Dec, 100% clinical teaching Jan- mid-March and one class every second week until the end of June (with the possibility of picking up more classes in the Spring.). It's enough to keep me going and to have some job security, and my dean was so kind to adjust the percentages to make sure that I would receive benefits for most of it, saving us a bunch of money and stress. Hopefully this stops me from constant job hunting mode, too. I can pick up shifts at the hospital to supplement in the fall and spring, and summer usually provides a lot of hospital work, too. Fingers crossed for the permanent job in fall 2013.

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jo - i meant to mention that, if needed, you can steam iron some designated shaping into that shrug. it's cotton/silk so it won't re-shape drastically, but if you needed more length or width, blast it with some steam, lay flat pull on it wherever needed, then let it dry for a day in place. also, i thought about a front fastener for you, but without having you nearby to try it on i was unsure of where one might be best. if you have a nearby friend who knows how to crochet/knit (you do, though, right?) they are easy things to add on (a loop and a nice antique button, for example)

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melw~That's crazy! I can't imagine getting pulled to the ED. I would just be standing there completely lost. :-D

My flight to Vermont is now delayed three hours. Did I mention that it was originally scheduled to land at 12:35 am? irked.gif Yeah, so it's looking like I'll be getting to the hotel around 4am now. I'm almost tempted to just say screw the hotel and sleep in the rental car. Assuming that they stay open for us. I've already called them twice when the previous two delays came across, and they said they would stay open. At this point, they should just open early! Grrr. Not really understanding this delay, considering it doesn't look like weather should be involved, and the first delay (an hour at that point) was sent out nearly 7 hours before the flight. I'm going to be very, very angry if they end up cancelling the flight. On the bright side, I had time to go get a pedicure and finally get the last of the mudathlon mud out from under my toenails...

rr~Squeezed in 9 miles this morning after registering DS for school. I was trying to take it easy, but my legs didn't want to, resulting in 6 miles at sub-10:30 pace. And then a major blow-up causing the last 3 miles to be at 12+ pace. rolleyes.gif Oh well. At least it bodes semi-well for running a 10k this weekend, right?
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Gaye, I hope your plane came and you survived the early morning arrival.


RR- River swim (not really much exercise) this morning, and a great ocean swim this afternoon. It is so warm at high tide when the water has warmed up over the sand (Plady, it truly is. Many degrees warmer in our sheltered "sea" than on the west coast of the island where it's exposed to big pacific ocean currents. Warmer here than on the Oregon coast, too)


NRR- I'm an airhead today. Went out later than planned with the kids and missed being home for my husband's uncle's visit- it was my job to be here and meet him. Made various other stupid mistakes. And capped it off with dyeing an entire load of whites bright pink from a day camp tie-dye project that accidentally made it into the washer. I don't care about the underwear, but there were a few shirts and a dress of mine that I don't want to be pink. Sigh....

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sparkle--I read and own The Mood Cure and thought it was helpful. I've been meaning to look at the supplements she recommends again, because I'm not usually an anxious person but the school mill and bond nonsense is getting to me, already. It's not even anxiety, per se, as much as it is that my brain is running constantly, thinking of stuff I should do, beating me up for stuff that's not done yet, worrying that perhaps I left a hole in my argument somewhere, worrying about what will happen if it doesn't pass, and then worrying about all the work stuff I haven't done because I'm doing stuff for the mill and bond, or how I'm a crappy parent or whatever. So, yeah. I think I'll take the L-glutamine and 5-HTP, but I don't remember if that's right or not.

tjsmama--ugh! Hope that's the last of the travel troubles, and good luck this weekend!

JayGee--sending all sorts of AF vibes.

MelW--your river swim sounded lovely.

Plady--have fun at the fair. I entered a pair of knitted intarsia mittens in ours last week. They won fourth. I think only five people entered. R said there were six. The first was a very lovely lace wrap, and second place were gloves (ok, gloves outrank mittens). But third was a plain-looking sweater, and I don't understand that one. And then again, I don't care because I'd much rather be wearing my mittens than that sweater. lol.gif Next year? I think I'm going to enter a crochet project too because I don't think anyone did. wink1.gif

RR: none today. Might do a bit more of a workout before bed.

NRR: the usual. R starts school on Monday and our semester begins Monday. Campaign stuff is making me dizzy.gif and I'm simultaneously looking forward to taking on one of the issues at the Board of Education public comment session, and also freaking out that it's a problem that I'm going to let my class out early so I can fly to the meeting (to which I'll still be late) and then that I'm going to let them out early again a couple of weeks later so I can make it in time for curriculum night. Maybe I should just let DH go to curriculum night and fill me in? To look like a bad prof or a bad mom, that is the question.
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