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Morning Mamas!


Real - I don't think sending dh to curr. night will make you look like a bad mom, just one with a good dh doing his dad thing.  I hope that the anxiety/overthinking subsides as the fall schedule becomes routine.


Gaye -Hope you are safely there and settled in. 


MelW - Today would be a perfect day to try the water here, but the kids are determined to spend the day on the fair rides (all three of them eyesroll.gif).


Jo - I'm sorry about the apartment angst!  Your poor dh, he obviously is trying to do good things but sounds like he can't keep all the variables in his head at crucial moments.  But oy!  I 'm sorry that you keep getting stuck in these weird half right situations!


RM - Hope your motorcycle class wet (is going?) well.  My dh loves to brag that I was the valedictorian of my motorcycle class that I took once.  lol.gif  Not that I ever ride anymore bawling.gif I'm sure you'll be graduating with high honors too!


JG - Hope that you're feeling more yourself!


Poppy - We have a lot of great knitters on this island but I'm sure you'd still have your way with this fair if you ever wanted to come up and spend the week here for it. 


RR: I swam a few more laps on Wed. I did think it would bother my hip, but it didn't so that was nice.  I doubt I'll get anything in today though, just sweltering away while the kids ride all the can in three hours.


NSR: Still going strong on the no sugar (okay, dh and I did have a little gin last night, but no sugar in that).  I haven't noticed any significant weight change which is frankly annoying but I do feel less bloated.  That bloated feeling was getting pretty constant so this is a real relief.  The kids are definitely getting impatient but they are also much more willing to accept fruit as a sweet treat which is cool.  So, we continue on.

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Surfacing for air.  The last couple of weeks have been really horrendous.  I worked 3 nights last week in the middle of the night!  On the other hand, it is done, and now I can recover!  I have a shift on Saturday in the middle of the day, and then one evening shift next week and then I'll be back to my normal schedule!!!!!


Working these evenings triggers everything that goes wrong with my body.  Depression, bad eating, chronic fatigue symptoms (aching, headache, exhaustion even after the proper number of hours sleep), crankiness, and laziness.  These all turn into a vicious cycle, feeding off of each other.  I definitely couldn't do this long term!  It also doesn't help that I have had my period this week.


So, I have been struggling, but, feel like I am not sinking anymore, and like I've been handling everything as well as possible.


Sadly, there is no RR to report (although, work has certainly been active with lots of bending, carrying, climbing, etc.).


Kids are getting ready for school.  We don't start until the 27th, but Katie had her Jr. High check in, and got her class schedule.  We had time to explore the school, walk her schedule a couple of times, and really get a feel for what her day will look like.  It was very reassuring for her, and I think she is excited.  She has also figured out how to work her combination lock quickly.  It took most of the summer, but she has finally gotten it!  Phew!  I'm glad we got the permission to get the lock over the summer.  Most of the other kids are getting their locks the first day of school.  That would not have worked for Katie!


Also, she has been practicing her flute all summer, has gotten so much better!  She has been asking about writing her own songs.  So, I finally went online and found a music editor and put in the notes that she told me to.  She came up with a very pretty little song!  So proud of her.  It would never have occurred to me to write my own song at that age.  Playing it like she wrote it might be a different thing, but she is motivated to practice it!

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I made it safely to Burlington! Didn't get to the hotel in Manchester until nearly 4, and then couldn't fall asleep rolleyes.gif, so I had less than 4 hours of sleep, so I'm sure that will lead to a great race tomorrow. rolleyes.gif I'm all checked in at the "meticulously clean" (it really is!) T-Bird Motor Inn, which far exceeds my expectations. I picked up my packet, spent some money at the expo (event t-shirt and a pint glass), met up with a FB acquaintance and her DH for lunch, and checked my bike in/checked out swim start/finish, transition, and the finish line. There appears to be a rather large hill to start the run off with, so that should be fun. Oh, and we jump off a dock for the swim. Here's hoping my goggles stay on (and don't leak!). I'm totally feeling like an imposter here...I have never seen so many super fit people or so many expensive bikes in my life. Holy moley. It's a good thing I have low expectations for the race, lol. I must say, there is some rather nice eye candy...I've chatted with a couple of very nice looking guys. orngbiggrin.gif

I'm settled into the hotel, race numbers applied to everything, and just waiting for Mandy to go to dinner. joy.gif Hopefully, I'll get to meet up with ashcav tomorrow after the race, too.

Goals for tomorrow: a) Don't die. b) Finish. c) Don't be the last one on the course. d) (my reach goal orngbiggrin.gif) Don't be last in my age group.
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Gaye ~ just GETTING to AG Nationals is a big deal!  That was my goal about 3 summers ago (and you can see how well that went eyesroll.gif).  Have an awesome race tomorrow and enjoy your time in Vermont.  I am SO envious!


bec ~ I'm sorry you've been so busy and out of sorts with work.  That job sounds awfully demanding, especially with the middle-of-the-night stuff.  Ugh....  Glad Katie got time to practice with her lock and is ready to go for middle school!


Real ~ there were plenty of "Dad + Kid" at our curriculum night.  I don't think you should feel compelled to be there and if you're not, it certainly doesn't make you a bad mom.


Plady ~ Hope the county fair wasn't too torturous.  WTG on the sugar-free, especially for your kids!  I'm impressed.


RR ~ biked to school in the morning, then home, then back to school in the afternoon and back home again for a grand total of 4 miles. Hey, it's something!


NRR ~ first 3 days of school were good and I am really happy with all three teachers this year.  DS took his math placement test on Wednesday and we'll find out on Monday if he's in the top group or not.  He missed a few questions on multiplying fractions because they didn't get that far in the book last year and I didn't cover it with him over the summer.  Overall, it's a good start.

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Go, Gaye!!  Have an amazing time tomorrow!!!!!  I'll be thinking of you!

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Gaye, what JayGee said. You amaze, and will amaze.


JayGee, does sound like a good start to the year. I am nervous for this coming school year.


Plady, I applaud your sugar-free work, too. I have been really quite good with Ramadan, but every choice to off-road has turned out to be pretty uncomfortable. Monday's the day. As long as I can be back to regular hydration and coffee, I'll be more than happy to be back on greens and meat. I'm thrilled to be back in single-digit pants, and still amazed at what a struggle it suddenly isn't. Who knew?


real, I look forward to a pic with your blue ribbon next year. I once got a blue ribbon for oatmeal raisin cookies. ROTFLMAO.gif


bec, looking forward to seeing you. orngbiggrin.gif Hoping for good weather. It could really be such fun. Even though my musician friend can't make it. Bummer, I know, but we're talkers, not dancers, anyway.


Thanks for the understanding on the apt stuff. I'm trying not to come off as a whiner-brat, and I am sure the place will prove more than adequate, while not roomy. I am a little concerned about where the bikes will go (can't live on the balcony IMO), and bummed that my stove will have to be replaced (it has a rotisserie), but what-EVER. We'll jam our crap in there and go to IKEA and get some of those awesome cube shelf unit things and make space. Also, we will spend a couple weeks there in Oct, then likely go to Morocco (oh yeah, get ready for flea-lice-and-crabs reports) and won't really settle in until Nov. And then the weather will be leveling out so I will get back into my daily beach habit, and there is the six-mile stretch of the corniche literally a block from the apartment, and a park across the street. It will be FINE. Just a space adjustment. I just needed to get the negatives off my chest before dh gets here and I have to start talking about it. Also there was some retail therapy. I found a Skirt dress, the kind I like for swimming and running and everything, on sale at Sierra trading post, so I got it and some capris (wore out two pairs over the past year and my pink Skirt dress is doing that exploding elastic thing) and there was a promo code...and then I got me and dd matching Nuu-Muus and scored another promo code...and Lands End has swim on sale, so I got some cheap full-coverage swim bottoms. So once the shipments come, I guess I'm ready to go back. Sheepish.gif


In other good news, he got a business-class ticket, so hopefully on our return trip we can split shifts in business and each get some real sleep on the flight. A 14-hour flight means two 7-hour sleep shifts. Huge improvement over zero sleep.


RR: I mowed the lawn today. A large-ish lawn in exurbia, with an old, hard-to-push mower (that was mine back on the farm). My friend got her finger a couple weeks ago with an immersion blender so she is in no shape to push that thing. It was hard work, fasted, mid-afternoon. Calves are cramping. Sunday AM I'll be out for an early walk post-coffee, and Monday I'm back on the Good Food wagon. I am already switching back to more normal sleep patterns. I can't wait to be active again. Also


In other news, major mother drama. eyesroll.gif It seems to have hit a fan. No one has been left unscathed. Me? I'll just continue to remind her as I count down the days, we can have good days together, or I can have good days with other people who want to share good days. Life is too short to be controlled, and also not to be madly in love with such wonderful family and friends as I have. So lucky.


Dh will be here in a week. I am not sure I am ready to jump into a serious cross-training schedule. And I am sure it will be very serious. mischievous.gif


My hometown county fair is Labor Day weekend. I am so there. Can't wait. Probably going to see classmates there, plus it's a real ag county, so it's got good barns.

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Go Gaye - broc1.gif

RR: nope

NRR: I have been seriously off the wagon for the past three days and I feel it. Gad, why is it so hard to not lean on my crutch foods so hard. They are habit, that's all. When I am on vacation, it is so easy to eat well and I feel so much better Then I come home and it's so easy to fall back. I am finding it the opposite as you Jo. Add the self-loathing, mix and bake and here I am. Tomorrow I must start again.

In other news, has anyone ever framed a large poster in a cost-effective way? I went to see about framing one at a frame store and it will cost $240 for the cheapest (read: ugly) frame they have. wtf. But there are literally no mass produced frames that size, like at Target. So I am left with the possibility of making a frame dizzy.gif
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Go Gaye!!!!  I saw on FB that you finished, but can't wait to hear the whole report!


sparkle ~ I feel exactly the same food struggle.  Sigh....  I wish we lived nearer to each other so we could lend support IRL.


jooj ~ you have a wonderful attitude about the new apartment.  It will be okay.  Cozy, yes, but okay.  And the proximity to the beach sounds lovely. Way to go on the weight-gain-free Ramadan too!  Now that is something to celebrate!  Enjoy that crosstraining too mischievous.gif.


NRR ~ DS decided not to play for our town's soccer club this year and instead went out for another local club and was selected.  Today is their first game.  I did a little research and his new team is ranked #1 in the state for boys U11.  Gulp.  Unfortunately, all the games are 45 minutes away in Missouri (mostly because apparently there was no "real" competition in Illinois).  Keep in mind that DS's old team routinely got trounced last year playing in the Illinois league.  Jacob is a good player, but I'm a little bit scared that he's in over his head.  Still, he got selected so I'll defer to the coach on this one.


Heading out now with the girls to hit the bookstore smile.gif.  No exercise because my hip hurts badly this morning. Even walking around the house is painful.  Hope the PT can shed some light on the situation on Monday.

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sparkletruck - we have mounted a couple of prints instead of framing them and have loved the results. Have you looked into that option?


1jooj - glad to hear you sounding so well. I can't believe the summer is near its end already!


nickarollaberry - did you find time for a run?


Gaye - I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!



I am not doing so well - near my breaking point, I think. Just two more weeks at the cafe and then into the next chapter, whatever that will be. There has been literally no time to call either of the universities to have the conversations I need to have with them before I can get started. There might be a window this coming Tuesday and I am counting on that. I am physically exhausted and pulled a muscle in my lower back this morning but will have to just push through it until it gets better. I am so tired that I am even dreaming about sleep when I do get to sleep and I am just willing myself through parenting, work, housework, meals, bathing, everything. My house isn't quite a disaster but is one bad day away from it. The dryer isn't working and my kids have had way too much screen time this summer. dh comes home in the middle of the night tonight and I am trying to be positive that everything will get easier when he gets home because it should, shouldn't it? greensad.gif  I don't know where I will find the emotional reserves to deal with any drama between him and the kids. If I can just last two and a half more weeks I will get a quiet day at home alone. There is just always more to do and I can't seem to ever feel rested or caught up. How do other people do it and I can't?


I am trying hard to eat well but it has been hard with the pace, especially this week. My best friend went way over the top spoiling me on my birthday and bought me a Vitamix. I have made really good smoothies every day and I am sure that is the only thing keeping me going! I also pureed a couple of pounds of ginger for the freezer and need to start on the garlic next. Right now I am sipping a blend of strawberries, grapes, watermelon, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and mint from my garden. I did break down and get some fresh corn at the market today even though it never agrees with anything but my tastebuds but I will be back on the grain and dairy free band wagon starting tomorrow. 

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shanti~hug.gif Thinking of you and hoping for some peaceful time for you.

Very long race report coming...mostly copied from my dailymile posts, unfortunately...I'm too tired to re-type!

As you all know, I had really low expectations going into this race. My training has been weak, to say the least, and there are a whole lot of really fast people here...and I am not one of them! I really just came for the experience...and the t-shirt and finisher's medal! That said, I was super nervous as I headed down to the swim start. The way the course was laid out made it look pretty reasonable, but the closer we got to our wave start, the more the wind kept picking up. What had been a relatively calm lake was suddenly really choppy. Before I was ready, it was time to jump off the dock into the water, and away we went.

The waves weren't too bad on the way to the first buoy, yet I saw one of the girls in my wave bail out and wave over a kayak. I won't lie, that kind of messed with my head a little. As we made the turn into the next stretch, the waves just kept picking up. I was getting seasick from the waves every time I tried to swim normally, so I was stuck breast-stroking, and the buoys just didn't seem to be getting any closer. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to wave down a boat and quit. By the time we hit the far side of the rectangle, the waves were probably 3-4 feet high. Honestly, the only thing that kept me going was my pride and stubbornness. And the fact that I didn't fly all the way across the country and spend all this money to DNF. I would not leave without my finisher's medal. Messing with my head even more was the fact that I didn't realize that there was a 20 minute break after the wave behind us, so I kept waiting for the next wave to go flying by me, and they never did. I wondered if they suspended the swim and if it was safe to keep going (not really rational thoughts, but it wasn't really a rational situation!). I finally got to the next to last turn buoy, and a kayaker asked if I needed a break. I started to say no, but yes came out instead! First time hanging onto a kayak, but she gave me a nice little pep talk for the home stretch. Around the final turn buoy and inside the breakwater, and it was finally calm waters again! Just in time for the next wave (delayed 20 minutes, remember) to finally catch me. As I climbed out of the water and up the boat ramp, I almost started crying because I was so relieved to have survived that swim!

Obviously, this was a terrible swim time, but considering the conditions, I'm just proud to have finished!

I took my time in transition, trying to recover from the swim a little, and my time shows it. Out onto the bike, and my happy place. My legs were more tired than usual going into the bike, thanks to all the breaststroking on the swim, but oh well. Again, low expectations. :-) As expected, I got blown by a LOT on the bike by really fast people on really expensive bikes. The course was really nice...through the Vermont countryside, past barns and sugarhouses, and at one point, a gorgeous view of Lake Champlain. And the beauty of being as slow as I am is that you can take the time to enjoy all the scenery!

I made sure to use my inhaler before heading out of transition for the run, especially since I knew there was a hill right away. Let me tell you...the hill was no joke! I knew as soon as I hit it that I wasn't going to be able to run up it, so I settled into a fast walk. Even at just a walk, my asthma kicked in and I started wheezing. I wheezed all the way up the hill, even with another dose of my inhaler. I had at least three or four people ask me if I was all right, so I must have been wheezing pretty loudly! I made it up the hill and tried to settle into a decent run pace. It was actually pretty cool how many people were encouraging (as they went flying by) me, with lots of "good job"s and "keep it going"s. By the time I got to mile 2, I was actually feeling pretty good and was able to pick it up a little. Well, relatively speaking. The second half of the run course was great, along a bike path with lots of shade. And slightly downhill. :-) I negative split the run, by at least a couple of minutes, and honestly, I felt the best during the last two miles. I guess marathon training is good for something! It wasn't my best run, but all things considered, I'm pretty happy with it. Exhausting swim, not-great-training, the plantar fasciitis-ish thing I've been fighting for months...and yet it wasn't fast, but it wasn't awful.

Coming into the finish chute was pretty emotional...running along the red carpet, knowing that I finished despite the crazy swim, and that I even made it to Nationals in the first place! For someone who isn't an awesome athlete, it still seems surreal that not only did I qualify for Nationals, but that I came, and I finished. I have the finisher's medal to prove it!

And for all the people who laughed and didn't believe me when I said I would probably finish last in my age group...guess what? I DID. And I'm actually a little proud of that, in a weird way. Somebody has to finish last, right? And I am now proof positive that DFL>DNF>DNS. I wouldn't change the experience for the world. Well, ok, maybe just getting rid of those waves on the swim! :-D
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tjsmama - clap.gifbow.gif and joy.gif WTG, my friend! Does it help that being last in your age group isn't like being the last person off the course? When push comes to shove, that's what I'm really afraid of.

sparkle--yes, we've made a frame like that. I think we used baseboards and then just cut them at matching angles, stained it (paint would work too) and voila! There may also be DIY frame kits that you can customize for size at JoAnns or some place like that.

JayGee--hope your hip feels better tomorrow.

1jooj--yeah, a bunch of XT at once...no. Just no. (Or maybe that's just my still-BF hormones talking? Also possible.)

RR: run in two parts. The first was to get to where the parade was starting because I was walking with a group this morning. I parked at the end and did an easy 1.5 to get there. Then there was the actual parade: 1 mile of slow walking and stopping. I ran another 2.5 in the afternoon while J napped in the jogger.

NRR: crazy day (and long post ahead)! The parade was a last-minute thing. I saw the school campaign's general newsletter go out to everyone and decided we didn't want to bring the kids (J was up until 11:40 pm last night, seriously), but figured at least I could get there. Good thing too, because we didn't have nearly as many people as we should have. There were maybe 10 of us? I'm a chicken though, and volunteered to be one of two people carrying the banner so I didn't have to interact with people on the route. (The kids gave out candy, the adults gave out campaign stickers and told people to vote yes!) I'm not at all opposed to talking to people around it, but I'm much more ok with the idea of talking to people who approach me, rather than me approaching people to talk to them. Or better yet, doing what I do best: writing.

Here's where it gets crazier. Last night I was going through my email and had an email from our state senator. I'm on her list and get the legislative updates and such, so I figured it was one of those. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and it was a personal message to me. She'd read a letter to the editor that made it into the paper, was impressed enough to invite me to her fundraiser this evening so she could meet me. !! (It should be noted that she knows people who know me, so there are apparently a lot of discussions going on in back rooms somewhere. I keep comforting myself with the fact that Colorado is pretty small, really, when it comes down to it.) The event was really close, in the neighborhood just south of mine, at a board of education rep's house and there were supposed to be a bunch of 3A and 3B people there, so I went this afternoon. The closest I've ever been to one of these things is listening to NPR's Planet Money podcasts about political fundraisers, so this was a new experience. And yes, there really was a basket and people really were writing checks at the table when we came in. And no, I don't have money to donate, or at least not the amounts they're looking for. But the person at the table is someone I know from the school stuff and it wasn't awkward, thankfully. lol.gif

As it turns out, the senator couldn't be there, as she'd been hospitalized the night before for vertigo, but her campaign manager recognized me, introduced herself, and had read both the letter in the paper and the letter I'd sent to thank a nearby city council for supporting the mill and bond, because she's on that city council as the mayor pro tem. I think as long as I live, it will never cease to surprise me when people introduce themselves and mention they've read something I've written--and I say that as someone who was the editor of her college newspaper. Anyhow, I got to chat with her and will probably do some writing for them as well, and chatted with a few others and there you go. Do you think it's too much to hope that we'll pass the ballot issues successfully and that all this networking I'm inadvertently doing will be helpful when I send off some resumes to the nearby colleges this fall? The campaign manager/city council member also works at one of the few private universities in the area, and it happens to be one where the department chair previously worked at my institution and we've met, though a decade ago. I'd say it's a sign, though one of my colleagues is working there part-time, so I don't know how useful any of that is unless said colleague happens to land a tenure-track job elsewhere.

One last tangent: I was cleaning out my file drawer on campus yesterday to make room for a few other things. Among the things I found? Floppy disks and cassette tapes. Yes, they were mine. Yes, I'd used them when I first started working there, only ten years ago. Go figure.
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Real - That is so cool! Yes I think the networking could help in the job search! What fun goings on

JG - looking forward to your appt re: the hip!

Gaye - clap.gifbow.gifbroc1.gif You ROCK

RR: 60 min bike intervals and 25 minute run/walk intervals. OMG the bike was HRD (stands for hard lol.gif I just liked the rhyme) It was like pushing each peddle stroke up a steep hill, and then the next and basically talking myself through every 5 minute chunk. Not Gaye's swim, but I thought of her. The run was pretty good, so that was a nice reward (as I always do it after)

NRR: off to the dog park with kids and dog. Dh is mtn biking. how is it that while I work out he reads the paper and while he works out I take care of everyone's needs eyesroll.gif
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Gaye, congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment.

Jo, sorry to hear about the mom drama but Eid Mubarak and happy homecoming and crosstraining. 2whistle.gif


So, my race report.


I'm pretty unhappy right now. I know that sounds whiny and really annoying, but it's true. On the up side, I had a nice time away with my friend -- we had a great drive down, fun at the Expo, dinner, and watched a terrific movie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). That was really nice.


Everything should have been going for me. I'm as well trained as I ever have been, running wise. The weather was perfect. My stomach was ok (going in anyway). But I totally crashed and burned.


Problem #1: Pace group -- the 2 hour pace group went out at a blazing 8:26 min/mile pace. By the time we got to 5K at around 25+ minutes (with a LOT of hills) i knew I was in big trouble. They should have been doing easy 9 minute miles. I eased off at that point but as usual when I go out too fast, it just screwed me up royally. I could not find a good steady pace groove again the whole race.


Problem #2: I mistakenly took Gatorade at the second water stop (they didn't say it was gatorade) and I promptly threw up by the side of the road and remained nauseated the whole race. irked.gif


Problem #3: My shoes kept untying despite double knots. This has NEVER happened before. I don't know what was up. Lost a lot of time that way.


Problem #4: By the time I got going again despite these aggravations, i could not get my head back in the game. I seem to have a big problem with the Mean Inner Voices and once I saw my friend and the pace group disappear, I lost my mental focus. This was exacerbated by the fact that the pace group guy had said that after mile 8.5 there were no more hills and to let loose. When I hit a huge uphill at mile 10, another at 11.5, and then...God help me, at the FINISH LINE (I kid you not! A huge hill right at the finish line!) I lost it again mentally. I was pissed off and really upset at the same time.


Problem #5: Nagging almost-injury in my right butt. I don't know what that area is called but it's getting worse. I need to start rolling it.


I think I've reached the absolute edge of what I can achieve with just running workouts. I have worked so, so hard at my running. But I do no strength training at all, and although I've been talking about it forever, I just haven't made a real commitment to doing it -- I don't know what to do, I don't like it, I don't get a rush from it, blah blah blah. All the excuses in the world. But the bottom line is if I don't do it, I won't get any faster and I won't get any stronger. Time to woman up and do it, right?


Sigh. Anyway. The last few miles were actually better than the first few but the whole thing felt like a clusterf#$%^. (sorry). Not particularly impressed with the Rock n Roll machine (gatorade issue, pace group issue, race workers SMOKING by the intersections!!!! Cuss.gif


Final chip time: 206:23

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Plady that's awesome about the no sugar thing.  I have not noticed a weight loss at all...but my moods have evened out quite a bit and I feel better overall, plus I eat better.


bec - how neat about dd writing her own music, so cool! I wonder if my dd would be interested in that...hmmm


Shanti - wow, I wish I could be there to help, you sound so in need of love, support, and lots and lots of hugs, and someone just to help.  :(  My heart is with you sweet mama


tjsmama - well done! Congratulations on accomplishing such an amazing feat!! I am very impressed!!


Nic - the sub 2 is within your reach.  That was a storm of screw ups.  Ditch the pacers next race and pace yourself.  Work on core issues and lunges.  But recognize sometimes it's just a bad race and it's not because you don't have it within you.  You do.  You definitely do.  You are so close.  Rest, heal, and try again.  Preview the course online, look for elevation maps so you can see where the hills are...don't trust others to tell you.  Hugs Nic. You WILL get there.  Use this as a stepping stone to that awesome race.  Plus, if you find a race somewhere near me I'll see if I can get my training down and I could at least rabbit for you the first 10 (did that last fall and helped someone get her first sub 2).  I just don't have it in me anymore to shoot for the fast speeds for myself.


Homefront is rough.  Nuff said.

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real~ Go, you! I envy you your willingness to get involved for the issues you believe in. I just don't know if I would have the energy to put as much into it as you do!

nic~You will do it. Don't get too down on yourself. You just had a bad set of circumstances. You'll probably get a post-race survey from RnR, and if you don't, I would email them. Any one of those issues that you mentioned is a problem, and to have all three is no bueno. The pacer is a serious problem. I know a guy who's done a lot of pacing (the guy who ran 63 marathons in a year a couple of years ago, if you remember me talking about him) and he considers his pacing a failure if he paces the group in more than 30 seconds ahead of the goal time. Going too fast is just as big a problem as going too slow. For what it's worth, I've done at least 4 RnR events and never encountered the problems that you've had, but then again, they are a big corporate machine, so it wouldn't be shocking if the quality is going downhill. I'll tell you next month after I do the Denver RnR 1/2!


On eating...after looking at some of my pictures from Saturday's race, it's (past) time to do something about mine. I've put on too much weight in the last year. Which, I'm sure, is why my running pace has slowed so much recently. And my clothes aren't fitting, and blah blah blah. I've got 2 1/2 months to NYC...enough time to hopefully take off at least a little weight and make a bit of a difference. Bah. Starting as soon as I get home...I couldn't pass up Dunkin Donuts in the airport. bag.gif

I had a really nice day yesterday. I finally got to sleep in a little before checking out of the hotel and exploring Vermont a little. On Mandy's recommendation, I headed to Shelburne Farms, which I expected to be a quick-ish stop, but I ended up spending nearly 3 hours there. It was gorgeous, this huge farm built by a descendant of the Vanderbilts in the late 19th century. They have turned into a sustainable agriculture/educational mecca now, and I took the tour so I got to see the historic mansion (now an inn), the cheesemaking operation, and a good bit of the grounds. I got lunch at their farm cart (local roast beef, apples, cheddar, maple mustard yummy.gif), bought some cheddar to bring home, a t-shirt for DS, and enjoyed the views of Lake Champlain and the valley. Next up was a quest to find a local roadside stand-type place to buy some maple syrup. We had ridden past a sugarhouse during the race on Saturday, so I figured out where that was, and stopped in. They're out of season, of course, but the owner gave me a mini-tour of the sugarhouse and explained how everything works, and I walked out with not just syrup, but maple sugar and maple cream. After that, it was off to Ben & Jerry's factory, where I discovered that the tour is free with a check-in on foursquare! Cool! The tour was just ok, but we did get a free sample, which saved me from waiting in the ridiculously long line at the scoop shop. I picked up a tie-dye t-shirt for DS in the gift shop, which will hopefully fit, since they didn't have the right size. One more stop off at a covered bridge near the factory (you can't go to VT without seeing a covered bridge, right?), and then I headed toward Manchester, NH for my flight back this morning. I had an awesome (and semi-reasonably priced) dinner at a restaurant recommended by a friend of XH's who used to travel to Manchester for work weekly...which promptly blew away my resolve to eat better. Of course, I had some service problems at the very beginning, so they comped me dessert. And it was DELICIOUS. redface.gif

And now, it's time to board my flight back to real life. But also, back to DS, who I will be meeting at the airport, hooray! joy.gif
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Hi folks!

School starts tomorrow.  I've been loving seeing all the first day pictures on fb.  I need to pack the camera connector in my bag tomorrow so that I can upload right away.


I still don't have childcare after school.  A lot of parents around here don't have one yet, it seems.  The university now starts Wednesday instead of late September.  You'd think this would make it easier?  I'm starting to panic.   I'm not even getting any responses to my ad. 


What would you delete?  Add?  I already deleted the hourly pay.  Add "hourly rate negotiable"? 


"We are looking for a babysitter to walk our son and daughter (2nd and 5th grade) home from school and assist with snacks, reading, and homework, M-F 2:50 to 6 pm. We ask that the babysitter help the kids pick up after themselves. The babysitter must be able to deliver kids to soccer practice 5 miles away twice a week.

We would particularly welcome finding a babysitter with an enthusiasm for math and science education, music, or American Sign Language.

Availability starting as early as 1:15 pm on monthly early release Wednesdays and occasional full days (7:45 am to 5 pm) not necessary, but preferred.

Reliable car, clean record, non-smoker, references required."

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Morning mamas,


Shanti - I am sending love and hoping ad praying that you catch a break soon.  I don't know how other people 'do it' but I'm sure anyone walking in your shoes would feel just as tired out. 


Real - That's great that you are getting some recognition!  I hope it all succeeds and carries over into your professional life too.


Jo - Ah, mother drama.  Sounds like you're in the right frame of mind for it.  I'm going to be mindful of that ability as I head off to see mine tomorrow.  We might now have long enough together to really get into it but I don't want to underestimate her.  And welcome to the back side of Ramadan for another year (nearly), I'm impressed with your strict observation.  As for an onslaught of cross-training, I'd be out stocking up on special um, moisturizers, lest I find myself chafing.


Gaye - Your whole race weekend sounds like a great time (well, minus the swim).  So cool that you got to see Mandy!  Good job going for it and who cares if you were last?  You were there and did every inch of the course!


Nic - I agree with BBM, just chalk this one up to not the right day and try not to worry.  I'm sure that adding strength training for real would help but yesterday just sounds like a freak off-day.  Having gone to school in Providence I had to laugh that the race workers were smoking, so typically RI. 


Geo - That ad seems good to me, is there a secret codeword that you are missing?  I can't believe you've gotten no takers, especially in a University setting.


Sparkle - Re: dh's on duty.  OMG I hear you.


BBM - Just wanted to let you know I've been using the wallet you sent for SS and I love it, it's just the right dimensions to fit in my back pocket and I feel cool when I whip it out.  :)


RR: Nope.  But I did have my quickie health check done at the fair and I came out a nearly perfect specimen! They couldn't account for how great my numbers were based on my answers about eating lots of highly saturated fat and getting no exercise (I decided to answer based on current performance, not 'normal' schedule) but whatever.  It was nice to hear from the nurse that I needn't worry about losing weight. 


NSR: That said, I'm going to continue with the no sugar-no grains thing because I feel so much healthier.  No more feeling bloated all the time alone is worth it.  I'm not sure how well I'll sustain it in the coming week but at least it feels more like a habit than borrowed clothes so if I fall off the wagon it won't be so hard to get right back on.


NRR: There's some family drama happening in the background and I had an almost comical reaction to some news the other day.  My (nearly estranged) brother told me they are expecting their 3rd baby and I was so confused as to whether it was supposed to be wonderful news or terrifying news that my neck immediately went cattywampus on me and has been in a crick ever since.  Then he went on to tell me that he wants to have a relationship with me but that I'm too much like our dad and it makes him mad.  Ahh, off for more Advil...


Anyway, Ali G and I are heading down to So. Cal to see my mom (and *just* my mom, no cousins! no aunts! no uncles! No dingos! Heaven forbid I take any time while I'm there to see the rest of my family or friends).  I'm forcing her to do Disneyland with us though (NEVER thought I'd type those words) as I know dd will be over the moon about it.  And I truly enjoy amusement rides so I've even sprung for the software program that is supposed to streamline your trip through the park and minimize your wait times.  I'll report back if it works.

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I'm starting to wonder if the issue is that students now have to take 5 classes each semester instead of 3 each quarter, making the daily schedule more packed.  Also, most classes were done at 2:18 before, and now they go to 2:45.  Panic mode has now become an upset stomach.


Nic, that time with those strikes against you is amazing.  Not perfect.  Amazing.  ;)

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So, Nic, you got a 2:06 half marathon that involved puking in the middle of it?!  Please be more gentle with yourself!  That is fabulous!


I am going to have my first physical exercise in well over a week tonight.  I'm still run down, but was able to get up around 7 this morning.  Of course, the tooth fairy messed up and forgot to take the 6 year old's tooth last night.  I will get myself together!

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Geo, I'd try a fun/funnier version of the ad and see what response you get. Play up the ASL, math games and general coolness of your kids. If it was my kids, I mention something about walk/skip/parkour home, must like knock knock jokes and trivia about fairies. Make it sound like the most fun chilcare job. I know this might not attract as mature of candidates, but you might find a gem. I would also include salary if you're competitive with local rates, since leaving it off might make people less likely to apply if there are lots of jobs out there and they might assume your rate is too low. Good luck!!!


Nic, you are awesome. That was a tough race, and you did it (and fast!). You said before that you want to run longterm, and not killing yourself on any one race is part of that goal. You're amazing.


Gaye, you rock, too. I'm impressed that you stuck with such a tough swim, and survived your asthma attack. I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of the trip, too.


Plady, good luck with the California vacation. Fingers crossed for minimal mother drama.


jo, I hope the family drama resolves soon and that you have a great visit with your husband. I missed the cross training post until others commented on it- good luck and enjoy!


bec, it was not until you posted that I remember the tooth fairy messed up here, too. It was a funny one lost around 3 am on Saturday, then she was out late at the festival last night and collapsed into bed without putting it under her pillow. I'll have to remind her to leave it for the fairy tonight!


Shanti- thinking of you


NRR- It was the local music/arts festival here this weekend- lots of street performers, acrobats, belly dancing stuff, a few great bands on the mainstage, a shadow puppet show that the kids loved so much we went twice, and cool art making and installations (a white room with coloured dots to cover weekend long project based on kusama's "obliteration room" was a favourite). So much fun, even with tired and grumpy kids and husband by the end. We even had a "date night" Saturday night and left the kids at home while we went to a friend's book launch (about surfing in the middle east) and back to the main stage for a few bands.


RR- Several days of amazing ocean swims followed by a lovely run yesterday. I love summer.

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