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Boy? Girl? Who wants to know! - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you want to know the baby's sex ahead of time?

  • 48% (14)
    Yes! I want to know so I can plan my nursery.
  • 44% (13)
    No! I want to be completely surprised when the baby arrives.
  • 6% (2)
    It doesn't really matter - either way is fine.
29 Total Votes  
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This is so fun! Thanks to everyone who has answered so far. love.gif


I'm a little surprised that the majority wants to know the gender beforehand. I figured waiting til birth would be more in line with natural childbirth. However, it is much more practical to know - especially if you really have your heart set on a boy or girl. fingersx.gif


I honestly don't know what to do. I don't know if I'll make it 27+ more weeks without knowing. My DH is leaving the decision up to me. My family wants me to wait. I am kinda hoping for a girl, but will be thrilled either way. 


Adaline's Mama- thank you for your insight! I guess the whole birthing experience is a little distracting, lol! heartbeat.gif

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Originally Posted by joyriders View Post

i voted yes, but not because of a nursery...we won't have a nursery. such is big city living! i'd love to have an extra room just to devote to looking cute, but in nyc that comes at a ridiculous premium. doesn't stop me from internet window shopping, though.


we wont be telling until the baby shower though, just to try and curb super gendered clothes and such. not our style.


Good call. I organized a shower for a friend who wanted less girly stuff for her baby girl and it was just impossible to stem the tide of princess garb that came through the door. If no one had known the sex it would have been so much easier. 

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We didnt find out with baby #1 and then we did for number 2.  This time it doesn't seem like an option not to.   Like - we have 2 girls, I got rid of most of my baby clothes and I want to be prepared.  When the baby is born, it will be winter, and I'm 99% sure I'm a scheduled c-section.  I can't see going shopping with a new baby, one in first grade, and one in preschool. 


I figure if I know I can hit some Mom to MOm sales and get things prepared.  The nursery is hit or miss.. the girls have an awesome "pink" room that will be converted back to the babys room - (we cosleep but for daytime naps, we use the crib ).   Even when it comes to nursery - I cant see going nuts like we did for the first time.. we have nice furniture (pottery barn rocker, and knock off pottery barn madison change table HUGE and a crib) and we will  _maybe_ splash some paint up and call it good.


The biggest thing is to have sleepers, onesies, etc. I have all of my bum genius dipeys so that is covered.

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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

But, that can be the case no matter when you find out, right? I mean, you don't know before you know no matter when it is that you find out. To me, there isnt that much difference in the anticipation between finding out at 20 weeks and finding out at 40 weeks. In fact, my experience was that I wasnt nearly as excited by finding out at the birth. Not because I didnt want a girl, but just because I was busy.



I didnt find out with DD, and honestly, when she was born I think I held her for about 3 minutes and looked at her perfect face and had just gone through a huge, huge experience. I had just become a mother- moments beforehand. The absolute last thing on my mind was what the sex was. In fact, it wasnt until my mom said, "She is so beautiful" that I was like, "Woah, its a girl!". I felt like I didn't celebrate finding out her sex at all- I was way more focused on how relieved I was to be done birthing and how I was so happy that she was healthy and ok than I was on the fact that she was a girl.


With DS, I found out at 18 weeks, and I was so stoked. I felt like I celebrated the fact that I was having a boy for a good week or so after finding out. It was it's own excitement- separate from the arrival of a new baby.


With both babes, I guessed the sex accurately, so I guess in my heart I already "knew" that they were what they were.

To each their own. orngbiggrin.gif I don't think I'd be as excited finding out several months before the baby is born. That is just me though, what choice you or anyone else here makes doesn't bother me one bit. thumb.gif

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We're definitely finding out. Too curious not to! I'm not one for surprises, and whereas I can see not finding out the gender to be a pretty cool experience, I don't really care to wait. I feel like I need some emotional prep this time, too-- if it's a boy OR a girl.

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another not finding out until baby is in my arms family. we didn't find out with the other 3 and still feel good about not knowing beforehand. i am going with boy though since we already have 3 boys, but you never know:)

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My husband really really wants to find out. I don't. I'm hoping when I go for the ultrasound in several weeks that we won't be able to tell.

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We have actually changed our minds.... i was all set to find out and dh really wants to find out. It was causing me so much anxiety that I asked dh if we could wait till the birth again.... he easily said ok! I think it is because it is our last baby and all that I want a surprise. I am 15 weeks, so I could still change my mind and find out..... but right now I am excited not too!!!!
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i didn't find out with any of my others, and loved that i got to know them, feel them, interact and bond with them without expectations of gender, just getting to know them.  


we also didn't name until after birth, sometimes it took 5 days.  but i loved the time to just interact before names came into the picture.  i like the non-verbal/non-cerebral time i get with the little ones before we're labeled.  during birth i talk to the baby, throughout pregnancy, and so do my kids.  i think they also like the surprise, though there are 2 voting for a boy this time... 


we also would just be thrilled with either.  i have so many cute girl things from my 3 daughters, but would love another boy to kind of round things out.  so i voted that it doesn't really matter.


husband DOESN'T want to find out, i really wanted to know on number 3 & 4,but now, eh, i'll enjoy pregnancy and don't want the ultrasound just for gender.  if it's my last (which it is likely if it's a boy) i'm just going to enjoy it anyways, so might as well act like it's the last hoopla!

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