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the Foonf just got upgraded the specs, it now rear faces to 50 POUNDS!!!

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WHOA! That's awesome!

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they also got their fabric certified as GREENGUARD Select, haven't looked into all the details, but this is the place that certified things like low off gassing and clean air products. and Select is a level higher than all their other child certs. pretty amazing for a car seat which are known to have tons of crap in most of them!  when i think of my kids sleeping agaist them from day one, this makes me realllly happy.


"The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, part of UL Environment, was founded in 2001 with the mission of protecting human health and quality of life by improving indoor air quality and reducing chemical exposure. The GREENGUARD Certification Program helps manufacturers create--and helps buyers identify--interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used."


on a fun note they are coming out with some really fun japanese prints in the spring or summer it looks like : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151183829772767.473358.56869167766&type=1

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I'm also comparing the Radian with angle adjustor to the Clek Foonf in the back of our Volvo coupe (small back seat).  The goal is to keep our currently 21 month old in a rear-facing position as long as possible, but to not have the front seat passenger seat squished forward so that my knees are unsafely pressed up against the glove box.


I tried both seats in the car yesterday, and both fit well.  The Foonf had a little less room, but hardly that much.  It was very close.  However, I did notice that the Foonf would have my son in a slightly more reclining position that then Radian, and I think he might like to more upright now that he's a bigger boy.  I'm going back to test with him in them.  ;>


One very nice thing about the Foonf is that it's made to be more component-recyclable.  A long time coming for car seats!


The Foonf did seem pretty rigid (part and parcel with the type of foam used which is a safety feature), and I was wondering if it would be as comfortable during long rides or even short ones for our son. 

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it seems really comfy and our kids seems really happy in the,  when you are test fitting them, make sure you tighen the install down all the way and are getting the right angle. the fonf has 3 positins so you can make it more upright as well, they say you can use 2 of them in the RF mode.  i also reclinded my vehecle seat back just a bit, actually doing it more at first , then installng and then raising the seat back one click to really lock on the ARB and get a amazing install. it gives them a ton more leg room and still makes strong contact with the ARM for a safe install.

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