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Regular Postpartum Period went POOF

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Hey all. I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 8 months. She never took a bottle or pacifier but I still got my first postpartum period at about 7-8 weeks. Ever since then I have gotten it every month and my cycle has been as regular as it was before I was pregnant. For the past month or so, she has started sleeping through the nights for 6-8 hours at a time. She has been breastfeeding during the day typically eveyr 2-4 hours. It varies. My period was due on about July 29 or 30 but it's nowhere in sight. I have had none of the lower back cramping that I usually get a few days before. I know that postpartum periods can be very irregular but I just think it's weird that it disappears at the same time she has begun sleeping through the night. I took two pregnancy tests yesterday (first and second morning's pee) and both were negative. No faint line, nada. And they weren't the cheapies.


Has this happened to anyone? I'm assuming it's probably normal. I should have waited a few more days to take the tests but I just couldn't help it, darnit!

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first of all welcoming to mothering.com!!!


has anything else changed in your life, anything more stressful that normal? the other reason you can be late besides being preggo is that you simply ovulated late which is often caused my stress or sudden change. some ladies are sensitive and even jet lag in just the right part of a cycle can do it. others see it happen when the family or Inlaws come to visit!


and once you ovulate there is a unlikely but possible issue with a "luteal cyst" with is just a fancy word for the area on your ovary that you ovulated from sticking around and not fading away, it continues to put out progesterone and hence holds your bleeding off. these usually self correct.


so my opinion is to wait a week or two, maybe test once a week, do your best not to be driven crazy. and address the issue if you haven't gotten a period in a month.  if you notice any really tender pains in one ovary, that may point to a cyst, but only your doctor and an ultrasound can know for sure.


im voting for wonky and normal!

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Thank you very much! I didn't even think about stress but that could definitely be it. I have a well woman appointment with my midwife on the 15th so I'll see for sure then. 

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