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Gifts/tokens of appreciation for nurses, obs, midwives?

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Are you planning on giving a gift or token of your appreciation to the care providers who work with you through birth? What have some of the experienced moms done in the past about thanking care providers after birth? 


I've read that it's a good idea to have something (nice bag of candy or a token of appreciation) for the nurses who spend a lot of time with you during labor. I've had an atypical experience with obs this pregnancy (I'm not thanking the ob who dropped me at 35 weeks, for instance....), but the ob who picked me up has been really great and I appreciate her stepping in. Not sure if she'll actually end up delivering the baby, but if not, certainly a card at the least.


Any stories or suggestions you want to share are appreciated, since I'm trying to gather a variety of opinions! 

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My understanding is that gifts for doctors are not really "done" because it's their job and they are highly compensated. That said, flowers or a card with a picture of the new family would probably be much appreciated.  We're bringing some chocolates to the hospital as a little thank you for the nursing staff and we'll be getting a little gift for our doula.  My doc will probably get a card.  I know people have lots of opinions on this though, so I look forward to hearing what others have or will do.

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If possible bring FOOD for the nursing staff... Keep them happy smile.gif I have fresh picked blueberries in the fridge right now - if I were to go into labor tonight I'd bring those. Also a little note to the nurses so they know who it's from. Leave at the nurses station.

Last time, I gave my OB and labor nurse a little gift and a thank you note. My OB is solo practicing, so I've had her all along. If I were in a large multi OB practice and only saw the delivering OB for a very short time, then I wouldn't do a gift.
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You know what the nursing staff would appreciate even more than food?  Packages of really good coffee and tea.  We need it round the clock, trust me, and what is available in the lounge is often pretty nasty.

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Thanks for weighing in, Feral Fox. I'll put coffee/tea on my to do list for this week smile.gif
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Or, as an alternative, just pick up a bunch of donuts and a box of coffee from Dunkin on the way.  That's always appreciated, too.

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Thanks to those who weighed in and Feral from the perspective of experience on the other side. We ended up at the mall on Friday night and bought some bags of Godiva chocolates. I'll see what we can put in for coffee/tea when we venture out this week. (Mama Chickadee, you must have gone into labor right after posting here :)

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Ha ha... Yes, my water broke maybe 5 minutes after I posted here, and about 4 hours after that I was saying goodbye and thank you to my L&D nurse and asking of she was a tea or coffee person!
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I had the MOST amazing L&D nurse who is the reason I gave birth vaginally and not via c-section, I'm convinced. We had tucked a few thank you notes in our bags, so I used one of those and asked visiting friends to bring me a starbucks gift card to include in it.

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These are great suggestions! I will have to pick up some nice teas and I plan to make muffins. It's become a hobby during this pregnancy. :) 


Booots, I love hearing about the awesome nurses out there. I've been lucky to work w some amazing L&D nurses, they really can make the difference for a mama. I'm praying that my nurse is sympathetic. That support is invaluable.

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