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First Period?

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yesterday, after a few weeks of no bleeding, i discovered bright red blood. it happened to be the day of my 6-wk pp apt, and the mw checked me and said that my cervix was closed. i thought that if it was due to lifting something too heavy (which i did--oops!--for the 1st time yesterday) that the bleeding would stop within a few hours. but no, i'm still bleeding. ok, even w/3 children i just don't get it! if my uterus is healed then why am i bleeding if it isn't a period?

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I had a six week bleed this time.  I considered it to still be lochia/postpartum bleeding.


My cycles did return right around DD's due date (so 12w post partum).  And I've had another since, about six weeks after.  I'm due again, but we'll see when it shows up.  These cycles were accompanied by changes in cervical mucus, mittelschmerz, etc.


I'm not surprised it returned so quickly, what with DD being in the NICU.  And with my ample supply, I was sleeping at night (not pumping overnight), so there was definitely a lessened hormonal response to keep it at bay.


The downside is that my nipples get very sensitive from ovulation through the first day or two of my period. So I get a couple weeks each cycle where the boobs are not happy at all.  It blows, but it is what it is.

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My bleeding seemed to go away, only to come back with a big gush of blood around 5 weeks.  I have had bright red spotting since then and another, smaller, gush of bleeding.  My midwife wondered if it might be a period at first, but it hasn't followed the usual pattern (and it has gone on for almost 2 weeks now).  So it probably isn't.  I'm just guessing things aren't healed up quite yet.  It is starting to really bug me, though, because I so much want to get back to exercising and swimming again.  I've been a bit worried too since the bleeding had stopped and then started again.  But my mw didn't seem too worried.

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every time my baby sleeps most of the night i get worried i will get it back and get preggo! with the girls it took 21 mo but they nursed all night. i am relieved when he wakes up a couple times at night. but i keep my eye on fertility signs. 

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ok, the bleeding has stopped today, i think.

when i read your post, jocelydale, i remember getting a pinch or two and thinking it felt an awful lot like ov. pain but dismissed it as impossible.

ds2 sleeps long stretches at night--unlike my other two. hmm...

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My baby is 9 weeks old and I started taking the mini pill 7 days ago.  I stopped spotting at about 7 weeks post partum, but now it is back and a bit heavier!  Is it possible that the spotting is from the pill or that I am starting my period.  I didn't get my period until my older son was 6 months old but he didn't sleep through the night.  Guess I should maybe ask my doctor as we always used natural family planning before.  We are pretty sure this will be our last child and he is sleeping 6-8 hours at night so I know I can't count on breastfeeding to delay ovulation.

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