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Ok, not sure where to post this and I can't find anything about it.


We wash our cloth diapers with borax and washing soda and they stink as soon as my son pees in them.  Anyone had this problem with the same washing method?  Advice?  Thanks!

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I'm going to go ahead and move this over the the diapering forum.  :)

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I've always jut used cd detergent but it sounds like you definitely need to strip. I have had success with just adding a few kettles of hot water to my already full of hot water top loader. It's free and easy. Worth a try. I do that about once a month or so and it seems to help with any build up.

Just be careful because there are a few brands that say you can only wash on warm (like grovia) I still have used this method and they're fine but just FYI.
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I agree, sounds like they need to be stripped. I have to do an extra rinse each time I wash otherwise I get build up pretty quickly.
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Ok, I will try stripping.  I didn't think I would have to do that with my washing method but I suppose it could be build up after all.  Other than just adding extra hot water how do I go about stripping diapers?

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I just re-read your OP and if they stink after he pees in them but not right out of the laundry it could also be ammonia build up - meaning you're not using enough water or not using enough soap. (too much soap=stink. not enough soap = stink ayyiyi!) 


I have a top loader and when I first stared CDing I wasn't setting the water level high enough (always do the max) and I had big stink problems. I had to add a rinse to my routine as well. Do you have a top loader or front loader? 


Have you ever tried a commercial detergent? I'm just wondering because I've heard mixed things about using Borax. It took us a while to find a detergent that worked for us and our water. 


Anyhoo  for stripping I have had great sucess with RLR. It's pretty cheap and they might have it at your grocery store where the RIT dye and stuff like that is. Otherwise i order it from here https://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/search.asp?keyword=rlr&search.x=0&search.y=0



You wash your diapers as usual - so start with clean ones - then add a packet of this and do a hot wash. Then just do a few more rinses and if you have a top loader,stop it to make sure there are no more bubbles. If it's build up from detergent that should do the trick. I'd try the hot water and extra soap first to see if that does the trick. 

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We have a top loader.  I do the Large setting.  Cold cycle, hot cycle with 2 spoonfuls of borax and 2 or 3 washing soda.  Then an extra rinse after.  Tried adding really hot water, we'll see if they smell better.  They don't wreak when they are freshly cleaned and they have a bit of an odor, but once he pees in them they smell like old fish. :(  We used the white bottle of Method at first and then switched, might try that again and see if it helps too.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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