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Watery Mucousy Bowels, Removed Mostly Everything From Diet and Lip Tie

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My baby is 4 months old and I have recently discovered he has lip tie to which we are getting treated on the 8th.  Not sure if he has tongue tie but I suspect that as well. 

He has only had yellow seedy poops a few times around 2 months, but they are usually green to brown watery, and have mucous.  I have removed gluten, dairy, eggs, onions, garlic, tomatoes, citrus, soy and corn.  The corn and soy is more recent and may have slipped when not thinking if french fires were cooked in soy or corn.  He still gets red burns around his anus at times, and he doesn't have a good latch, likes to nurse at the end of my nipple.  Lately things are really bad where he screams when it's time to nurse. 

I'm wondering, is there any chance his bowels are related to his lip tie or is there something else I need to remove from my diet?

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I was told as long as the tongue and lip ties are still intact the baby will just continue to develop new sensitivities. Also that both mama and baby need to do gut healing

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What would you recommend for gut healing for me?  And other than probiotics what would be good for him?

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I am still learning, but, we did similar diet changes to you...took us a little while to find everything that was causing issues. And we are doing lots of probiotics etc..trying to keep things even more natural/organic/unprocessed...avoiding allopathic medications etc.

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Not sure how lip tie works but my first had severe tongue tie and everyone believed it would impair breastfeeding but ironically he was a great nurser and unable to take bottles and pacifiers so go figure.


Green poop is a sign of too much foremilk and not enough hind milk. Not sure about the brown however it can be a result of too much foremilk as well. Mucousy can be normal too as babies intestines are lined with mucus and since breastmilk is absorbed much more easily than formula the mucus tends to come out instead of poop. 


Have you tried just letting him nurse on one side for a few times then the other side a few times so he can drain each breast?


Another allergen I didn't see on your list is peanuts, have you tried eliminating that as well?

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I'm sorry but block feeding is NOT a good idea with a tongue tied baby...if OP reduces her supply than her baby may end up not being able to transfer milk and have serious issues. In fact, I have had 3 tongue tied children, only the youngest was revised. My oldest nursed for 3 years (though looking back with all the knowledge I have now he did have issues, I just didn't realize it), with my second my milk went from "oversupply" at his birth to nothing - not even a single drop, by the time he was 5-6 months old...he could not suck strongly enough to maintain it. I ended up with low supply with my 3rd as well, thankfully we got her tongue tie and lip tie revised and I have had partial success increasing my supply, and if nothing else it has not reduced anymore.


I also want to share with OP that several ENTs etc either said my LO did not have a TT or that it was minor...and it was not minor at all...major major issues. We are exactly 3 months post revision (today!) and things have improved so much.


OP- it would probably be very helpful to you to join the Tongue Tie Babies Support Group on Facebook - a wealth of info there as well as professionals and volunteers who are experienced with tongue tie and are volunteering time to help.

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Thanks everyone for the advice.  We have elimated peanuts as well.  I started giving him probiotics and he started having daily bowels (sometimes 2x a day), but then he got really gassy.  They are Natren probiotics and have dairy so I just ordered some from Klaire without dairy to see if that helps the gas. 

I have always offered both sides, although at 2 weeks of age I was told to always start on the left side as he preferred the right and would barely nurse on the left.  Problem is that the right is my major producer and I think it caused him to get a lot of foremilk and not drain the right breast a lot of the time(and my day of a swollen right breast that wouldn't empty and milk blister).  We fed that way till about 16 weeks when I was told to slowly switch to one side per feeding.  When I did that he began to wake more at night (was previously going anywhere from 6-9 hours at night, and started waking every 2-3), his weight gain slowed, and he got more fussy.  So the past week I've gone back to giving both breasts but alternating which one I start with.  His sleep seems to be getting better at night, but he is screaming when it's time to nurse and not wanting to eat.  In the middle of the night and in the morning he's ok, but as the day goes on he gets bad.  I believe it's my supply and trying to increase it, but think it also has to do with him trying to suck at the end of my nipple and me trying to hold him on. 

Tonight I had to pump because he wouldn't eat at all from me for 2 feeds, so I broke down, pumped what I could and had hubby give him his first bottle.  It took a while to get it in (actually it took me giving it to him).  He had a hard time figuring it out.  Tonight at bedtime he started to scream when it was time to eat and I side tracked him by showing him pictures of him.  He eventually ate and slept/ate.

I tried checking for tongue tie and felt a bump under his tongue that from what I've read goes with posterior tongue tie.  A lot of his symptoms goes with tongue tie, so it will be interesting to see if the oral surgeon says he has it.

Again, thanks everyone for the help. 

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  I wanted to thank everyone here for all their help and support.  My son had his laser frenectomy for his lip tie on Wednesday and it went really well.  The whole procedure was quick, and he cried less than when his sister throws a fit in the room with him.  Nursing has gotten better, and even felt weird at first because he could move his upper lip.  Our problem is that many times he still wants to nurse at the end of my nipple.  I imagine this is a habit from 4.5 months of nursing that way.  I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to correct this? 

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Did he not have a tongue tie released?

Craniosacral therapy/chiropractic care can help a lot post revision.
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He only needed the lip tie released.  I thought from all the symptoms and what I've read online that he might have tongue tie as well.  Doc said that lip tie usually affects nursing more than tongue tie, or at least in his experience.  He's had one cranialsacral post revision, but looking into chiro

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IMO that sounds like a doctor very incompetant with tongue tie...but, I certainly hope he is right!

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