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Crawling baby and naps

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My DD is 7 months old has just started crawling everywhere.  I cosleep with her at night so I don't have any worries about night time sleeping, however I was having to lay down and nurse her to sleep in the middle of my bed for her naps.  Now that she is crawling I don't know what to do for her naps.  I'm afraid she will crawl off the bed.  I can't nurse her to sleep and then lay her down in a crib or anything because she wakes up when I try to move her, that's why I was laying with her to get her to sleep before.  I also can't lay with her the whole time she naps because I have a 2 year old that would be into everything if I did that.  I've tried folding a blanket up on the floor and laying her on that and trying to nurse her to sleep on that, but that only works for a few minutes.  I think she can feel the floor move from my 2 year old bouncing around (which seems non-stop).  I have no idea what to do now.  Do any of you have any ideas of a safe place I could lay down with her to nurse her to sleep or a way for me to transition her to a crib maybe after she is asleep?

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I made a little nest on the floor with a mat for naps when DD started trying to crawl off the bed. Sometimes I lay down next to her but mostly I nurse her to sleep and lay her down on her stomach, or wedge something against her so she'll stay asleep. I don't have a 2 year old jumping around though...
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I did something similar to pp using bottom sofa cushions. I don't have another child to wake her up but maybe you could put a crib mattress on the floor in your room if you have one or make a nest using a comforter. A friend of mine had success buying a clean, new doggy bed to put on the floor, cover with a blanket and her LO uses it for naps. I would then sneak away and close the door so the 2 year old cant wake her and use a baby monitor to keep an ear out for baby. Since you cosleep, you may not have a monitor but perhaps you could find one used or borrow from a friend. There are even apps out for the more high end cellphones that let you use them as monitors. Good luck!
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A new doggy bed is a good idea! I never would have thought of that!


If a nest on the floor doesn't work is it possible to put your mattress on the floor? That is what worked for us when DS started crawling... He fell off a few times but he never got hurt and cried or anything... You can use fluffy blankets to cushion the floor for her just in case.

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