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Which is the lesser evil?

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We are going away for about 3 weeks.  I am pretty much a die-hard cloth diaper for the past 9 years.  I used to use Tushies gel-free diapers for vacations, but they don't make them anymore. :(


Which is worse, washing diapers in public wash machines laden with harsh chemical detergent residue, bleach and liquid fabric softener and dryers with fabric softener residue OR using disposables with SAP leakage.  I know it's seems to be overkill, but I don't know what to do.  I was going to go with Bambo Nature disposables, but I just watched a youtube video of them leaking SAP like crazy.  I don't want that stuff in my little girls "bits".  Also, looking at Broody Chick diapers, but they have SAP, too.  Ugh!

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What about gDiapers or Flips? They have reusable shells and disposable inserts.

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I love my gdiapers! I use disposables sometimes when out. The only issue is stuff still gets on the plastic liner but I just handwash and air dry and bam! Its done. They can leak at night so I just double them up. I exclusivly use cloth most of the time but its nice to have the option.

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Almost all of my experience washing cloth is in shared washer with gods-knows-what in an apartment building. Pets, bleach users, etc. I really never had a problem, ever, from it.  When we finally had our own we alternated between regular 7th gen for clothing and charlie soap for cloth. Never had a problem.

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lost my post but fyi gdiapers inserts are made with sap.

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I've always washed our cloth diapers on vacation - in local laundromats, hotel washers, etc.  We've never had a problem.  It's the first thing I look up when we arrive, and it's actually kind of a cool way to get out and about, exploring new towns.


I usually run them through once on cold to rinse, then wash on a hot cycle, then rinse with another full hot cycle.  It's not cheap and it's time-consuming, but by the time the diapers go through all of that, I don't think the residue matters much (no build-up issues or reactions ever).  If we're lucky, the laundromat is in a walkable district (shops, cafes, etc.) so we can go in and out - or in right in our hotel/inn/hostel/etc., when we have some down time (usually at night).  


I just LOVE our cloth far too much to part with it. love.gif  And I just love the sustainability and self-sufficiency - as long as I can find a washer and dryer, we're good to go, no matter where we are.  That feels good.  Also, no tiny hotel trash cans overflowing with dirty dipes!


ETA - to save money and time, I have also just done the latter two cycles (wash on hot and rinse on hot) with no ill effects - we usually just have pee dipes since we EC

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I use bio liners from grovia or gdiapers when I travel or flats folded in a grovia cover and I hand wash and hang dry. What's the deal with SAP? Is it really bad?
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Depending on where you're staying maybe you could hand wash and just use the dryer? If that's convenient. If you're in a hotel that has laundry or really close to a laundromat.
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How about the honest diapers? I'm not sure what they're made of, though. I'd try taking flats and handwashing them.

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