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LE Montessori at home?

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I posted about the bullying that my son suffered at his Montessori school, which is a big reason that we will not be returning to that school this year.  I can't seem to bring myself to put him in public school, school starts in a month and I have still not registered him.  So I think I am considering homeschool?  I mean, homeschool has always been an idea that I was attracted to as a mom, but now it's really happening.  


My son has expressed to me that he really wants to homeschool, and I feel I owe it to him to respect that.  


My question is, has anyone attempted to do Lower Elementary Montessori at home?  Are there materials that you recommend to teach the Great Lessons?  Reading?  Math?  I am excited but intimidated.  My home is not the most organized place, which feels like such a contradiction to Montessori!  LOL  


Help!  Any direction anyone can offer? 

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I'm sorry about your son's terrible experience. It seems your post was missed. 


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Thank you for bumping this!  I appreciate it so much.  We had planned to stay at that Montessori through 8th grade, with both kids.  I feel so sad that it is no longer an option.  


I would love suggestions on where to buy materials, how to structure the room, etc.  So far, my plan is to have a practical life area, to buy some math manipulatives for him, and to continue work on reading and do Spanish a couple of times a week.  Science will begin with the Great Lessons, and build from there.  


Any help or just support from other Montessori homeschoolers would be great.  Thanks!

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I bought the ebook from http://www.montessoriathomebook.com for $9. I was shocked how well it was laid out. We've only been doing it a few weeks and it's great. He is on facebook too. It's all easy to understand. The blog 1+1+1=1 has some great stuff for home. Also, the counting coconuts blog is great. That are a few places I can think of off the top of my head. I hope that helps !

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I don't really feel knowledgeable enough to give you any real help, but did want to say that I've seen the 1 + 1 blog and really liked it. Maybe check the homeschool forum references and cross references with Montessori to tailor it to your needs? Sorry, I know that's so obvious and you probably are, but in case someone else doesn't realize there is a homeschool forum...
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OK, so I've been doing a bunch of research today about Montessori and I came across this blog. Maybe it will be helpful?
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I'm doing the same thing... mostly because it's no longer in our budget.  You can find montessori albums online and Shiller math curriculum is "montessori style", but I'm somewhat disappointed that it's not more accurate to original montessori.  That said, I'm using it as a baseline and filling in with other materials as I see fit.

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