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March DDC *AUGUST* chat

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how is everyone doing?


still in the midst of queasiness?


is anyone showing yet?


has anyone told yet?


how are partners adjusting?


summer plans?


heard the heartbeat yet?



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....in my corner of the world we are doing some travel....


visiting MIL this weekend, and my family mid-next week.  I/we are definitely NOT telling MIL yet.  She will flip out about #4, and DH hasn't come around to it yet either.


Internal conflict has been resolved since I made the decision we are goinng to proceed with the pregnancy.

External conflict with DH has increased since I gave him the definitive "NO" to termination.


Hopefully the time apart will give us both some time to "reset".


I'm definitely showing (*I* think so), and we have a trip planned to the outdoor pool at MIL's house...I'm going to try to get out of putting on a swim suit, and sucking it in if I have to....


I'm feeling quite queasy, which is something new for me...finding that ginger tidbits really help.


how is everyone else doing?



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Originally Posted by thentherewere4 View Post



how is everyone doing?


still in the midst of queasiness?


is anyone showing yet?


has anyone told yet?


how are partners adjusting?


summer plans?


heard the heartbeat yet?



We're doing well here. I just came back from my initial intake appointment with our midwife. I'm really excited to work with her and we seem to click well. Nothing too exciting for this appointment - baseline vitals, pH dip, weight, etc. We made an appointment for 2 weeks from today to hear the heartbeat -- Yay! We've also decided to do the NT scan here in a week or so. It will be nice to see the little bean early on. 


My ms has basically disappeared, which is really nice. That being said, my appetite has been fairly low and I know that I need to increase my intake (both calories and water) more. I'm trying to eat small meals throughout the day, but it's hard with a busy toddler to look after. I don't think I'm officially showing yet - my pants are still fitting fine, but my "fluff" from my prepreggo self is starting to cling to my shirts more. Not the greatest look. I'm hoping to hide it for a bit with some baggy shirts until there's a little more roundness to the look. We've told our families and some of my close friends. I'm almost 10 weeks. I think we'll probably announce it to everyone else after our next appointment. Everyone is excited for us, which is such a great feeling. I'm starting to embrace this pregnancy and am eager to start connecting to the little bean inside :)


DH is adjusting OK. He's been under alot of stress since we got our BFP & hasn't really come to terms with the fact I'm pregnant. Yesterday he accepted a new job (which is going to be so much better for us), and I think that stress was finally lifted a bit. He came in last night and was like - "You're pregnant! We're going to have another kid!" I was like, well yeah. I wouldn't say that he's jumping for joy, but he's just not that kind of guy. He's ready to have this new addition and is starting to "plan", which is his way of getting excited, so that's good.


No big plans for awhile. We had a busy June/July of traveling and family visits, so we're staying put for a bit. I have an interview today for a possible teaching job at an online school. It was nothing that I was planning - I was contacted out of the blue after submitting my resume months ago. I don't know if I'll take it, but I am curious as to what it entails. If it's mostly working from home, then it could be a nice source of some extra income. We shall see.


So... that's the update on us. I feel that our lives are getting back to "normal" for a bit, which is really nice. I'm hoping the new job will bring some normalcy to our family and a chance for us to relax and enjoy this pregnancy. Hope everyone else is doing well!

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how is everyone doing?  It's been a rough week here.  The baby (who turns 1 this weekend) went through some teething, growth spurt, and then got a cold and is STILL not back to sleeping the way he was.  I have started to just lay him on the bed next to my husband and go sleep somewhere else when he will not settle for me in the middle of the night.  He will lay down next to Daddy and sleep soundly, even while he kicks me and squirms non-stop.  So realistically we all sleep better if I just leave.  That's kind of weird and I feel selfish, but if we're all getting some sleep....


still in the midst of queasiness?  It's been easing the last few days and I've wanted to eat again.  Not that I ever felt *that* bad, but I did get to where I was pretty averse to a couple things (rice and plain, low-fat protein sources -- fried chicken good, baked chicken bad), and where I was too tired at night to want to eat.  I have always been that way, not wanting to eat when tired, pregnancy just magnified that.  But I finally am feeling more "normal" again.  Finally made a meal plan that I think I might actually *stick to* and I really have to because we have a major season of canning starting right now and I need all extra money to go towards that.


is anyone showing yet?  Not that anyone would notice, no.  I feel a little bigger, but it's not very obvious.


has anyone told yet?  I did announce it on Facebook to friends/family a couple weeks ago.  I can never keep my mouth shut very long!  I am a blogger though and I won't tell my readers until next week, when I am around 10 weeks.


how are partners adjusting? My husband was always thrilled.  He had been starting to ask when we were going to try for #4 and seemed sad that I wanted to wait a bit longer.  So when I ended up pregnant anyway he was excited!


summer plans?  Trying to get in a few more things I've been wanting to do with the kids, but it's hard to get out of the house these days.  I'm tired, I work two mornings a week, plus we shop every other Friday, so we realistically have only 5 days free out of every 10.  And we need a day each week to do chores and rest from the weekend, so....  I still want to take them to a (lake) beach, and to these nice fountains, and a few other places before the end of the summer.  I feel like we have so many options that we never take advantage of.  Free options, no less!


heard the heartbeat yet?  No.  They tried briefly at my appointment this week, but it was just too early.  I kind of regret letting them use the Doppler since they told me it would be too early, and none of us are fans of ultrasound anyway.  (We won't be having any actual ultrasounds because I have a totally uncomplicated history and feel no need to do so.)  We will hear it at our appointment in 4 weeks if I let them use the Doppler.  Trying to trust that God is taking care of my baby until I can feel him/her for reassurance.  It's a little easier this time because we did the no-testing thing last time, too, and I was weirdly SO terrified my baby would be born without a brain or something, where it would seem normal the whole time in pregnancy but baby would die in my arms shortly after birth. :(  Of course he's fine.  Knowing that he was, even without all the tests, gives me a little more peace of mind this time!


Yes, I'm a total loon right now.  Too much work + sleep deprivation + children on me non-stop + lots of other junk = one crazy mommy.  I HAVE to slow down and change my priorities a little or I will lose my mind.  I have nothing emotionally to give anyone right now because I have spent so long dealing with situations that stress me out and which are beyond my control.  This will need to change shortly...I hope.  I need to have a little more uncomplicated time with friends and family to restore my emotional stability and happiness so that I can feel patient and like I have compassion to offer to others....  At this moment, if my ILs came over (they are in town), and FIL was willing to stay here, I'd leave with MIL for a couple hours without a second thought.  Even knowing the baby will wake up before too long and want me.  Yeah...this needs to change.

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Queasiness. HA. Full blown can't keep my dinner down, on the floor in the bathroom, and still feeling bad afterwards. This baby.. I don't remember it being like this with ds. It's like the volume is turned up on this one.


showing? eh. who knows.


told yet? yes. the cat was loosed when one of my coworkers asked if I was out because I had the flu. No. Not the flu so much. Told some off-island friends last night as well. Just waiting on MIL, et cetera, for a couple more weeks. I have another u/s to make sure everything is progressing as it should be in two weeks so I'll tell her after that appt.


parters? DH is excited and happy. He has determined the baby must be a boy. ha. we shall see. as far as adjusting just accepting that I am feeling like death, not going out for my birthday today, just going to watch a movie at home..


summer plans? summer? it's always summer here. nothing particular. planning a trip to kauai relatively soon.


heard the heartbeat yet? yes! on the 31st. It was very reassuring. hope s/he's doing good in there.

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Hi Mama's! yay for those of you feeling better and I hope releif comes soon for those who are not!


how is everyone doing? Pretty good thumb.gif


still in the midst of queasiness? Not as bad as before. It's still all day, but lessened. It may be the B6 I added or it just may be body balancing out. I take 100mg per day. I'm able to eat a few more things now. eat.gif


is anyone showing yet? Yes, showing bloat with some fat on top :) Ha! I look different though for sure. DH was staring at me get in the shower the other day and commented how my body was changing. I'm uncomfortable alot. Even wearing panties is uncomfortable. I broke out my preggo panties, but they fall right off. I need some in between sizes undies that are loose, but still provide coverage.


has anyone told yet? we told the week I found out belly.gif


how are partners adjusting? DH is well adjusted. He doesn't say he forgot I was pregnant anymore. I think it's in his brain always now.


summer plans? We are opening a store front and expanding our online shop. Natural baby and Mama gear. Tentative grand opening is Aug 25th and things get so crazy buisy lately. Along with that I encap placentas and have a night job, so things can get a bit out of hand. This week was one of those weeks. Online orders, 2 placentas, getting the shop ready for opening and attending events for World BFing week. I'm worn out. dizzy.gif


heard the heartbeat yet? No, I have not gone to any appts yet. Looking forward to it though  babyf.gif

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how is everyone doing?
Frankly, I'm still terrified.  If I make it to week 9 I'll feel for reassured because that'll be past the point I lost my others.  We're getting close!  I am SOO exhausted and stressed out.  We're helping out some friends by letting them stay here and I just can't stand it.  I'm really worried about money because I'm having difficulty finding a job and the farther along I get the more worried I become.  


still in the midst of queasiness?
OMG yes!  I force myself to eat and found the Preggie Pop Drops have helped a bit.  I try and see it as a positive sign of a healthy pregnancy - lol doesn't help the ick feeling but at least makes the mindset a little better!  With DD1 I didn't stop vomiting the entire pregnancy so I'll take queasy with no actual projectiles!!!


is anyone showing yet?
I am to me and anyone who knows really well what my body looks like.  I imagine by early September it'll be pretty obvious.


has anyone told yet?
Ack NO!  SO has put a damper on this and doesn't want us telling anyone.  Of course my bestie knows and a two other really close friends but none of them are local so there's no chance of being affected if they slip up, kwim?


how are partners adjusting?

SO is definitely adjusting a little better.  He's made a few jokes about it and is solicitous in his fashion.  He even brought up names about a week and a half ago and sat down with me to officially 'pick'.


summer plans?
Not really.  There's not a lot of extra money for us to throw around but I'd like to take a vacation with SO in the fall or winter if I can find a job and come up with the extra cash.


heard the heartbeat yet?
No - August 14!

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how is everyone doing?

I'm actually kind of up and down about it. I am thrilled to be pg again, but scared silly at times because of my heart condition. The last thing I want is to become critically ill or let my kids down. This is definitely a stressful pregnancy emotionally.


still in the midst of queasiness?

Yes, and the last couple days it has been worse. I feel hungover. I haven't thrown up, but the nausea is worse than I remember it being in my last two pregnancies.


is anyone showing yet?

I am definitely puffier around the waste, thanks to bloat and zero abdominal muscles. It's not baby though, too early.


has anyone told yet?

We have started telling a few people. My main concern is not telling the boys- I can explain m/c to alot of people, but I'd prefer to not explain it to my kids.I haven't decided yet if I'll wait until 12 weeks for the big reveal, or after my u/s 8/22 (I'll be 9w3d)


how are partners adjusting?

I think it is still very surreal for mine. He is thrilled, but worried about finances too, even though this baby is very much wanted. It's his first, and he keeps saying he still can't believe it! I'm betting he'll be over the moon when he sees that first u/s

summer plans?

Just working at my new job. Summer is wrapping up here for us, it was a big one since we just moved. I'm looking forward to a low-key fall.


heard the heartbeat yet?

No, and I'm dying of impatience waiting until my u/s Aug 22.

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Good August to you, my fellow mommas...


How am I doing? 

Good, and happy! I have spending quite a bit of time job hunting, although its not an easy task. There's a lot of unemployed designers out there and only a few jobs. But that's okay, I feel it's a blessing that I am not working right now, I'm getting to spend a lot of time with my boys this summer so it's sort of nice. 



It's ever so slowly starting to get better. I still have bad days, sometimes I don't feel like I want to get out of bed, but for the most part I'm doing better. I have found picking at fruit is very helpful, I keep a stock of grapes in the fridge and pick at them all day, it seems to keep not only the queasiness away but also the headaches that I will get from low blood sugar... Those are not fun!


Showing yet?

I think so! But DP says only just a tiny bit, although he says he can feel it poke him when we are standing and hugging. My jeans and shorts are gone from the rotation and I'm down to almost nothing to wear. It really stinks though because I know I am not ready for maternity clothes yet. I need yoga capris, but they have been a nightmare to find! I have been hunting like a crazy person for yoga capris, online and in stores with zero results! UGH!


Told yet?

I announced it on facebook last week, and the family (parents and our siblings) have known since we found out at 4 weeks. I have been popping to announce it, so making it to 9 weeks was quite a feat for me! We are going to his cousins house tonight for a smallish adult get-together, and we will announce it to them too. Actually, DP's cousin's wife was the one that got me on the home birth train a year ago or so, although they don't have any kids yet, she really wants to do a home birth. She will be very excited we are preggers because she is hoping our home birth experience will convince her DH to go along with her. DP and her DH are very close cousins, so if Jason does a home birth he could very easily rub off on his cousin. 



We have been planning to get my IUD out for over a year, so when I had it removed in May it was very exciting to get a BFP so soon. My father calls me Fertile Mertle! This is DP's first, and he is beyond excited, I give him updates every week and tell him how big the baby is now and whats forming. He will carry the fruit size through every week, saying things like "Blueberry Baby" and now "Kumquat Baby". Next week we have our fist appointment with the midwives and his first time meeting them. We will hear the heartbeat, and he's pretty excited about it. I can't wait for him to be able to feel his baby kick, I know he's going to really enjoy those weeks. This is such an exciting time for us both.


Summer plans?

I'm kind of enjoying the laziness to be honest! We do want to go camping at some point, but we dont have a tent big enough, and since we are trying to buy land and build a house, it may have to wait until funds are a little looser.



Next wednesday!! Yay!!

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how is everyone doing?  All right - tired, tired, so very tired... but weirdly it's better if I get up and do stuff rather than lying on the couch thinking OMG I'm so tired.


still in the midst of queasiness?  You bet.  I had it until 13 weeks with DD so I have 5 weeks left of this.  Ugh.  It's like a hangover with no partyingly awesome memories to compensate.


is anyone showing yet?  Just massive bloating.  I'm in maternity clothes already, because my guts do NOT tolerate grains or large amounts of starch generally but I NEED that to be able to eat other things, like eggs and fish.  I figure the nutritional benefits from the egg and fish type things outweigh the bloating, and once I hit second trimester I can go back to my normal mostly-paleo diet.


has anyone told yet?  Close friends and family, but I'm gonna have to blab soon because I need to leverage my social network to find a job that'll pay into EI since I don't want to go a year with no income at all and I can't work as a postpartum doula when I've got my own little bean!


how are partners adjusting?  Well, although I see cringing when I spend money unnecessarily (like taking DD out for waffles for breakfast the other day).


summer plans?  Working 2 days a week at our cowshare farm, going to Seattle next weekend to see/hear a young friend in an opera, plus it's a BIG BIRTHDAY for me in another 2 weeks!


heard the heartbeat yet? Nope, too early - probably at my next mw appt on the 28th.

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@babytoes, try a Marshalls or Ross type store if you have one in your area.

That's where I generally get my yoga capris and pants. All types and colors.

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Originally Posted by cocoanib View Post

@babytoes, try a Marshalls or Ross type store if you have one in your area.

That's where I generally get my yoga capris and pants. All types and colors.

@babytoes - I just got some a Sports Authority (not sure if they have them up there). I also got a pair of Nike capri sweats (for lack of a better term) that are super comfortable right now. You might try Lucy.com. They sometimes have some good sales on their yoga clothes that are fairly reasonable. I lived in yoga pants with DS - of course I was also teaching yoga at the high school where I worked -- but so comfy! Good luck!


just remembered online try to Zulily/Totsy/Planet Gear type sites. They often have some good deals on clothes.

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how is everyone doing?


I'm doing good. I've felt less sick and tired lately. We are in the process of buying a house, trying to decide whether to homeschool for this school year, and oh, yeah, I'm pregnant, so I'm a little stressed with all the change in my life, but things are mostly good.


still in the midst of queasiness?


I'm 10 weeks, and this week it got a lot better.


is anyone showing yet?


No, but as a fluffy mama I probably will just look fluffy for a while.


has anyone told yet?


I'm waiting to hear the heartbeat, move, and decide whether to homeschool (and if I choose to homeschool, wait until my parents stop freaking out)


how are partners adjusting?


My partner shows more interest in the baby once the baby comes, but he's never had much interest in my pregnancies.


summer plans?


Moving, working on the house, maybe pulling together some ideas for homeschooling for my eldest's kindy year.


heard the heartbeat yet?

I haven't had an appointment yet. I have a midwife consult a week from today, and then I'm hoping to choose a midwife and maybe have a listen on the doppler. I generally don't like them, but oh how I'd love to know this pregnancy will likely stick.


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@Cocoanib and Maydaymom10


Thanks guys, I will check out those options... I am sure it is just my pickiness that is the real issue. My current capris, that fit, have the flare legs and I like that look, its a little less "workout" looking so I can get away with wearing them out. To be honest, this in-between stage really stinks! I want to either fit into maternity or my regular clothes... Oy!

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how is everyone doing?   I think I'm doing pretty well... I'm 9.5 weeks... or 10... not quite sure on the dates. :) We are in Charleston, SC for a wedding, and I haven't been sleeping wonderfully, but I've been able to handle what we've been doing. My mood is OK... just the needing to pee constant;y thing is quite annoying! My dh is taking our 2 girls to a cool park under the Cooper River Bridge, and it just started to storm, but I did need a break so oh well... :P


still in the midst of queasiness?  It got bad for a bit last week, just violent, and now it seems to have settled back down again. I think someone else posted about protein not agreeing, and needing more carbs. that has sadly been my experience, but I hope that my aversions and carb cravings can be overcome in the near future.


is anyone showing yet? I am not showing, but my pants and such are getting uncomfortable. I just look even chubbier.


has anyone told yet?   Well, I have told all my friends, and I told one of my SIL's a few weeks ago... my dh's mom/my SIL's mom is in treatment for stage IV lymphoma, but she was able to come to her son's wedding this weekend, and we spent the day with her on Friday... we were able to tell her then, I think she's really happy. Then my other SIL overheard. So most of dh's family knows at this point, I believe. I haven't told my family yet, and haven't anyone who isn't a close friend.


how are partners adjusting?  Sometimes when our 8 & 6 yo are causing us fits, we both think we are nuts. But on the whole our family is excited about welcoming a new baby... the oldest wants a brother, the youngest wants a girl. I don't know what dh wants...


summer plans?  It's almost over for us, we have to start homeschool again soon! Just the pool etc when we get back.


heard the heartbeat yet? Yes, I heard it at 8 weeks 1 day, it was 167, saw via ultrasound. Since I had a recent loss, that was very reassuring. I will probably get a peak again on Wednesday, will have a full exam then.

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how is everyone doing?  I am doing ok... Really struggling with nausea and exhaustion.  I am having a hard time lifting a finger to do ANYTHING! I feel soo lazy... Taking little breaks throughout the day helps.  Also, I am getting nervous because of my past losses... I just wish I could see the future and know if this turns out ok in the end.


still in the midst of queasiness?  Super queasy here.  Nothing really looks appetizing at all...  Today, I was able to eat a sandwich, so I considered myself lucky. :)


is anyone showing yet? A bit fuller around the middle.  But it just looks like flub I think. If you didn't know me, you'd have no idea.


has anyone told yet? Told my mom and sisters and DH mom and siblings and a few friends.  Keeping it a secret from the masses until I am 3/4 months, I think.


how are partners adjusting? DH is thrilled.  We'd like a big family, so with DD2 well over 2yo, it's about time!!!


summer plans? July and August are our super busy months.  I am beat from the constant busy-ness, but having fun along the way.


heard the heartbeat yet? Yes.  Heard it at 6 weeks, 5 days at an appointment that I thought would be telling me I was having a miscarriage since I was bleeding...  So, I was happy to see a heartbeat.  The relief didn't last long, though, as I am still nervous every time I see blood that things are ending.  Trying to remain optimistic...

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how is everyone doing? Fine, overall. Life has been crazy. In the last month, I quit my full time job, found out we were pregnant, fired the whole staff at my business, closed for 10 days, hired a whole new staff, found a potential business partner, then reopened... Only to have everything collapse. I closed the business permanently yesterday. So I went from two full time commitments to zero in just about a month. I'm feeling like I just jumped off a cliff, but on the bright side- I've been exhausted and I'm looking forward to having some time to rest.

still in the midst of queasiness? Its getting much better! Which is so nice because I really was feeling icky around the clock. Now I'm only nauseous at certain foods...

is anyone showing yet? I think I have a little bump, but nobody else would really notice.

has anyone told yet? We told our immediate families last week after we had an ultrasound. That's all so far. We haven't told my 6 year old stepdaughter yet just because we want to wait as long as possible for her mom to find out.

how are partners adjusting? DH is excited for sure! The ultrasound definitely made it more real for both of us. He spoils me all the time with footrubs, and even more when I'm pregnant. Hes also taken over a lot more with our 14 mo old at bedtime, as nursing her has been pretty painful for me lately. Thankfully she falls asleep in the ergo for him. I'm happily resting more and enjoying his help!

summer plans? Well, I'm finding my schedule is suddenly free and clear! I think the only plan I'm interested in committing to will be napping during my DDs naps!

heard the heartbeat yet? Yes, last week. I have a history of ectopic pregnancy, so I needed an early ultrasound. It was a relief to confirm that baby is indeed in the correct location!!
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how is everyone doing?  doing well!  Went to the Cape for the day yesterday and got to see my bestie from my son's online birth club.  My mom is having some trouble and scaring us a bit.  This last round of radiation burned her throat and she is having trouble swallowing.  My DH is so good to her, he's standing next to me in the kitchen making her mashed potatoes so she can eat something.  She's wearing a holter monitor for the next 24 hrs to see if her heart and bloodflow is ok.  She saw a neurologist and looks like there's some evidence of a small stroke, though mom shows no lingering effects.  Big set of scans this Thursday where we find out if the treatment is working or not, and her last chemo session before our trip


still in the midst of queasiness? it comes and goes, I am only 6.5 weeks and I want it to stay and to feel gross.  Please!  


is anyone showing yet?  Yes I have a bump, I hope this doesn't mean I will grow a FUPA later


has anyone told yet? Yes, close friends and family know except for MIL.  DH is now going to tell MIL but their relationship is so strained, he's going to wait for the right time


how are partners adjusting?  he's doing better.  He's such a focused guy that he can't deal with too much in his head, so once we get past his finals for school and our trip, he'll be much more into it.  It was nice seeing him be happy with today's good news


summer plans?  we leave in 19days for an 8 night disney cruise with my parents, DH and the little guy.  Cannot wait!!!!


heard the heartbeat yet?  no but saw it flickering away today.  I had an US this morning, I wanted to hold out longer but my nerves got the best of me and I needed to see for myself.  HB was 118 and measured right on track at 6w4d

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how is everyone doing? Mostly good, but feeling very tired and nauseous and just don't have the energy to be overly excited yet. This baby is a happy surprise, but not at all planned which is ok, but a bit stunning...I ovulated really late! I know the second trimester will be exciting, but for now I just feels like a nauseous  hurry up and wait pause in life.


still in the midst of queasiness? Yes, very queasy all the time. I haven't been sick yet, but I am constantly feeling nauseous and everything looks dirty or smells horrible and makes me feel like running away. I thought my bathroom looked like a scene from trainspotting this morning, even though the reality is that we cleaned it this week so it's not that dirty...but everything is just too gross to stomach.


is anyone showing yet? not yet,but only 6 weeks here.


has anyone told yet? only a few close friends, but not family yet..and not for public knowledge!(except for the entire online population who cares to know)


how are partners adjusting? He's been excited and supportive and happy all along. He's adjusting just fine!


summer plans? our vacation is over, in fact it's where we conceived.


heard the heartbeat yet? Not yet. Only have my first appointment at 13 weeks, so it will be a while.

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how is everyone doing?

Pretty well, some lovely bloating, but otherwise felling good.


still in the midst of queasiness?

Nope, haven't really had much, didn't with my DS either.


is anyone showing yet?

I'm going with no, but the bloating is making clothes less than flattering.


has anyone told yet?

Just my bf, otherwise waiting until 10-12 weeks.  


how are partners adjusting?

DP is excited, and enjoying my 'enhanced' bust


summer plans?

Camping trip in September. But mostly maintaining the garden, enjoying the heat.


heard the heartbeat yet?

No, but I haven't had an appointment yet, and last time I didn't hear the HB until 13 weeks at my first u/s.



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