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homebirth midwife dilemma

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ok so I am planning a homebirth vbac and there are limited midwives in my area and none are recognized by the state... currently they are only dem and a couple cpm's.... my issue is I am a vbac so I wanted someone really experienced but also with little intervention... my first choice is out due to not accepting new clients... one of the cpm's did not seem to be a good fit for me because of a high transfer rate and my history of post dates.. so I am left with two other options basically.... one midwife has a lot of experience and the other not as much.... but recently I heard a negative comment about the midwife we are interviewing basically saying she didn't take one her clients seriously and missed the birth... so I am pretty nervous now but I feel like I am in such a bad place ... I want a midwife with a lot of births under her belt but obviously I want her to take ME seriously when I am in labor.... maybe there is more to the story as well but how am I to know ? I am meeting with the midwife in a week or so are there any questions I could ask to find out more about this type of situation (obviously not the specific situation) and how can I trust her answers... thanks for any advice

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just fyi I am open to the other midwife as well but just wish she had attended more births since I am not exactly low risk but at this point I am not sure if she is free or not so I would have to check if the meeting doesnt go well with the midwife we are interviewing in a couple weeks... thanks!

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Ask the midwife for her informed consent document and ask questions about anything you question. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what you've heard. Don't name names, but bring up your concerns. You are going to have to follow your gut on how you feel about her answers.

Anyone can miss a birth, and miscommunication can always happen between midwife and client. Tell her what you want from her, as far as how early she comes in labor and so on. Ask her what she considers danger signs in a VBAC labor and see if her answers line up with the research you've done.

Sometimes a less experienced midwife with a lower client load is a better fit because she has more time to spend with you. You really have to follow your instincts. Open communication is also really important.

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Midwife dilemma,

Every midwife who has practiced long enough has missed a birth because it went fast. In fact sometimes information that is given over the phone about a mothers labor can be misleading.labors can shift fast for some mothers and travel time for a midwife factors in. Some mothers have had long lengthy labors prior to this, then this birth goes fast. I would just ask all midwives to consult with if they will come over when you feel you need them. If you want your midwife there early in your labor for reassurance then make it perfectly clear during your consultation and upon registration. It is important to understand that midwives do get all types of parents with different wishes. Some want hands off births with little to none assistance while others want support and guidance every step. You will be fine stating your wishes.

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thanks for the advice we will question her not specifically and see what she says and Ill update on how it goes...

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