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Please move me to 2WW.  I had a positive OPK Monday night and felt O pain yesterday morning.  So I guess I'm 1DPO now. 


Hoping to see some BFPs when you guys test tomorrow!  Good luck!

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I can be moved to the 2WW too. Fertily Friend gave me cross hairs for Sunday, so I'm 3DPO. I do kind of like that I already have a few days of wait over before I even know for sure that I'm in that 2ww. My temp jump isn't as high as it used to be so it doesn't slap me in the face that I have ovulated when the jump happens.


Looking forward to those BFPs tomorrow.


Jr'smom, here's hoping we get BFP together in 2 weeks time. It'll be just in time for DS2's first birthday on September 7.

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Bfn. I'm very surprised, but I'm coninced it's too early

I've literally walked to the bathroom multiple times expecting to see AF, but nothing. I'm planning on testing again next Tuesday, Monday is the real end of my TWW...14 dpo.
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So sorry for the BFN Blonhrt88. Maybe its just too early. Its not over until AF shows.

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Yes I know. Sadly I cannot even count on that, because I haven't seen her in over two years!

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Originally Posted by Blonhrt88 View Post



Yes I know. Sadly I cannot even count on that, because I haven't seen her in over two years!


Are you still waiting on your first PPAF?


AFM this cycle is the closest to my normal cycle yet. I ovulated on CD16 and my temps have risen steadily since so that this morning I've had my highest temp since starting to chart 3 cycles ago. I used to be ultra predictable with a 27.5 day cycle and O on CD14 with fertile CM starting on CD10 and EWCM for the day before and day of O. This is the first cycle I've had more than just a few hours of EWCM, it actually lasted for a day and a half this time. DS2 is also nursing a lot less frequently. He isn't all that interested in getting it from me and prefers if I express and put it in a straw cup so he doesn't have to stop playing, and it flows faster in the cup. I miss snuggling with him for nursing, but I know he is just itching to be following his older brother around too.

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Originally Posted by Lynann View Post

Jr'smom, here's hoping we get BFP together in 2 weeks time. It'll be just in time for DS2's first birthday on September 7.


Sounds good!  thumb.gif

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Lynann....yes. Still waiting.
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Hi everyone,


I didn't get a chance to post yesterday....


So...my dream wasn't totally off and I got my BFP yesterday!!!  DH is happily surprised, as am I.  Also good to know that my fatigue and nausea haven't all been in my head as I've been trying to convince myself.


Please don't move me quite yet, I'll be checking in for a few weeks and am cautiously optomistic in these early weeks.


Please everyone send me vibes for a sticky bean and Blonhrt, I hope you get your BFP next week.  Same to jr'smom and Lynann, hope you have a BFP at the end of your TWW.

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Congrats, nstewart!!


I hope to be joining you in two-ish weeks. I have really high hopes for this cycle because I just feel really hopeful about a May/June babe. I think it seems like the perfect time to have a new baby. 

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Stick baby stick!

Congrats and wish me luck too! I had a feeling about you cause you didn't post!
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Congratulations nstewart. praying for a healthy sticky growing bean.


I don't know why but I feel like next month is going to be IT for me. This cycle isn't out by any means, and is actually the most positive one so far as far as fertility signs go, and our timing is perfect this cycle too, but..... it just feels like it'll be next cycle. I'm currently 5dpo so nothing to really report. I do have some lower back ache this month, but its way too early for it to have anything to do with babies.


Blonhrt88 fx'd for your BFP with that first postpartum ovulation.


MyName when are you due to test?


I'm due to test Labor Day Weekend. Last year I was waiting for my over due baby to arrive Labor Day Weekend.

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Thanks everyone!  I'm really excited.


My EDD is May 2, my birthday is May 3rd.  And it's mine and DHs 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday, so this is a wonderful anniversary gift!


Myname, fingers crossed for you too.


Lynann, I'll hope for you this cyle, but I know last cycle I wasn't surprised/didn't feel the "this is it" feeling either.  This cycle, I just "felt" it should happen.  So if not this cycle I hope your intuition about next cycle is right.

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Congratulations, nstewart! 

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Originally Posted by Lynann View Post


MyName when are you due to test?

I haven't even O'd yet. smile.gif I'm on CD 10 so hopefully I'll ovulate right around Day 14 this cycle. I have really irregular cycles, sometimes over 40-50 days. It makes TTC hard because it takes a lot longer. You don't get nearly as many chances. Instead of only waiting 14 days to ovulate, lots of times I have to wait twice as long until day 28 or so. greensad.gif But....... I'm trying to stay positive TTC this time so I'm hoping I'll have a nice, short 28 day cycle this time resulting in a BFP!

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WOW! I got my BFP and on Mackinac Island of all places while on vaca with the family. I took one 8/23 and got a BFN but DH reminded me that it was too early. So I am due April 30, 2013 as long as this baby sticks smile.gif. Don't move me quite yet, I am still nervous since having the miscarriage in Feb.

So, the things I did different this month are stopped taking evening primrose oil, started progesterone cream 3 days post LH surge, did yoga, ate healthy (which I always do usually), and was on 2nd month of Michaels Reproductive Factors. Vitamins that I took are Rainbow Light One daily prenatal, cod liver oil, Calcium, and B complex. I am so grateful to God for this blessing, now I'm praying for a healthy full term pregnancy with a healthy baby! Sending lots of prayers to all you girls still in the wait. joy.gif
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Congratulations, Aunaturalmama!!!

I like this trend of BFPs!  Anyone else?!

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Congratulations, nstewart and aunaturalmama! 


*Not* ttc after several months of trying totally sucks... Friday I had lots of EWCF and yesterday I had really bad O pains and was just kind of like, well, clearly this is all going to come to nothing and we're wasting a perfectly good egg... I know we have reasons for waiting but it's still hard. I waited almost 2 years for DH to be ready to start ttc with DD. It's like I'm going to spend my life in that wanting-but-waiting zone, even if I'm not so sure I do definitely, definitely want one right now, I'm still used to trying for one and I'd be happy about it. Anyway, sorry to make this all about me. 

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That's hard, Erigeron, and I'm in the same place myself...so many ambivalent feelings. Yes, my family is perfect as is, but I'd really like more kids, but financially and emotionally it will be more of a drain, yada, yada...DH keeps saying I'm good to be having kids for another 10 years, but I don't want to wait 10 years, lol.
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Jumping in here! We have been sort of lazy about TTC, but I have started vitex and B6 today to try and get PPAF to show. DD1 is 17 months and I'd like to have kids close together. DD is still nursing morning, evening, and several times at night. It took us about a year to get DD1, and I'm hoping it won't take that long for baby #2. I have crazy cycles and nursing probably won't help! 


Good luck, mamas!!


Please add me to waiting for PPAF! Chart is here- http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25d85e

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