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Originally Posted by jr'smom View Post

Please move me to:


Waiting to O

5 months TTC #5, DD 15 mos.


AF arrived yesterday.  This was my shortest cycle ever...23 days.  According to my O pains, I still had a 13 to 14 day LP so that's not bad, right?  In the past I would have a very classic 28 day cycle only occasionally a day longer or shorter.  My LP has always been about 14 days.  Since I've been TTC this time around, I've had one very long cycle (suspect early miscarriage since I had very faint BFPs) and a few pretty short cycles like this one.  Why?  DD is still nursing pretty often.  I am 39 1/2...is this perimenopause?  I figure it's not really a problem to ttc if my LP is still 14 days, right?  Otherwise I would see my doctor  for progesterone cream.


Your LP sounds really good, and it doesn't sound like you need to worry about being perimenopausal. I'm only considering it because my hormones seem to be a bit all over the place.


AFM my temp went down again this morning, so it wasn't ovulation after all. I'm also pretty sure I'm not pregnant as my temps get and stay pretty high in early pregnancy (for the amount of time I've kept tracking the temps), so now I just need the nausea to go away and get back to a regular cycle with a sticky bean attached.


So for now I'm still


Waiting to O

5 months TTC # 3, DS2 11 months


My LP has been increasing and I've been taking B6 & B12 every day to help with that (on top of my regular prenatal). Last cycle it got to 10 days. Just need to get it past 12 if a sticky bean is going to have any chance of staying around.

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jr'smom - I agree that you should be just fine with a 14 day LP, even with the shorter cycles.

Lynann - While a 12 day or longer LP is ideal, most of the research shows that a 10 day LP will still support a pregnancy. Under 10 days starts to become a problem, but with a 10 day LP you do definitely have a shot at a sticky bean!
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I think that after I O it takes my temps a few days to rise; I've observed that before. I'm pretty sure I O'd a couple of days ago based on CF and ovulation pain, but I hesitate on declaring myself into the 2WW just yet because my temps are still low. CD17, time for a temp jump!

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My body is so crazy right now.  I have all the signs of O, EWCM, HSO,ovary discomfort and even got a almost pos. OPK yesterday but even after testing 5 times yesterday it never got as dark as the control and is now about /12 the color this morning. I have been having the almost ready to O signs for almost a week now and this morning CM has dried up. I don't know whether to just keep testing or give up this cycle and hope my first PPAF arrives.  If I go by the tiny bit of spotting I had a few weeks ago I would be on CD20. I just want to finally have my cycles back.

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I never thought that nursing might be affecting my cycle length. Duh!! That probably explains a lot smile.gif
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Well AF has arrived and temps are falling so I guess there won't be an April baby for me. :/

It looks like my LP was only 7 or 9 days though. I have been taking b complex vitamin for months now. Should I also be taking a b6? Any other suggestions on how to lengthen LP?

Please move me to waiting to ovulate 2 months ttc ds 10 months thank you

I hope you all have more luck!
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Hello all, I am new to this thread but love all of the support and guidance you guys give! I am TTC #2- I am 35, hubby is 43 years old, NHD is 24 months, then had m/c at 13 weeks 2/14/12. I am still bf'ing, about 4-5 times a day and really don't want to have to wean in order to get preggo. I was having short LP's but started taking Michaels Reproductive Factors and it seems to have lengthened it. I went from 25 days cycles to 30 days last month (5 days late and 3 bfn's was brutal!). But I am optimistic. We had apps with RE last month and sperm test came up great (of course hubs is so proud!). I have been opk'ing this month only so that I can check progesterone level in late luteal phase. Hoping to get a BFP soon! Currently, I am on day 19 and my opk hasn't turned pos yet. I'm a little confused as I have just had a change in cm. I guess we'll see smile.gif
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I haven't updated in forever, but here's what's going on with me right now. I'm in the Two Week Wait, although I'm fairly certain we missed it this month. I'm liking the idea of a June baby so maybe next month. My son is 17 months now, I haven't updated since he was 12 months. I'm on my 3rd cycle PP. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety around TTC while nursing. Every month I kind of try to avoid during my fertile time. My husband is really wanting another baby and pushing to TTC, but I'm just so nervous about them being too close in age or about my supply being impacted while still nursing my DS throughout pregnancy. Sigh... I wish I didn't over-think everything. greensad.gif

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Hi everyone! We just got back home from a family wedding/vacation, so I've been out of the loop and it seems like I missed a lot of action on the thread!

As far as the discussion of LPs and cycle lengths, I was recently skimming TCOYF, and it said that if your LP is an adequate length (10-14), then ovulating earlier in your cycle, and so having shorter cycles is actually somewhat beneficial for TTC. The reason for this is that in 365 days, a woman with a 24 day cycle will have more chances to TTC than a woman whose cycle is 30 days or longer. I hadn't thought of it like that, but makes sense.


MyName, I can sympathize with the unintentional avoidance. I think I've been doing that a bit myself, and I get frustrated with myself about it! I was worried about all the things you mentioned when my son was younger, and now it's more concerns about my husband's health. Oh well. I wish I didn't overthink things, too. =(


AFM, today I am 12DPO, and my longest LP since AF returned has been 10 days, so this is good. Unfortunately, I took a test this morning and it was definitely negative. Still a little hopeful of course, but expecting AF soon...

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I think I can be moved to 2WW. It's hard to see the difference between highs and lows on my chart lately. irked.gif But I don't think I've ever hit a 97.0 pre-O and that was my temp this morning. (My temps run LOW. I'm pretty sure I'm not hypothyroid because I have no other symptoms.) And I had my Peak Day with O pain like 5 or 6 days ago. I wonder if my progesterone levels are low (affected by nursing?) and if that could be impacting my odds of conceiving. Even though a baby this cycle or next would be perfectly timed, I guess I'm okay if it doesn't happen now, both because DD still nurses all. the. time and I'm reluctant to take that from her as might happen if my milk dries up, and because of the million things involved in buying the house and do I really want to be 1st trimester crappy-feeling and trying to do this stuff?

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So I finally got a positive for my opk.... CD 21!!! Wow, that seems late to me. Now I'm worrying about a super short LP and potentially low progesterone. Last month I felt like my body was trying so hard to get pregnant, but at 30 days (5 days later than my usualy cycle i started af). I have progesterone cream that I was thinking about using during LP this time. I read that after pos opk you should wait 2 days then start applying the cream. Anyone else read about or tried prog cream? How about acupuncture, anyone try that and when do you do it?

So, now I'm in the 2WW, again. Feels like I've been trying forever. Our baby #2 whom I miscarried in Feb was due Aug 23..... weird to think that I could potentially find out that I'm preggo on that day (which will be CD 31 for me). Bittersweet, but through this journey I am reminded of God's perfect timing. Last month the 2 friends of mine that I was praying for to get preggo both got pregnant, hoping my prayers are answered for me soon too joy.gif. Sending prayers and sticky baby dust to all of you!
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FF gave me crosshairs this morning and tells me I'm 3dpo. Hopefully they don't disappear tomorrow! This will be my second PPAF if she shows. I'm on CD43 or something like that.
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Lots of ladies in the two week wait!! I have my fingers crossed for all of you! dust.gif
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Hi! First baby is 15 months now, and we are still waiting for AF to return. Breastfeeding is still a veeeeeeery fun activity for us but hopefully we will be able to catch that first egg!

TTC since 12 months pp.

First baby was conceived in August, late August. Would love to have another pregnancy during the same season. I would prefer not to have a June or later baby, may is my personal cut off for heat tolerance during pregnancy LOL. this was speaking from a pregnancy in north Florida, now we are at the southern most tip so we would LOVE a may baby lol...
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Well, AF showed up today, so I'm back to waiting to O. =( At least I had a 12 day LP, instead of my usual 10 days. Of course, that got my hopes up a bit more, too. Oh well, on to the next month! My birthday's in September, so maybe that will be my month!


Hope some of you other ladies get August BFPs!

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I'm sorry, Heather. greensad.gif

I've been waiting to get my crosshairs and now that I have them (especially since FF changed them from solid to dashed in the span of two hours for no known reason), I wake up everyday now afraid to take my temp for fear FF takes away my crosshairs.
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I just want to comment about what a nice group this is.  Everyone is so kind, supportive, and wise.  Thanks!


I've still got a few days before I will potentially ovulate again.  I'm just kind of down about how long it is taking me to conceive.  It hasn't been terribly long (5 months); and I know others struggle for a very long time and some don't ever conceive; so I should just be happy that I eventually usually do.  I'm just wondering...how many months TTC before you start to get frustrated with the process?  For me, I'd say it's 5 months. 

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So FF had me 5dpo today (Yay!) but, um, I just checked because it felt a little wet down there and AF is here. WTF? Oh well, right? Maybe I'm meant to have another May long weekend baby and will catch the next egg. I think I can be taken out of the 2ww list. greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by NewMama2BBBoy View Post

Well AF has arrived and temps are falling so I guess there won't be an April baby for me. :/
It looks like my LP was only 7 or 9 days though. I have been taking b complex vitamin for months now. Should I also be taking a b6? Any other suggestions on how to lengthen LP?
Please move me to waiting to ovulate 2 months ttc ds 10 months thank you
I hope you all have more luck!


Sorry if it has not worked this month. :(  I You don't need to take extra B6 if you take B complex (it should already contain B6). Too much B6 isn't good either. You could also try Vitex, you would just start taking it from the suspected ovulation to your period (if you don't get preggo obviously). 

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