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No-vax Friendly Docs in Sioux Falls?

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We are looking to move to Sioux Falls and I'm trying to figure out whether we'll be able to find a doctor for our kids. We don't vax. We had planned on vaxing on a limited basis but I have one child who is very high functioning ASD and another with Celiac so at this point vaccines aren't happening.


Are there any doctors in SF who would take us as patients? I'm shopping for insurance (we're self-employed) and if there is a doctor option I want to be sure they are on the plan we choose.


ETA: One more question (rather than start a new thread). What is the breastfeeding climate there? Around here I can breastfeed anywhere without any sort of harassment (it's rare for a business to not be accomodating and when it happens it makes the news, there's a protest, etc.). I'm pretty modest about it but I don't cover up with a blanket or anything. Am I going to run into problems?

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We have a thread going in the Vaccinations forum for Vaccine Flexible Docs. Check that. thumb.gif

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We live just outside of Sioux Falls.  I take the kids to Dr. Patricia Peters from Avera McGreevy Clinc.  She hasn't given us any problems about not vaxing and I'm going to her because of a recommendation from another mom who doesn't vax.  She's been good about other things, too, like not retracting an intact boy and being okay with us refusing antibiotics. 


My sister and I have both breastfed in public in Sioux Falls and not had any problems.  I've only really heard of one instance of harassment in Sioux Falls in the last 5 years or so.  There was a dust up about it and I'm not sure if the place finally apologized or not.  Sioux Falls is very mainstream, but also very polite.  I think that most of the reason there isn't much problem with nursing in public is that anyone who might not like it is too polite to make a scene. 


There's a nice cloth diaper store in Sioux Falls that sells nursing bras and baby carriers and such.  It also hosts La Leche meetings.  http://www.elegantmommy.com/

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Thanks Mama! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your response. I was starting to worry there might not be hope for a doc there. Even here where TONS of people don't vax, there's only a couple of docs who *might* see our kids. It's frustrating :(


This info is so helpful. Off to research which insurance companies cover how :)

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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post

We have a thread going in the Vaccinations forum for Vaccine Flexible Docs. Check that. thumb.gif

can you provide the link?  I looked through those forums and it didn't catch my eye.

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