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You're doing great Kirsten.  I'm sorry this is such a difficult situation, I can't even imagine what it must be like.  You seem to be navigating it so well, thanks for the  update!   hug2.gif

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I hope it all works out for you guys, Kirsten. hug2.gif

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Oh, Kirsten, I'm so sorry you're having to go through that. That must be really hard. I hope for everyone's sake there isn't something sinister going on... but I'm glad to hear the boy will be getting counseling. 


Hugs and keep us posted.

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I'm back home from my trip to Michigan! Sora and I had so much fun! orngbiggrin.gif My parents and grandma really bonded with the baby and loved spending every day with her. Sora has really blossomed into a social butterfly and was incredibly well-behaved the whole time. She took the 7-hour drive in stride. My grandma's house isn't baby-proofed at all, and she has little knick-knacks everywhere, so I was a little nervous going into it... but then Sora was surprisingly gentle, and she even avoided most of the things we asked her not to touch. It was kind of crazy that she seemed to understand us and take instruction based on the tone of voice we used. I didn't think it was possible at this age? She completely understands her name, that's for sure. If we ask her questions and pretend to engage in conversation with her, she babbles back at us. She just seems like she knows what we're saying. And then, get this --- she said some new words. I still can't believe it. Yesterday on the drive back home, we were at a rest stop for a stretch and a woman walked by me and Sora with a dog. I said to Sora, "Look, Sora! A puppy! Look at the puppy!" She looked at the dog in awe and clearly and slowly said, "Puppy?" My jaw dropped. I tried getting her to say it again but she wouldn't. lol.gif She also said "baby" a few times on the trip and would mimic us if we said it.


Oh, and the best part? As if her new laid back and social temperament weren't enough to be excited about, her bedtime has become so easy in contrast to how it used to be. She now falls asleep on her own in bed with me and then I transfer her to her crib. Sometimes she'll nurse or take a bottle and fall asleep during, but mostly she crawls around and uses the pillows as bumpers and tuckers herself out before lying next to me and falling asleep. So so cute. luxlove.gif

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Kirsten, I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't know much.  We had worries a while back about a kid. He was closely supervised and the behaviors stopped (but nothing as huge as what you're describing). I hope it gets sorted out quickly and everyone is safe.


Joanie, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying this stage.  Very cool about the talking and sleeping!

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That's so great all around, Joanie!  Avalon's first word was also baby, also around 9 months.  It was her first sign, too.  But she didn't learn any more for several months and then had spurts of learning here and there.  We think Avery is saying "up" when he wants to be picked up, but it's hard to tell still.

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Thanks! smile.gif I really am enjoying this stage.... SO much. I've found myself hugging Sora tight lately and thinking about how I don't want her to grow up too fast. Heck, she's almost a year old already. It's crazy how fast they grow up. greensad.gif

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Prayer/thought/awesome vibe request: 


My cousin is in the hospital right now giving birth to her sweet baby boy 2 months early at 32 weeks.  She went through hell to get pregnant and is now having a lot of complications.  Any prayers and thoughts are really welcomed. 


Im feeling so, so sad for her right now.

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goodvibes.gif to your cousin Ash!

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Oh, Ash... I feel for your cousin. I hope everything goes as well as it can. I know you'll be a great support for her as you were for me. grouphug.gif

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goodvibes.gif to your cousin, Ash

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Sending love to your family, Ash.
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Thanks guys.  The baby was born about 3 hours ago, and so far is doing amazingly for a 32 weeker.  He is breathing completely on his own, and even weighs a whopping 5 pounds.

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That's great! I'm glad he's doing okay! A friend recently had her son at almost 37 weeks and he weighed less than 5 lbs.

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joy.gif Yay, such great news, Ash!

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That's wonderful, Ash! I feel for her! I had Conner two weeks early and was far from ready, LOL. I hope she had all of her ducks in a row!

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Has anybody here been on an airplane with a baby on your lap, and if so, how did it go? We're possibly planning a trip to Cancun with some family in October and we're thinking of flying from Milwaukee to Baltimore, staying a night there to visit DH's parents, and then flying down to Cancun from there. I think each flight will then be broken into 1-2 hour segments instead of the otherwise more expensive 3-1/2 hour direct flight. Sora did great during the 7-hour drive to and from Michigan, so I have more confidence in her traveling well by plane. I'm just very nervous about having her in a confined space like that with a ton of people around, though... How do you keep a baby occupied in such a small space with hardly any freedom to walk around? I have massive anxiety about her crying around other people. I always have, even if it's just one person or 100 people. Hmm.

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I have flown with a lap child on 6 trips, I think.  A combined 15 different airplanes. :-)  My oldest was 7 months old his first flight, and 2 years old on his last.  He did so awesome every single time. Breastfeeding on the ascent and descent are key.  Sitting near the engine is helpful because it's white noise.  Bring extra diapers and wipes, toys and snacks.  Bring new toys that she has never seen before.  Nurse her if she cries.  It will be way better than you think it will be, promise.  It's a piece of cake.  

My son is a pretty mild kid, but we have heard "Oh wow I didn't even know there was a baby in that seat" so many times from people seated behind or in front of us.  There are lots of tricks, I'm sure other moms have some great ideas as well!  Airplanes are pretty exciting for babies.  Tray tables!  Arm rests!  People to smile and coo at!  It's all very exciting.


We flew with my little guy last month and it went great. I wore him in the airport and nursed on takeoff and landing. The noise of the plane helped him sleep through most of the flights.

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