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Cool babywearing advice

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DS2 is 6wks and approaching 10lbs. The stretchy wrap is beginning to sag, so I've been using the conversion mei tai and woven wrap. However, I am so hot! I really like to use the wrap when I'm somewhere where I want to be really discreet about nursing, but then of course me and DS2 break out w/heat rash. I am wondering could I pick up some cotton gauze and DIY a carrier for the rest of the hot season? I just can't do ring slings, ergo, etc. b/c of back and neck problems. my concern is that the cotton gauze might create pressure points? i love wrapping but i'm new to this aspect of babywearing, maybe i need a cooler way to carry him? help!

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oh yah would love info on this too. 95 deg and she wants in moby.

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I tried a DIY gauze wrap that someone made for me and it did cause pressure points that were uncomfortable. I got a gypsy mama bali breeze and totally loved it. It is really lightweight, woven with support enough for a big baby and back carries but has a little give also. My DD liked the Moby too but I could not stand it after it got hot outside!
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If you can find bottomweight gauze, go for it.  It would likely be more cost effective to purchase a Bali Baby Breeze.  Bottomweight gauze is often a special order for many chain fabric stores--depends on what you have in your neck of the woods.  It's heavier than the inexpensive lightweight gauze.


I do sometimes notice pressure points with the BBB, but only if I've wrapped poorly.  It's an easy fix.


I'm also carrying DD froggied in the Ergo now.  

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Thanks M2Mom & Jocelyndale. :)


I bought a gauze that seems a bit heavier, but not much, than my broomstick skirt. It is very cool but I haven't used it yet b/c I am looking for a new carry. :) Using my conversion mei-tai which is cool in the design but the woven fabric is a bit warm. Very practical, though.


Any faves for carries right now w/ a 12+lb baby?

Looking for a good one w/my lightweight gauze wrap....

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Im using an SSC but I would surely love to get info's in this post,. planning to use wrap for my second. And we also have a very hot climate here. ROTFLMAO.gif

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