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Gift for Midwife?

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Do you get gifts for your midwives?  If so, do you mind sharing any special, creative, meaningful ideas?  What do you get for someone so special? 

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As a midwifery student, it was pretty rare that the midwives I worked with were given gifts.  I think what they did really appreciate was occasional updates on baby and the rest of the family.  It can feel like a bummer to be so involved for many months and then not, so birthday and other updates (with pictures!) were really treasured. 

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I know, a gift almost seems strange...impossible to thank such a special person for such incredible care with a small token.  I am thinking of maybe making a donation in her name to an organization that supports midwives internationally...she would appreciate that much more than a material gift...

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I have always given my midwife a thank you gift. This time we gave our midwife a new baby weighing sling that is made from the same fabric one of DD's wraps is made of (I beautiful deep purple gauze) we also gave her a gift certificate to a water spa so she can go and relax for a few hours (one of the spas rules is no pagers/cell phones :) ) We gave her a cute card that my DH wrote something beautiful in about how much we appreciate her and we gave her a picture of DD. She was very happy and touched to get the gift.  

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I am making my midwives each a leather handbag (but that is something I love making).  I love the idea of the spa- but I know that my midwives would never ever go without their cells- even four a couple hours.

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