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If your baby is breastfeeding on demand, don't put too much pressure on yourself (or your babe) to eat much for solids before a year old. Some babes do, but most don't, and they get all the calories and fats they need from your milk.

The only thing that DS would really 'eat' at that age was frozen stuff in a mesh feeder. He would eat a bit of food in his highchair but not much. But frozen foods in a mesh feeder really helped his teething. Frozen avocado worked really well and provided a bit of extra fat.
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Hen my daughter was about five months, she began mooching. She wanted our food.
When gave her a utensil n so etimes that was it, but most times, shed throw it to the ground and reach again for our food. We started just putting her in the high chair and giving her tiny pieces of food.

She is now almost nine months and eats many things even older kids dont like. Shes always refused baby foods and even baby food brands with the exceptioon of freeze dried yogurt and fruit. Her favorite foods are oysters, sushi, chevre, guacamole with garlic, roasted fish, yogurt and butternut squash.

She still nurses about seven times during the day and all night combined with eating three meals and snacks during the day. She also drinks a few things in a sippy- mega green, vita juice and morning blend. Of course, water.
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