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HBAC info?

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Hey all.  I'm looking for info for HBAC prenatal care.  I realize names can't/shouldn't be mentioned, so I'm hoping some of you might feel comfortable PMing me info?  I'm newly pregnant, newly moved back Stateside from Italy, and had a very, very traumatic birth with my daughter almost 3 years ago, so I'm pretty sure the moment I set foot into a hospital setting to give birth I'm going to have a full-on meltdown.  If possible, I would like to find someone who will do an HBAC in Maryland, even unofficially, but short of that, I'm looking for someone to give prenatal care *only* that is comfortable with using a fetoscope and other ~crunchy~ type care- I'm very, very strongly considering going to Indiana for my actual birth, and that instinct is increasing the more I find out about the birth environment here. :( However, I'd still need to find someone willing to do the bulk of the prenatal care here and share information with the Indiana midwife. 

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hello! Where in Maryland are you?

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I'm in Catonsville. :) I don't mind traveling a bit for prenatals, though we only have one car, so for example, going to WV for prenatals is probably too far.

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I don't know too much about that area of Maryland, but if your plan is to give birth elsewhere and just have prenatal care here, I'm thinking it would be easier to find a midwife solely for prenatal care. My advice would be just to start emailing and calling everyone on this list: http://www.birthoptionsalliance.org/midwives.html. If a midwife says she's unavailable/unwilling, ask her who she would recommend.


Good luck! stillheart.gif

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Thank you! That's a great list. :) I'm still hoping to find someone who would HBAC here... but if not the plan is to go to my Mom's. :)

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Just PM'ed you, let me know if it works out!

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Gena, it's not letting me message you back for some reason, but I got it and plan to call today! Thank you so much, and I'll definitely let you know how it plays out. :)

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Sounds good, best wishes!

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Hi all! I just started my own thread but thought it might be better to piggyback off of this one, I am also looking for an HBAC friendly mw, if any of you lovely ladies could please help out I would be so greatfull. Thank you!
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If you're just looking for prenatal care, why not look into one of our hospital birth midwives? I went to Kathy Sloan after a MC and found her office to be very un-hospital like (much more so even than one of our prominent HB midwifes office!). 


Sorry, I see that you found someone -- great! 

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