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Hello to all !

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Hi everyone !


I am very interested by this forum, as I am learning more and more about homeschooling and unschooling philosophies. Im not yet a mother (trying to conceive our first child one right now, month number 3 is almost over ... should know in a few days if Im pregnant already or not yet :)


I have been interested in what is seen as "alternative" parenting (cosleeping, child led weaning, diaper free, etc.) since I became an aunt a few years ago. My sister is a great inspiration in my life, as is our mother, and they got me interested on the subject of natural parenting. I have always been very interested in natural, healthy and simple living, and of course I hope that these values will help me become the best mother I possibly can be !


Cant wait to read the forums more and to learn from you all !

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Welcome to MDC!  You might want to check out our Trying to Concieve forum and our Learning at Home and Beyond forums. 

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