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18 and ttc weight : 200 lbs

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Hi ladies, my name is chelsea this is my tenth month ttc i am currently at 3dpo wich is kind of exciting just hopefully i get bfp when i test im actually planning on testing on 10dpo. Please give me tips on getting pregnant send me goodluck send me something as i am new here also my weight is 200
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Good luck to you and welcome! I will disclaim this by saying that I was very lucky to get pregnant pretty quickly, so my advice is probably not worth much. However, what we did the month we conceived was to chart my temps (I had been doing this for a while anyway) and have sex for the 3 days leading up to expected date of ovulation, and the morning of the day I saw the temp spike. (It might have been 4 days before, but I think we skipped a day in there too... anyway, you get the idea.) We used Preseed lubricant and I put in an Instead cup for about 12 hours after sex each day to hold the semen up near my cervix. Our DD was born on the 16th of July.


I'm sure you know this already, but although there are various health conditions that can be more common in us plus-size ladies and make it more difficult to conceive, your weight alone does not mean you won't be able to get pregnant. I say this only because if you ever hear that from your doctor, it might be worth looking for a new doctor who will give you more concrete answers about your reproductive health. I find that sometimes docs like to take the easy way out and prescribe weight loss, and although that might be a good idea in certain cases, in other cases a more specific treatment is warranted. Also, once you do get pregnant, I guess my advice from personal experience would be to keep an eye on your various health indicators (blood pressure etc.), but don't stress too much about your health unless there is a reason to. There is every reason to expect that your body will handle pregnancy just fine. 


Welcome again and hopefully you will not even have time to read this post because you will be busy celebrating your BFP! orngbiggrin.gif goodvibes.gif

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good luck - i hope you don't even need our advice! but if this isn't the cycle, i want to echo what scowgirl said - chart your cycle (temps & opk's were most helpful for me) and if you get to 12 months of ttc, it's probably time to get medical help. there are tests that can help pinpoint why you aren't getting pregnant, and often medications that can help. i have PCOS and wasn't ovulating - i tried metformin and then tried clomid and got pregnant after a few cycles (i'm due on thursday!). there definitely can be weight bias from medical providers but you deserve the same kind of treatment as anyone else! it does help that you are young. 

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