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Help! Second LH surge for FIVE DAYS???

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Can anyone shed any light on my situation please?  I had a chemical pregnancy at the beginning of July (so early that AF came right on time).  I expected to O late the next cycle as I'd read that often happens.  My O'ing has been day 18-25 on average since AF returned.  I'm stil breastfeeding twice a day so that is causing irregularities too.


Anyway I was very surprised to get a positive OPK on CD14. So DH and I bd'd a lot.  The surge was very quick, by the next morning the line was almost blank again.


Then I had cm dry up, creamy, sticky etc so assumed I had O'd. 


THEN on what I thought was 7/8 dpo I noticed EWCM and I did another OPK, it was blaring positive and has been since.  I have done morning and evening tests and apart from one (which was ALMOST positive but the control line had a weird streak so dont know if it even worked properly) I've continued to get positives. 


So me and DH did it all over again, and now my cervix is hard and my cm is creamy again but i STILL have the positive OPK's.


Is this a sign of PCOS? I'm so confused.  I woke up twice feeling so sick I couldnt move and one mornign when DS had his mornign feed it bought on tremendous nausea so I thought maybe I'm pregnant but have done three HPT's and were all negative. I havent tested today because I really dont think I am pregnant and why would the opk be positive but not the hpt.


I'm mainly worried I have something untoward going on , has anyone experienced this and does anyone have any clue as to why I keep getting positive OPK's??


Monday x

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Sounds like you're pregnant to me :)


Those are precisely the symptoms I have after conceiving. What day are you on?



Look at the 10-14 dpo tests...thats about where you are right?


The other possibility is that your body failed to O the first time and now it's trying again, but still, 5 days is a long time.

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Unfortunately I just don't feel pregnant at all, no heavy uterus, cramping, twinging (had all these with last two pregnancies)  I am 12 dpo today but haven't got any hpt's and was negative at 10dpo.  If no af by 14 dpo I'll do one.  My opk this morning was slightly negative (line almost as strong as control but not quite) so maybe I have just had a marathon surge thats finally ending..  And my cm has gotten creamier again.  Oh I hope I am pregnant but I just dont think I am.  Thankyou for your reply and huge congratulations on your twins!! x

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