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Hi Ladies!

So much going on this month, I have been reading along and thinking of you all but feel at a total loss for words for what we all have to go through. There is just so much disappointment I can't wrap my head around it sometimes :(


I can't even begin to do personals but I have to say Congrats Milk!! I really hope this baby stays put in there, I will be sending all sorts of good vibes for you.


 I have tried very hard to focus on non-fertility related things such as exercise and re-establishing some relationships that I have let lapse this past year as I frequently wanted to wallow alone in my misery. I secretly hoped that shifting my focus would result in a bfp, but no such luck. AF arrived on cd 24 and has been lingering since then. My RE doesn't seem concerned about my short cycles but I can't help feel that it is not a good sign of my overall reproductive health. My cycles used to be very regularly 28 days but have gotten shorter over the past year and have been 24 days the past few cycles. Plus my flow is very light, and it kind of comes and goes instead of being a steady flow. Any thoughts??

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Milk! joy.gif
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Mdc hates me. My beta was 39. Doc said he is concerned that its so low. Frick, is it? Im 11dpo and 10 days past conception... Is it that low????? Geez why cant i catch a break!? He seemed to be preparing me for bad news.
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crashing  hide.gif


Milk, I don't know much of anything about beta levels, but this site suggests that's close to the median:



Are you going back to test again? (hugs)

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crashing - MILK!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

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Milk - I'm not an expert by any means, but at 11DPO, most people don't even get a BFP when they are good and knocked up. I know with my DD, I got a BFN at 10DPO. So, fingers crossed that all is well.
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milk - I think it's very rare for anyone to have a beta done before 14-15 dpo so I doubt your doctor knows what he's talking about when he says your beta is low, he is probably comparing you with people who are few days further along. I don't think they have very much data to say what a "normal" beta would be at the stage you are at. What is most important is how fast it goes up from now. Are you doing another beta soon? I'm really hoping that since you tested so early the prednisone will work better for you (as opposed to someone who doesn't start the stuff until AF is late). My fingers are crossed! If it's not too hard to talk about, do you mind telling us when your previous losses happened? That way I know when to stop sending you sticky vibes and start congratulating you!!! I really want this to be your take-home baby!


Bucket - have you determined whether your shorter cycles are due to an earlier ovulation or a shorter LP? I'm glad you've managed to pay more attention to non-fertility stuff for a bit, it probably helped you feel better even if it didn't get you a BFP.


AFM - yesterday my acupuncturist hooked up some electrical wire to the needles on my uterus and ovaries and then turned on the power. I was totally not expecting that! Has anyone else ever tried electro-acupuncture? I was a bit nervous at first but it ended up just being a bit of a tickling feeling, and I felt soooo relaxed after my session.

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Sourire- That is called stims and they are wonderful! I have had two different acupuncturists use them on me. Also, whoever is threadkeeper (I've lost track), please update my blurb to say RE consult on Aug. 30.

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Also, my chiropractor uses stims on me.

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Thread Starter 

Updated your blurb Deborah.

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Milk, I think your beta is fabulous, and as mentioned previously, you are above average on the betabase with 338 women reporting. Also, keep in mind, these are values from women that eventually saw a heartbeat. A good place to be! 

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Milk!!  Congratulations.  I know it's still a long way to go for you, but I hope this one is it.  I agree the beta may seem low, but you are so very early!!!  

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Milk - The answer is who knows what will actually happen. But, the number is actually great. (BTW, I'm just saying it's closer to a twin number than a singleton number. I'm just saying.... http://www.betabase.info/showBasicChart.php?type=Twin ) So, you'll get a repeat beta in a day or so? KUP
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Thanks guys blowkiss.gif

I'm wondering if the doc got me confused and mixed me up with someone on an IVF cycle?  It happened a couple of times when I was getting the draw done.  

They want me to wait a week for another draw, but that is not on, and I am going to have one tomorrow, by hell or highwater.  


I'm so sorry for high jacking the whole thread.  The thought of going to the grads thread scares the willies out of me.  I'm not going to be a grad until I have a baby in my arms, in my mind.

I feel like I need some sort of in between "limbo" place to post in the meantime so I'm not all up in everyone's faces.  I'm going to try and leave off posting here, because I don't want to rub salt in raw wounds. 


Sourire, I'm a long way off feeling like congrats are in order.  My first loss was 12.5 weeks, my second was 10, and the last three have been around the 7-7.5 mark.  

There are just too many milestones.  As much as I am obsessing over betas, I know that good betas don't mean a take home baby - just like a heartbeat doesn't mean a take home baby.

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Milk- Maybe you can start a thread? Also, I can only speak for myself, but I like seeing success stories, so stick around as long as you like.

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Milk: Congrats!!!! eeep!!! I have a friend who's first beta at 13 dpo was 42 and she was pregnant with identical twins! I think your beta is totally fine for 11 dpo. And I agree with a previous poster - with my DD, I was still getting BFNs at 12 dpo. Stick baby stick!!!! 



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So happy to see some happy news today!!! Congrats Milk!joy.gif

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I will be looking forward to your second beta tomorrow, Milk!  We needed some excitement around here from someone who has been here and connected with us.  Very encouraging!

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Sourire - Oh yeah, I've been doing electro-acupuncture (DH too) for a long time now (6 months or so?). It seems to actually stimulate ovulation for me!? Though I certainly do not agree with Deborah that it is wonderful! Now that I am used to it she has me do REALLY strong since I have such stubborn ovaries. You just have to get through the first few minutes and then everything kind of goes numb and you can relax :) I look forward to ovulating so I can have acupuncture sessions sans electro. Wait until your acupuncturist does moxi! That is my favorite and I find it really relaxing. Glad  the experience is going well! Now I hope it works for you!


Milk - I'm not a beta person but I know enough to agree with everyone else - so far so good. I'm fine with you posting here. 


Bucket - Where are things short? Are you ovulating very soon, or having a short luteal phase? If you can figure that out maybe you can ask your Dr specific q's?


AFM - see blurb.


Can you update my blurb?



SilaMarila (26) DH (29) TTC#2 since 2010. PCO/lack of ovulation and past motility/morphology issues. 4 failed Clomid (3 IUI) cycles. Calling it quits with the RE. Saving $ to begin our embryo adoption journey! Hoping to start the process Feb/March 2013. Continuing acupuncture and hoping for a miracle in the meantime.  BFPChart2.gifhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SilaMarila


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Just wanted to stop by to say I'm rooting for you, Milk! So hoping with all the changes/interventions, this is finally the one for you! Stick, baby, stick, stick, stick!

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