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Sila- That's funny because I don't like the Moxi. I know it's working because I hurt afterward, but I don't like to hurt. My acupuncturist makes sure I'm comfortable with the level of stimulation.

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Sourie: your accupuncture sounds great! That is one, and possibly the only, thing that I have not tried yet to boost fertility. I hope it sends your body whatever message it needs...

Sila: I know nothing about this path you are beginning to go down but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. like you said, maybe, hopefully, a miracle will happen between now and march and you wont have to go this way, especially as you are ovulating.

Milk: hope you are feeling good, thinking of you...

My short cycles are a result of early ovulation, my lp is 13 days pretty much every cycle. I'm thinking that ovulating on day 10 is not enough time for my lining to build up and that's why AF is so light. That is total speculation on my part, i have no idea if that could be a real problem. I have an apt with my regular obgyn next week for my annual so I will ask him his thoughts as I am not going back to my re for another cycle or two because of timing issues:(
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Updated your blurb Sila!


Milk, don't leave! I can't speak for anyone else, but I want to be able to support you through this. There's no need to jump to the grads thread right away. There's a big difference between a long time poster and someone who jumps in just to announce their BFP hug2.gif

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Fly by.  Second beta was 125, with a doubling time of 27.97 hours.  

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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

Fly by.  Second beta was 125, with a doubling time of 27.97 hours.  

Congrats Milk!! That is awesome!! Stick little one, stick!!
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milk - Thanks for being so considerate of everyone else. I can honestly say though that you posting updates here about your pregnancy doesn't upset me even the tiniest bit. I know how much you've been through already and how uncertain your situation still is. You've given the rest of us here a lot of support through some of the tough parts of our journeys, the least we can do is support you as you go through the part that is more difficult for you.

Sila - yeah the acupuncturist told me that the electricity helps stimulate ovulation. I told him I didn't want too much stimulation as I am worried about having too many follies! I think that's why he used a really low setting for me which I found kind of pleasant after I got over how weird it felt. When he first turned it on he was experimenting with the settings and I got to feel what a higher setting was like for a few seconds, it was definitely uncomfortable! What is moxi? Is that when they burn the herbs? I think my previous acupuncturist did that. Is embryo adoption easy to do where you are?

Bucket - hopefully your doctor can shed some light on how to delay your ovulation or increase your lining.

AFM - Femara is done! And since this is my last IUI, I never have to take again! Hooray for moving forward smile.gif. I did my first injection of Puregon last night. I know this is weird, but I find doing injections really exciting! The Puregon side effects are less exciting though. I woke up this morning totally nauseated.
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Sourire - Yay for being done with Femara! I hope this cycle works for you!

MIlk - That's AWESOME! Now I'm thinking more about the twins comment....

Bucket - I hope your ob can shed some light on your cycles.

Sila - I can't wait to hear more about your journey. I hope you get a free baby, but if not, I"m glad you have a way to move forward that you are comfortable with.
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driving by...


lilac - that is crap.  That woman should know better, as an adult, to speak of things that are absolutely none of her business, and obviously something that is very personal.


milk - YEAH!!!  Stick baby stick!!!

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Today I got great news for me and especially for my DH!  The fertility clinic called today, the nurse had the doctor look over our chart, and the Dr said that DH doesn't have to freeze any more sperm and that we can schedule our IVF at any time.  thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif Now just to wait for DH's educational reimbursement so we can get the IVF scheduled.  I am excited and happy!  So far so good on the rumor mill.  No student questions yet so I hope it doesn't go any further.

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Lilac! That is fabulous news! Congrats!


Back to hide.gif

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Sourie: yay for being done with femara...on to better things, or hopefully not because it would be great if this month worked but you know what I mean...

Lilac: awesome news! What a relief you must be feeling...

Afm I had a totally eerie experience that I thought only you ladies would appreciate. I came out of the bathroom this morning after going in to check my opk, which was positive on cd7 which is super early even for me. As I was walking out of the bathroom my phone rang, it was a number I didn't recognize but I picked it up anyway and said hello, a little girl said "hi mommy it's Ava" and then the line went dead. So, it was obviously a wrong number and really no big deal but the timing was so odd and it totally felt weird. I have been trying to channel my consciousness into being aware of the fertile part of my being, if that makes sense, and trying to see myself as super fertile etc. sort of sending out signs to the universe that I am ready for this baby...this is where my crazy comes in so don't judge, but it felt like maybe the universe was literally calling back to me this morning and that maybe my baby is out there waiting and making her way to me as well. Anyway, this cycle is probably a bust because who the hell ovulates this freaking early but this morning left me feeling more hope than I have in a while.

Thinking of you all and hoping the universe is hearing all of our calls...
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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post
I know this is weird, but I find doing injections really exciting! 

Yep, that's really weird.  ROTFLMAO.gif  Bummer about side effects, but I do take reassurance in the fact that things are "working", iykwim?  


Lilac - yay for happy news, and for the rumour mill keeping quiet!  I'm excited for you being so close to going ahead with the IVF.


Bucket - Uhm, yeah, eerie is right.  I'm glad that you can see nice hopeful side to it, cause I think I might have been a tad freaked out if it were me.  (Also, your username makes me think of Keeping Up Appearances everytime I see it!)  I'm not sure if any of you guys will know this show because, (just between you and me), the Aussies and Brits have a general consensus that Yanks have a terrible sense of humour.  lol.gif  Aussie and British humour is very similar I think, and of course we consider ourselves to be comedic geniuses.  


AFM:  Thanks to everyone for being understanding about my posting here.  I appreciate it so much!  I don't want to (or intend) to leave, but I also don't want to hurt feelings either.  I guess we will take it as it comes.  I will have some more beta results tomorrow sometime, and I guess we will schedule a scan for about 6ish weeks.  I'm only 4+2 today, so that feels like a lifetime away.  

I'm feeling suprisingly calm, although somewhat skittish and a tad bitchy, which I think is a result of the hormonal supplementation.  I am going to do my best to embrace some zen about this and think positive, so maybe I will sneak on over to the grads and <gasp> DDCs after all.  I think I have gotten over some of the initial shock.  

PS: everyone please keep your twin vibes to yourselves, as my stress levels and tiny half uterus cannot handle a twin pregnancy. biglaugh.gif   Healthy single babe is the aim, people!  

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Sorry about the twin thing milk. Single healthy baby vibes only being sent your way blowkiss.gif
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Milk- I also am happy to be here for you for as long as it takes (evenif that is labor&delivery) for you to be comfortable, you're always a support to us and you deserve every ounce of our support. No twin vibes here, just a single, healthy, full term, little boy or girl!
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lilac - hooray! I hope that reimbursement comes really fast!


Bucket - that reminds me of a story someone on this thread had a few months back... she got a call from BabiesRUs about her baby registry or something, and then got a BFP a few days later. I hope this call is the real thing too!


Milk - I'm totally with you on not wanting twins, even though I don't have a medical reason for it. Are you on progesterone right now? That stuff always turns me into a superbitch.


AFM - I had my first ultrasound yesterday. I had 7 follicles between 10m and 15mm (1x15, 4x13, 2x11). In my previous two Puregon cycles I had 4 follicles in those sizes at the first ultrasound. So almost twice as many this time. I blame the electro-acupuncture for this.


However I've decided not to start panicking until my second ultrasound on Monday. Last cycle only one of my 4 follicles grew between the 1st and 2nd ultrasounds so that gives me hope that the situation won't be too crazy for my IUI. The doctor told me that if I have 4 or more follicles at or above 14mm tomorrow, they will cancel me and then I have to do yet another IUI cycle before I can move on to IVF. That means if 3 of the 13mm follicles grow just 1mm, I'm out. Also I really don't want twins so lots of follicles are not good news for me! I already cancelled one IUI and it's so frustrating to have to waste a cycle. Ok I can feel myself starting to panic now, I really have to convince myself not to panic until I see the ultrasound tomorrow.


Also I'm kind of mad at my acupuncturist right now. When he mentioned stimulating my ovaries I told him I was worried about having too many follicles and he told me that wouldn't happen, HE LIED! If this cycle is cancelled it will be his fault and I will be so mad! This acupuncture thing may have been a really big mistake! I think I better go do yoga now, just writing this post has gotten me all stressed out!

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Sourire - I hope your body slows down before the next u/s. I wonder what the acupuncturist will have to say. Not cool if what he did is responsible for this. I really, really hope you get to do the IUI and it ends in a single pregnancy.

bucket - ooh! That's eerie, but I totally believe in that kind of stuff. I really hope it was a sign.

Lilac joy.gif That's such great news! I hope you get the reimbursement asap!

AFM - I've been reading Making Babies and have started to convince myself that I may have endo. I don't have terribly painful periods, but I do remember a handful of really painful ones in my past. I also started seeing a new acupuncturist, who I really liked. She diagnosed me with Spleen Qi deficiency and that often occurs in women with endo. For those of you who have it, how did it get diagnosed? I'm having a consult with the RE on Wednesday and am going to ask about it. My beta is Tuesday and I am 99% sure it's gonna be a BFN.
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Sourire- ohh please I hope your ovaries slow down! Are you still doing any puregon? Do you have any other acupuncture appts? Hope you're enjoying your yoga & that tomorrows appt shows only one or 2 progressing.

SKJ- cramps before AF starts is a big symptom, so the day before, 2 days before having period like cramps, pain during sex or bowel movements, spotting, short LP, PMS (moid swings, hot flashes, carb cravings, headaches, restless sleeping). There are more but those were all my symptoms! I hope it isn't endo for you & that your beta is a BFP surprise.

Lilac- yay for good news! When are you expecting reimbursement? So exciting!

Sila- i'm still hoping for an amazing natural preg. for you but I'm interested in the embryo adoption journey if thats where this eads. Stull thinkingof you often, it is quiet without you.

Shesaidboom- hope youre well smile.gif can you update my age to 27? Celebrated another year on Tuesday.

AFM- 8 dpo, nothing exciting here.
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Sourire - faaaarrrr out.  I can't believe you are dealing with this again!  I hope that the yoga has de-stressed you, and the next u/s will bring better news.  I'd be mad at the acupuncturist too, but lets not dwell on that.  


SKJ - My endo was diagnosed as part of the lap I had to remove my uterine horn.  It's hard to tell which of my symptoms prior to that were due to the Endo vs the horn.  I had excruciating, up in the middle of the night, days off school and work kind of periods before I had the surgery, but I'm not entirely sure that the Endo was the sole culprit.  I don't think it would hurt to ask an expert opinion though, so chatting to the RE is a good idea in my book.  Thinking good beta thoughts for you.  


Cait - Happy birthday!  Hope it was a good one!  Did you get any nice pressies?  I got some "interesting" ones for my birthday ROTFLMAO.gif  8dpo is only 2 days from 10dpo, my friend... 10 is a fave testing day for me, although I'm not above testing at 9dpo... Just sayin'.


AFM:  Got the rest of my bloods, and they are good. 


Tuesday 8:30am: 39

Thursday 7:30am: 125 (27.97 hours doubling time)

Saturday 9:00am: 434 (27.84 hours doubling time)

Monday 9:30am:  1612 (25.36 hours doubling time)


Edited:  I am choosing not to be paranoid.  Also, I have a scan booked for two weeks time, when I will be 6w4d.  

Edited by Milk8shake - 8/27/12 at 3:19pm
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toothfairy, DH has been expectign his reimbursement for about 2 months, but the company changed to some new computer system and the reimbursement keeps getting pushed back.  DH went in to talk with the person in control of the money and said he was hoping to get his reimbursement so he could pay for fall classes which start in a week.  Tomorrow is payday for him.  So we will see.


Milk, wow, yeah, the numbers are jumping up but here is to a single live birth for you!  Like my DH says to my tummy, "Just one at a time, just one at a time".


AFM, second week of teaching.  Onto great things.

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Milk - With my mc, my beta was 1200 to 1300 around 18 DPO, so not too far off from your test today. That was a singleton pregnancy. I think your numbers sound great and don't sound too much like twin numbers. There are people with betas in the 10,000s at a similar DPO as you, so there is a HUGE range of normal. To my un-expert mind, it sounds like a great singleton pregnancy so far! I hope it continues uneventfully. When is your first u/s?

Lilac - fingers crossed that the reimbursement shows up tomorrow!!
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