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Sila - sorry your AF sucked so much. It's like being kicked when you're already down... just the fact that you're not pregnant is depressing enough, and then AF shows up and makes your life a living hell on top of that... and all the while you're thinking to yourself "I shouldn't even have an AF right now!!!". hug2.gif The donor embryo thing sounds interesting. What drew you to that particular route?


SKJ - no this type of stuff going on with my cycle is not normal, though I do often have wonky stuff happen on my first cycle off meds but the next cycle is usually better... next cycle I'll be back on meds though so I wonder if 1 cycle is truly enough for me to recover from what the meds do to me.


I think having an IUI 28 hours after trigger is fine. Check out this study: http://www.rbej.com/content/8/1/18 ... they decided to do the IUI's BEFORE the trigger and they actually doubled the pregnancy rate... their conclusion is that IUI's work best when done before ovulation, even up to 2 days before. I found that very interesting.


Yes it sure is hard. You just have to make it through one day at a time. You'll feel better in a few days.


shesaidboom - I'm so sad for you. Give yourself permission to cry and be upset and hide out from the world for a few days!


AFM - well I was really upset about my cycle being so messed up, so I decided to start doing acupuncture again in hopes that it will help. I did acupuncture for 1 whole year previously, but since I didn't get pregnant I gave up because it was costing me an arm and a leg. It's been a year since I quit and I think I'm ready to try again. Last time my acupuncturist was very young and didn't have much experience in fertility issues. This time I am going to THE best infertility acupuncturist in town, maybe even in the country. She is so good that Celine Dion worked with her on her 6th IVF, and that is the one that got Celine pregnant with her twins after 5 previous failed IVFs. She also charges prices fit for Celine Dion's wallet haha but I figure if I'm going to spend money on acupuncture, I want to go with someone who know their stuff otherwise it's probably a waste of money! Even if it doesn't get me a BFP next month, I'm sure doing a few months of acupuncture before my IVF will improve my chances. She is also recommended by my fertility clinic and is willing to go onsite and do acupuncture before and after embryo transfers so if I make it to IVF I will definitely do that. My first appointment is tonight right after work! I'm so excited!

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Hello, I've spent a lot of time lurking this month since there really is nothing going on with me.  I am CD21 and still taking those BCPs.  Boo.


Milk - Happy birthday!!! Hoping for some bling for you today!  wink1.gif  Also, phew!  about your kidney! 


Sourrie - Good luck at acupuncture! 


Shesaidboom - So sorry to hear! 


Sila - Ugh, that sounds rough.  So sorry AF sucked! 


Mensch - Congrats!  Best of luck to you.


ToothFairy - Interesting about the pasty CM.  Seriously, my doctor must not tell me anything!! Maybe that's sign I need someone else... but I like him a lot so... 


SKJ - Not sure about the triggering part but I had my two IUIs about 24 hours after a positive OPK. 

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milk - Happy birthday!! And glad your kidney is okay!!


SSB & Sourire - hug2.gif


Also, someone mentioned something about their RE not doing Femara b/c it's off-label, but having lining issues on Clomid (sorry, can't remember who). The RE I used to see would always prescribe estrogen along with Clomid for that reason - so that's something you might consider asking about.


Sorry for not responding to everyone - just doing a quick flyby, now going to make dinner!

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SKJ: Thanks for the heads up. I think I'm probably just going to lay low on the boards and check in with you all and my IVF ladies. My current RE said that I had to wait two full cycles before I could do IVF again (and he said he could take up to 4 weeks for the first cycle to come on, hence the 3 month wait). I'll see what the new doc on the 6th says, but I'm guessing it will be similar. I'm much more OK with it than I thought I would be. I'm excited to try and lose some of this IF weight I've gained these last 8 months - it ain't pretty, let me tell you :) I'm excited you got your tubes flushed out and that there was nothing there! Keeping my fingers crossed that it cleared a pathway. It sucks your clinic won't let you use the Femara. As for timing, I always had my trigger the same day as my first IUI and then had another IUI (roughly) 24 hours later. So, I think you should be right on time! Hoping that it all comes together this IUI so you don't have to worry about a next step, b/c dealing with this stuff when you're travelling is so not fun. I have no good suggestions for you on that front (bring DH with you and have some fun South American BD time?)


krunchyk: Thanks for the book recommendation! I love your scientific proof for my medical change-up - definitely gives me confidence that I'm making the right choice :)


Milk: So totally relieved to hear your kidney is fine!!! I couldn't imagine you with another medical issue :( I can't believe you managed to NOT jump DP - well done friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely lady!!


Sila: I'm so glad you O'd on your own!!! That's super awesome. I'm totally stoked that you're going to try the natural route again. I probably shouldn't speak for everyone else, but I know I dream of a day when I can discard all the meds and let my body take over again. I think it takes enormous courage and faith, and I hope you'll stick around so we can cheer you on (well, and even if you don't, I'll still cheer for you from afar!). Also, I'm super interested in donor embryos. I know I'm not there yet, but if you find a good website, will you post?


Sourire: I'm sorry you were bleeding at 7DPO - that totally sucks. But, bad mood or not, I would have supported the fundamental argument you had going on with Mensch. (Actually a bit sorry I missed all the action, is that super mean??? Sorry!) I don't think she ever quite got the point, which is sad. Oh well. What will you do for your last IUI cycle? And, I can't wait to hear all about your new acupuncturist. I'm sure she'll be an interesting character at the very least :)


Shesaidboom: Aw, girl. I'm so sorry. I think my fingers are permanently crossed from sending you good wishes these past few days (I'm actually using voice recognition software right now since I can't type with my crossed fingers.... j/k.... or am I????)


Cait: Aw, sweetie. I am so sorry... about the CM and about your friend/co-worker. Both are total bummers. (Although, I kind of love that your doctor can tell you serious info by your CM - even though it's bad news, it's still kind of cool, right?). I haven't been "lapped" yet, but I have been asking (in a most paranoid fashion) all of my friends with singletons when they think they'll try again. Is that totally pathetic?? Hot flashes were the worst - they were super embarassing for me at times (I'd get them in the middle of important meetings at work, not pretty!) I hope yours simmer down soon :) Your time has to be coming close. I can totally envision you as a mom, so it just has to happen. Keep the faith (as I know you will!).


Monkey: I cannot believe you're about to pop that baby out!! (and that you're still dropping in to encourage everyone!) Hoping you have as easy a birth as possible!!!!


AFM: I got nothing! Um... go see Beasts of the Southern Wild.... it was fantastic. That's about it :) We're heading to Cape Cod on Thursday AM b/c I have a work event up there, but we'll stay a few extra days for fun. I've never been to the Cape, so hoping the weather is good and that it's overall relaxing. Sending big hugs to you all as I know what a rough few weeks it's been!!

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Teresa - Cape Cod sounds nice! I'm glad you are focusing on you. It sounds like you are doing a great job of taking care of yourself. That's so important. It's so interesting how there are so many different approaches to IUI timing. It just really makes me realize how much of a crap shoot this whole thing is. Are you guys supposed to be preventing for the 3 months, or are you able to try? I remember feeling like I wanted to try again right away and then a minute later feeling like I never wanted to try again. I'll be thinking continued healing thoughts for you.

monkey - thanks for the tip on the estrogen. I actually brought it up this cycle - that and baby aspirin - and my doc said he doesn't do that. I just asked the nurse and she said that he didn't do estrogen, but that my lining was in the normal range. So, next cycle I'm going to push hard to not do clomid. This month, in addition to my lining, I've got basically no cm to speak of, which has never been a problem for me. So, I'm done with clomid after this cycle. Good luck in the final stretch!!

Plane - how long is your cycle usually? I hope the bcp's work and that the cyst is gone. thanks for the iui thoughts. Like I said to Teresa, there seem to be so many different timing strategies.

Sourire - Thanks for your thoughts and the article. I guess I won't assume the timing was off. Sorry that this month is being so strange. I really wish you got a free baby. You deserve it! I'm excited to hear about the acupuncturist! You'll be only 1 degree of separation from Celine Dion - wowee! That pretty much makes you famous in my book. I wish you were also 1 degree of separation from her money too winky.gif
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Sourire- cant wait to hear how it went. Acupuncturist to the strs, how cool!?, did the bleeding stop or are you still getting brown sludge?

Teresa- so jealous about you cape trip! We were goingto head there next week but are goingto Mystic, CT instead. I bet you!ll drive pretty close past me though, I'll send a wave! Enjoy your trip, we are having lovely weather here!

Skj- clomid side effects really suck. It is good you did te IUI to bypass the CM cuz that causes big swimmer trouble. This is the RE you really like, right? You just have to trust his judgement I guess. Will you move to injectables next?

Afm- thanks for the kind words about my doctor. Napro carefully studies every minutea of a womans cycle, so my guess is if you asked an RE about a cange in CM they would look at y all googly eyed and tell you it means nothing. Also, fabric softener or anything scented on your underwear can cause pasty creamy CM so it is possibe it was jst my panties but it was on the same days it usually comes and s goe today, so unlikely. Also I was jus thinking yay, no hot flashes tonight!! But then they started... What the heck?!
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SSB - sorry about the negative.  It's just crap and there is nothing more to say.  Did you manage to chat to your cardiologist at all?  


Cait - Uh, that Spice Girls reference is making me rethink our friendship!! ROTFLMAO.gif  I never even watched blip of the Olympics.  Sadly Australia didn't do very well at all!  Hope hubby can time his "arrival" to your requirements.  Sucks about your friend's lunch news.  The left behind thing is one of the suckiest parts of all of this, I swear.  

PS: Thank you for the Sangria recipe, it looks Ah-May-Zing.  I am going to be incredibly intoxicated.  


Smiles - Glad you are feeling the love, and mostly doing okay.  OH and I have kind of twisted senses of humour too, so we have had a few similar jokes over the years about our journey.  


Sourire - Oh crap.  Sounds like your cycle is a bit skew-iff.  I've had a few like that this year, it frickin' sucks, and the hormonal roller coaster is miles worse too.  

Sounds like you have a good plan for the next cycle though.  Having a plan always helps.  PS - I looked at your "what not to do chart" but still didn't learn anything!  

Wow, that acupuncturist sounds amazing.  I have to say, I've always been skeptical about acupuncture being a bit airy fairy for me.  I've had it a few times for various things, but never really felt much difference.  I am a bit curious about fertility acupuncture though.  Maybe I should check it out?  I hope your appt is great.  


Sila - Glad that you are back around.  Sorry about ass kicking AF.  That really sucks.  I am usually fairly useless around that time also.  I totally understand the research phase.  Been there, done that.  Randomly do it again every so often.  Knowledge really is power, for me.  I like knowing exactly what I'm dealing with, and every possible outcome before I set foot down any path.  You don't have to decide about anything just yet.  


SKJ - Ohhhh, how exciting to get things underway!  I hope that your lining will pick up a little with all the extra things you are doing!  Shame about the Clomid Crazy though.  Bloody baby showers are so hard.  I just do not go to them at all.  Ever.  Self preservation demands it.  Here's hoping you don't have to worry about your next cycles because this is your month!  


Planegreen - It's hard when things are boring.  It's boring at my place too.  


Monkey - flowersforyou.gif  Your bub officially missed the chance to share a birthday with me.  Happy Due Date though!  


Teresa!  Good to see you checking in.  I haven't heard of that movie, but I might go download it!  


AFM:  No shiny birthday presents.  In his defence, I did tell him years ago that if he asked me on my birthday, Christmas or Valentine's day, I would say no.  I reckon I deserve my own day.  

(Hopefully SOON!)  I'm not known for my patience.  

Yes, Kidney is all good.  Seems it might just function on the low side of "normal".  Very happy about that, I really don't need any shit.  Slightly annoyed that it cost me $180 to find out that it was fine, though.  Ugh.  

I did end up jumping DP on the day after O.  Not "on purpose" though.  I dunno what the odds are of anything happening.  Probably tiny.  

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SKJ - thank you.
I'm so sorry about the baby shower and the moms group ladies. It's just not fair. I'm angry at the wold too. How did your IUI go? Let's hope that this cycle is the one and you don't have to worry about any more!


Sourire - thank you. it's hard to give myself permission to be upset, but you're right, sometimes it's much needed.
Doing accupuncture with Celine Dion's accupuncturist sounds exciting! I hope she lives up to her expectations and gets you a BFP right away!! I can't wait to hear about the experience.


planegreen - are you off the bcps after this month? What happens next?


monkey - thanks for the hugs.
Is Femara off-label? I had no idea.
I hope everything is well with you!


teresa - haha! that would be awesome if you were, and thank you. I really appreciate all the crossed fingers and good thoughts.
I hope you have a great time at the Cape! It should be a nice little break for you.


Cait - The more I hear you talk about it, the more interested I am in Napro. I need to read more about it. Sorry the hot flashes are back.


milk - still trying to get a hold of him. There's a frustrating story that goes along with it, but I'll spare you. I am just really annoyed at him!
He should ask the day AFTER your birthday then! Definitely a good thing that the Kidney is all good, but ugh to the $180 to find out.



AFM - AF is here. It always likes to be annoying and start late at night so I have no idea which day to count as CD1. I guess today since it's the first day of real flow. I'm really annoyed because I still have not spoken to my cardiologist. I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday trying to chase down my test results and get them to him, and then he never called. The lady at the hospital where I had the test done, in the Cardiac Imaging Centre, tried to tell me that they do not send results to cardiologists. Who, besides a cardiologist is going to order all these cardiac tests? I just. UGH. So I'm still working on that. I have to call the fertility clinic today to let them know if we're starting IVF or not. I was supposed to visit my dad's aunt up in Collingwood today, but I was up all night with a stomach ache and I'm in for another day of phone tag, so I stayed home instead. At least maybe I'll take my new bike out for a spin.

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planegreen - only a few more days until you get to ditch the BCPs! It sounds like our next IUI cycles will start only a few days apart! I'm expecting CD1 on Friday.


teresa - I hope you get a chance to fully recharge your batteries and get back in shape for your next IVF. Maybe we'll get to do IVF around the same time? Who knows! The plan for my next IUI is pretty much the same as my last one: 5mg Femara CD 2-6, 50ui Puregon every other day starting on CD 6, first ultrasound CD9, then Ovidrel and Crinone. I'm thinking of trying a double dose of Crinone this time around because I've never fully managed to stop my spotting on the regular dose and also because I am a masochist (I hate Crinone sooooo much!!!) :P Have a nice trip!


toothfairy - so interesting about scented stuff in your underwear. Your doctor really is full of interesting tidbits! Yep still bleeding brown gunk mixed with brownish-red blood. Quite a bit of it too... like having to change my pad multiple times per day and these aren't pantyliners either. At this rate I'll have used up all my cloth pads before my period has even started!


Milkshake - I guess if I miraculously get pregnant without IVF in the next few cycles it might be convincing evidence for acupuncture right? Good point about not mixing an engagement with another holiday. After we got married, I tried to convince DH that we should celebrate each of the following: the day we got married, the day we got engaged, the day we started dating and the day we met. Didn't work! The only anniversary we are allowed to celebrate now is the wedding one. Which happened to be yesterday. DH got me some lovely flowers, I was suprised, it was wonderful.


AFM - well the acupuncturist to the stars was on vacation yesterday so I got to see one of her subordinates. I was very impressed with his knowledge of infertility related stuff.... he was familiar with all my meds and also knew all about endometriosis, laparoscopies, IUIs, etc. My needles were in all kinds of new places that my previous acupuncturist never used, so clearly he is doing something different and maybe it will work better than last time. Also he had a different way of putting in the needles which hurt less. When the other acupuncturist gets back I will see her and get a prescription for chinese herbs as well, I've never tried those before. Overall though I didn't feel any different after my treatment. My next appointment is on Monday.

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shesaidboom - we cross posted! I would definitely count today as CD1. Blarg to medical bureaucracy. This lady you talked to sounds like a real idiot! Hopefully today you can reach someone who makes more sense.

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Sourire - Happy (belated) anniversary! And glad to know you've got new and different things going on with acupuncture. I hope it's the magic bullet for you. Funny thing about anniversaries - dh and I met on Halloween (and basically started dating then), and he proposed on my birthday, so both of those 'anniversaries' are already taken. Though it makes them easier to remember! Our wedding anniversary falls over/around Memorial Day weekend in the US, but that just means dh will always have some time off for it. :) We don't usually celebrate our 'month-a-versaries' (the 29th of every month since we were married on the 29th), but we do usually mention them to each other. Nerds, I know. I figured after we were married for 2 years, we wouldn't pay much attention to them any more, but it was dh who actually noticed and commented on our 25th month-a-versary. love.gif I hope you were able to have a good time with your dh, even though it is also a TTC anniversary.

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Milk-Happy Birthday!! I'm so glad your kidney is okay, phew! You will lpve the sangria, it was perfect!

Sourire- So glad it was different than your last acupuncturist & you get what you pay for. I read somewhere if you arent oreg i 6 mos wit that clinician you probably wont get preg, so it is good to try someone new. Do you feel like your body is flowing with energy when the needles are in? It almost feels lke little shivers to me... Weird anyway! How annoying about that spotting... Time to start washing the cloth pads!

Monkey- thats sweet that he still notices, what a nice husband smile.gif. Cant wait for news of your baby coming! Are you going to a birthcenter or the hospital?

SSB- I tink REs say after 3 pm that you count the next day. I count CD 1 whenever full flow starts, but it doesn't matter a whole pile with NaPro. Frustrating about your medical offices & that yu hav to spend another day playng phone tag. Enjoy the bike ride!!

AFM- went to a new yoga studio today & loved it. CD10, got a hint of EWCM starting this morning o I shouldn't o before DH gets home Friday, yay!
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Will catch up in a minute, but I need some advice..


I finally spoke with my cardiologist and he basically said all of this was a non-issue. Since he started seeing me my ejection fraction has been jumping around, which is not necessarily it jumping, but our ability to measure it. Science isn't perfect. He thinks the MRI will come back showing it higher because that's always what has happened and thinks I should be fine through IVF and through a pregnancy. But he said that he'd recommend waiting until we do the MRI and get the results just to be safe, because there's always the chance it could come back lower and then we'd have to figure things out. He already sent my GP a letter saying he thinks I'm fine for IVF (which i really wish someone would have told me!) so I just have to get my GP to send it to my fertility specialist. The problem is if we wait for the MRI we're waiting another month to start IVF and we don't want to. If we don't want we SHOULD be fine, but there's a chance the MRI could show something. I really don't want to wait, but I don't want to kick myself in the ass later for going through everything if something shows up. We should be doing the MRI within the next week (specialist said 3 weeks, it has been 2, but I haven't heard anything back yet), but I have no idea when Lupron injections start. If they don't start for a while, I'd just be on the bcp during that time anyway.


So someone who has done IVF - when do the injections start? Also, would there be issues with being on the bcp for two months rather than one? My fertility specialist isn't in today so I can't get answers there.

Also, what would you do? Is it even fair of me to ask this? Probably not, but I don't know. I feel like every month we wait is a big deal at this point because of my low AMH numbers.

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SSB - I don't have any specific advice or info about when stims start after bcp, but I wanted to respond anyways. I'm so glad that the cardiologist isn't concerned. It's such a tough decision that you have to make. I read a blog by an RE and one thing he said in terms of decisions we make while doing treatments is that it's advisable to take the "path of least regret". Obviously, that's different for everyone. I would just try to imagine each outcome. I know what you mean about the low AMH and feeling the pressure. As far as my cycles have gone, despite my low AMH (0.46), my other numbers have improved or stayed the same over the last three months. Would it be possible to cancel the cycle if the MRI shows something? I think if I were in your shoes, I'd probably start on the IVF cycle if 1) I'd likely be still taking BCP when the MRI results are in and 2) I can cancel the cycle w/o too much money lost. Maybe the ladies on the IVF thread can help you out with the BCP question. I wish I had more useful advice. Good luck with your decision.
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Thanks so much for your response, SKJ.  Last night DH and I talked and decided that I'd start on the BCP and we'd continue taking them only depending on when we would be doing the MRI. This morning I played some more phone tag (UGH) and got in contact with the specialist that ordered the MRI and the MRI location and apparently they never got my paperwork. The story is their fax number changed and the clinic sending the request didn't know and since the fax machine showed that everything went through to the number they had, they assumed it had. I really wish I hadn't waited these two weeks since my appointment where they were going to send off the paperwork to check up on it, but I had assumed it was in the process. So, now we know that we're pretty much going to have to wait at least 3 weeks for the MRI, so we've decided to wait the month. If it was just a month of BCP we'd do it, but I'd also be starting Lupron injections and having a uterine biopsy at some point. It's just too much pressure and stress to have to worry about getting the results soon enough and spending this money for nothing. I'm also actually really terrified about starting IVF. Not the getting pregnant part or anything like that, but the procedure...the anesthetic mostly. I can't seem to get over that fear. That's not to say I'm not going to do it, just that I'm really scared. Anyway, it looks like we'll be taking a month off and then starting up in September. Now some of you need to bring me some good news so I can feel better (no pressure, of course)! Come on BFPs goodvibes.gif

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SSB - Glad you figured out something you're comfortable with. And I think lots of parts of IVF are scary - just the thought of all the needles is enough to completely terrify me, though that's old hat for you by now. I think for me, I would probably have pressed forward regardless, but that's more because I'm stubborn and want what I want and don't like waiting rather than because it would be the best decision. September isn't too far away! Oh, and to answer your question - using Femara for fertility purposes is off-label, at least in the US. It's actually a breast cancer drug. It is very widely used for ovulation induction, though, and I know at one point there was a clinical trial being run comparing it to Clomid. Not sure what came of that. However, from my understanding, a big part of it being off-label is the drug manufacturer not wanting the liability that comes with being associated with pregnant/possibly pregnant ladies in any way.


SKJ - Sorry your doc is not really on board with trying alternatives. :( It really doesn't sound like Clomid is doing your any favors, so I hope you can move on from it!


Milk - Well, this baby clearly missed out on a golden opportunity! dh's prediction for the birth is the 20th, which is my dad's birthday. So maybe he can share with Grandpa!


Cait - We are going to a birth center. :) Good luck on O holding off until your dh is back!


AFM, I'm keeping the updates to the grads thread, so as not to annoy you all. But yes, still pregnant. :)

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SSB - I second what Monkey said. Glad you have a solution. I wish you didn't have to wait though.

Monkey - Good luck in the home stretch! So exciting!

AFM - I don't have a whole lot (or any) hope for this cycle so I scheduled an appointment to talk with the RE about what comes next. He originally said 2-3 rounds of clomid then on to injectables. I've done 2 rounds, so I'm hoping I'll get the green light to move on. I would be happy to try Femara, but I'm pretty sure he'll say no. My appointment is the day after my beta. The added complication is that I"m traveling right around prime monitoring and O time next month. So, I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to delay my period. I'll be starting crinone tonight. Can I just keep taking that to hold AF off? Or, can you take bcp for a short period of time? I'm only being neurotic about this b/c the following month I'll be out of the country for 2 weeks and I am like Monkey and don't want to wait.
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Monkey - my parents actually used to celebrate their "lunaversary" (as they called it) every month by having a cheesecake for dessert. I always looked forward to cheesecake nights! I regularly stalk the graduates thread to find out if you've given birth yet!


toothfairy - that advice about changing acupuncturists after 6 months makes a lot of sense. I wish someone had said that to me when I was with my old acupuncturist, I could have tried a new one sooner. I have experienced all kinds of cool feelings during acupuncture, though at my appointment this week the only thing I felt was my hands a feet falling asleep haha.


shesaidboom - that sucks that your MRI is delayed. Sounds like a waiting a month is the right decision for you though. I'm suprised they would even let you start IVF immediately after an injectables cycle... I've heard other clinics want you to wait at least one cycle to make sure all the meds are out of your system, because apparently IVF stimulation tends to work better after a bit of a break from meds. So maybe this delay will end up being a good thing for you!!!


SKJ - I totally think it would be possible to extend the Crinone a bit so that things work out more conveniently. I've considered doing that myself. As long as you don't extend it for too long, I think a few days to a week would be perfectly fine and the worst that could happen would be that your period would come while taking Crinone and then you could just stop it.


AFM - well AF is here. It was such a gradual transition that I have no idea which day is CD1. My clinic tells me to count CD1 as the first day of heavy bleeding, and I haven't yet had any bleeding as heavy as my usual AF, so I haven't yet called them to schedule my appointments. I'm assuming tomorrow I'll be able to make that call. Not looking forward to starting my meds again!

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Teresa - have fun at the Cape.  I have never been there and live nowhere close so enjoy! 


SKJ - My cycle used to be a regular 28 or 29 days. Since using Clomid, my cycles are more like 35. Last month it was 30 so no idea.  I'm expecting AF sometime late next week probably although she has a mind of her own so who knows! 


Shesaidboom - Next month if the baseline u/s all looks good then it will be femara and injectibles with an IUI.  I think.  I'm pretty sure that's what he said duck.gifUgh, I hate those appointments where you go in and talk about so many things that you leave with your brain mushy.  I know med + shots + IUI for sure.  I'm really glad you heard from the dr and he thinks things are fine.  I'm also happy for you that you made a decision on what is best at this time for you and DH. 


Sourire - Awesome that you are confident with what the new acupuncturist did.  I'm glad you are having a good experience so far!  I think my cycle will be longer that yours so you'll be ahead of me. 


Toothfairy - Here's hoping for your body and DH to connect on the right day! wink1.gif


AFM - Same ol', same ol'... redface.gif My 3yo DD had her tonsils out Tuesday so it's been a helluva week here...

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Sourire - I'm glad your accupuncture session went well and the guy was very knowledgeable. Hopefully Monday will go even better!
I had no idea that most clinics want to wait for meds to be out of your system. Maybe this will end up being a good thing!
Sorry about having to start meds again. Hopefully this will be the last time!


Cait - that's good to know. I'll have to remember that because AF always shows up in the evening.
I hope your evening with DH went well and that O held out!


monkey - I'm definitely used to the needles by now! For me it's the anesthetic. I'm nervous I'm going to need it for the uterine biopsy too.
Now that you say that about Femara, I remember reading about it being a breast cnacer drug.
I will have to stalk the grad thread to find out when your little one arrives!


SKJ - I totally understand not wanting to wait. I hope your RE has some answers for you.


planegreen - I always feel that way after appointments with my fertility doc. There is just so much info! I hope the med + shots + IUI are the ticket.
I hope your little one heals up quickly and things calm down a bit for you.



AFM, still bummed about having to wait a month, but like Sourire said, maybe it will be for the best. Best to get all those meds out of my system before we start. Tonight my uncle and his wife threw a party for the wife's oldest son and his fiance. They live out of Province so most of the family had never met her before. As soon as I walked in I saw that there was a baby there and completely lost it (on the inside). We don't have any babies in our family (she belonged to the son's cousin) so it caught me completely by surprise. Normally I'm great with babies and kids, but this week has been rough, and earlier today I got a phone call from the MRI place reminding me that two weeks ago I checked off that I may be pregnant, which by itself really isn't a big deal, but it probably added on to things. My cousin just had surgery and wasn't feeling well, so I kept her company away from the group, which ended up being a good thing as this group is not used to babies and all evening was just baby talk. I hate that my cousin is in pain, but I was very grateful to have an out. I feel awful and kind of guilty about not being able to be around a baby. Normally I love being around them. I feel like I'm becoming one of those baby haters who just complains about everything and everyone being about babies. I don't want to be that way. I hope this is temporary.

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