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Sidecarring a twin bed? BTDT advice?

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We are due with our first in November and plan on cosleeping from day one. However, I'm trying to think ahead and figure out what would work best for us. SO and I both sleep best when we have a little space. We'd love to get a king bed but it's not quite in the budget right now. So I'm a little worried about bringing another person into our bed. I know how sleep deprived we will be with a newborn, and I want to figure out how to get as much sleep, especially good quality sleep, as possible.

I had thought about side-carring a crib or getting an arm's reach, but I already have a twin bed I could use, so i'm thinking about just side-carring that. I have seen things that you can use to kind of strap two beds together, and they fill in the gap between the beds as well. I'm not sure how well they work but I am thinking about trying one out and just making our current bed bigger that way so we all have space.

Has anyone done this with a newborn or older baby? Both beds would be on the floor, btw.
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This is what we did for the first 5 years with DC #1. I LOVED it. We had a queen mattress and then a twin just right up against each other. For a while DH was on the twin and over time DC ended up on the twin. That should be plenty of space and if your DH doesn't mind being on the twin side for a while, you shouldn't even have to do anything special to the mattresses. 

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We have the same! A Queen and a Twin on the floor with the twin smushed between the queen and the wall. The queen in DH's domain. I float depending on the musical bed scenario (DD on twin, us on queen/DD and me on twin, everybody on queen. DH and DD on queen/me on twin) It has worked well and I'm now considering an expansion with number 2 on the way. LOL

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Great thread! smile.gif  We have been co-sleeping with DS in a queen since he was 2 months old (it took me that long to come to the realization that it was best for everyone - kudos to you for planning ahead!).  It worked ok for a while, but the past few months have been a bit brutal (he's nearly 35 in. tall @ 15 months, and often lays sideways, lol).  We'd talked about adding a twin (makes more sense, since DS could use it as his bed later in life), but hadn't done it yet - thanks!

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We've sidecarred a crib with the side off and it worked wonderfully for an older baby (6-12 mo.) whom we wanted to give his own space to while keeping him close. We used cam straps to keep the crib jammed up against the bed mattress, and then filled the gap with dense foam covered by the flat sheet we used to cover the big bed. Check out bed bug bumpers for other ways to edge/define space.

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