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How are you telling your kids?

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I think we might be telling our girls about the baby today! We have a 12 yo, 8yo and 4yo.


I want to do something cute but I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do lol. How did or will you tell your kiddos the big news??

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I have no idea how we're going to tell her! She's going to spend 2 nights at her dad's starting tomorrow and my parents are coming to visit next weekend, so we're going to wait until they leave (although we haven't been too subtle talking about it around her). Last night she actually asked me if I'"pognant" but she asked while I was in the middle of hysterically laughing while the 3 of us were goofing around so it blew over quite easily. I'd love to hear other cute ideas from you all!

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My son's 5th birthday is coming up, and I thought it would be very special to give him the news on that day.  He's a budding reader, so I thought it'd be cute to give him a birthday card with the message and just watch his reaction and he reads and realizes what it says.  

However- my first appointment is the following day, and I really prefer to wait to tell him and all others until I've heard the heartbeat and have a picture. (and a due date- I can only narrow it to a 2 week time frame at this point)

guess I'll keep playing it by ear for now.

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Since DD is only 2.5 I'm going to hold off on telling her until at least when we tell everyone else. I don't expect her to fully grasp it until maybe when I begin to show. Also, we don't want her to slip up and say something before we are ready to release the news.

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I told my littlest 3 (11, 8 and 6) when they climbed into my bed to snuggle this morning.  They were (in order):  In denial, flabbergasted, and thrilled. :)  My 11 yo is in the middle of a big family, and we have our granddaughter living with us, as well...so he's familiar with babies.  He'll get excited as time moves along.  My 8yo just wanted to "vote" for a boy---I tried to let him I know I don't have a choice in the boy/girl lottery, but he said, "Well, all I can say is, it better be a boy.  There are too many girls around here." 


And my 6yo has spent all day trying to find names I'll like.  SO sweet!  She's in love with her little niece, and can't wait to *finally* be the BIG sister to someone.    We did spend all morning reading "It's So Amazing," and she was much more interested in the anatomy of motherhood and in how the baby is growing than she would have been otherwise.  That book is a treasure!


love, p 

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So far I have only told our oldest (13dd).  I am waiting a little longer because we've had two m/c and the other girls would have a harder time keeping the secret!  I was actually surprised at how incredibly excited my oldest was!  It was awesome!

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I told my older two through a game of pictionary. They are so excited!
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my oldest dd, 9, is quite the pregnancy prognisticator.  Once again, she announced I was pregnant before I KNEW I was pregnant :)  She has now correctly announced my pregnancies 4 times.  We confirmed it with the children today, without much fanfare, after the ultrasound this morning.

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I'm thinking of not saying anything until we know the gender :\ We had a m/c in June, and my DD took it pretty hard. I know that's a long ways to wait and there's no guaranteed safe point, but it's when we feel is best.

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I'm sorry for your losses mama, I think if we only had a 4 yo we'd keep it secret longer too.


We finally told our girls tonight - we decided to wait until we got an u/s since I was having some major anxiety and also wanted to wait until after a big family birthday party last weekend (since we're not ready for the extended family to know just yet)


Our littlest one was sitting on my lap after dinner and the big girls were in the living room too watching TV. I grabbed the u/s pictures and whispered in our LO's ear that she was going to be a big sister - she was stunned - jaw dropped open and just stared at me love.gif I asked her to tell her sisters what I told her and she just kind of screamed it lol. It took the big girls a second and then my oldest was like, "wait what???" and then did a kind of scream too.


They've been talking about names all night and even pulled out our old baby name book already!

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I'm going to wait awhile to tell my kids. It was really hard to explain miscarriage to a 4 year old the first time I had a loss so I kept the next pregnancy from them and lost that one too. We'll wait as long as we can this time. 

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I don't want to tell our 3 and 4 year old until I'm ok with everyone knowing! ;)  We haven't told extended family yet and I'm not sure when I want to tell people beyond that... once the extended family knows obviously the kids will too, though, so I guess I won't be able to keep it a secret much after that...

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