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bent pinki

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Hello my son's pinki is doing the same thing. It is bent down I can bend it straight it pops or sounds like it pops, but as soon as he bends his finger it stays bent i talked to his doctor and he thinks his tendon isnt long enough for his finger I am taking him in to be seen on monday I advice you take your son to the doctor. 

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Is this one side or two? My son has bent pinky fingers on both sides. There is a gene that results in crooked pinky fingers. It runs in my family. I just had no clue because my bend is so slight I never noticed! I guess my sister has more of a bend and my dad's is slight like mine.

My son has a pretty severe curve--more than most with it I guess. I didn't notice it when he was very young. It was as he grew that the bend became pronounced. I want to say I noticed around 2.5. I thought he broke it when I first noticed!

If it's what my son has it's called clinodactyly. It's not a big deal if that's what it is. We were referred to orthopedics and they did x-rays.
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