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Hello Everyone!

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My name is Kellie and I was with this group when it first started, but soon fell out of touch. I'm back now and hope to be more active in the group! I'm currently 21 weeks 6 days and I've been diagnosed with complete placenta previa when I was 19 weeks. Are there any other mamas out there that are in the same boat as me?

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Welcome back! What a bummer re: placenta previa. Are they hopeful it may still move? Will they check again later?

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Thank you! love.gif  Well, the midwife seemed pretty hopeful that it will move. I'm suppose to be checked out again in a few weeks. I'm praying and hoping all the time that my placenta will move and I will not need a c-section.

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:) Still plenty of time for stretching and growing to happen!

I will send "move up out of the way placenta" vibes your way lol!!

I love your children's names by the way :) Liam is my husbands name and I love it and Rowan too!!

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I have a little Liam love.gif Bummer to have to deal with placenta stress. I surely hope it scoots on up like your MW anticipates. 

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Thanks for sending good thoughts my way mamas. orngbiggrin.gif Liam seems to be a pretty common name, but I love it too! (obviously orngtongue.gif ) After picking the name Rowan, I feel that's it, there can't be any more perfect boy names out there. lol. I am having trouble finding a name for this third little boy of mine though. I swear I've looked at every name out there and nothing sounds "right" to me. I suppose I still have some time. lol.

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Naming so many of one sex is difficult. I've named four boys and somehow they all have the perfect name. It'll come to you.  

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Welcome back! I completely agree with PPs that there is still lots of time for your placenta to move, nevertheless I will be sending tons of traveling placenta vibes your way! I wasn't sure we would find a name I was in love with for our boy this go around either, I had a short list of perfect girls names and we were blessed with a boy, and honestly, his name just came to us, and there was this peace that descended afterwards, lol, because prior to figuring it out I was waking up in the middle of the night freaking out about his lack of a name (neurotic, I know, lol) I agree with Kawa, it will just come to you and it will be awesome :)

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I was in the same boat name wise - I have 3 boys already (and live with 7 others!), I couldn't imagine there could even be one. I was doing some unrelated research last night and came up with the PERFECT name. Now to sell DP on both the girl & boy names, lol...

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love.gif Thanks again mamas for the positive thoughts and prayers. It would be my luck that I had a perfect girl name picked out only to be having another boy. lol. (totally not complaining, I am actually very happy to be having another little boy!) Anyone care to suggest any celtic/nature boy names? I would love to hear any!

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really long list of Celtic/Galeic boy names here: http://www.ourbabynames.co.uk/gaelicboy.php

It's where I found mine :)))

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Thanks Segolilymama! orngbiggrin.gif

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