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Is there anyone else in our group preparing for a c-section?

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I was just wondering about that and haven't heard anything about possible c-sections here.... In my case it's due to a massive fibroid surgery I had a year and a half ago (without which I probably wouldn't be pregnant now). I'm still chewing on the idea of the c-section, but I"m slowly adjusting. I knew since after the surgery that it would be so but still talked to the ND midwifes, etc. In the end it seems like the best way for me to go - it's not really a VBAC scenario anyway. BUT...I was wondering are there any other moms in our group in a similar situation (and yes I have seen the whole c-section forum).? Just wondering..

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Hey there!  I'm trying for a VBAC but having had 2 sections in the past, this time around I'm preparing for both.  I was so disappointed with both sections before that I'm keeping an open mind about the two possibilities this time around.  The first one was so quick and so emotional and scary as my daughter was in a lot of trouble.  The second time around was relaxed but still not by choice.  Found out that morning that I had next to no amniotic fluid left (less than 2%) with no pockets of fluid so a section was imminent.  Had my son 5 hrs later via a nicely timed and low stress section.  

If I had my druthers, I would choose a non-stress one again.  Although the opportunity to go into labour would be great.  I guess I'm saying I would prefer to know ahead of time if a vaginal birth is out of the question again versus going through labour for however many hours and then ending up in a section.  Not only is it exhausting but the recovery was so much longer with my first than my second.

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Sort of. I'm also hoping for a VBAC. I think I've chosen well with my midwives and doula, but in the end, it's up to the baby. My first c-section was totally unexpected; part of what made recovery so hard for me was the shock factor. I'm going to fight for a VBAC but also trying to mentally prep for the possibility of another C. 


It's not a route most of us would choose, but they are necessary for some. If you've got any questions, message me. hug2.gif

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This is me too. I'm planning a VBAC but I'm also planning a repeat c/s as I am not the world's best VBAC candidate.
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I am having to remain very open minded to c-sections since I have so many variables involved in my birth.  Right now Baby A is a footling breech which means if she doesnt move I am going to be scheduled for a c-section.  If she does turn head down I will plan for a vaginal birth but if Baby B is bigger or transverse it is dependent on the supervising physician on the floor when I get to the hospital as to whether or not I will be allowed to try for a vaginal birth.  So yes, not necessarily planning for it but knowing it is a good possibility for me.

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For you Mama's with c-section experience I would definitely like to ask you if there are any tips you want to pass on or what you think anyone should know. I'm a little unclear still about the different drugs involved, not the spinal but sedatives and whatnot. I talked to my Dr. about delayed cord clamping and still need to bring my point across on skin-to-skin, no rush and all that...I'm not expecting any issues with her though. But if there's anything you would like to pass on, I'm all ears....

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Have you come up with a c/s birth plan?  I think that would be helpful, I know I hate running things by my doctor one by one... I'm trying for a VBAC this time, my dd was breech last time, so I should have a good chance.  But you could google c/s birth plan templates, and get an idea?  Every hospital is different, they didn't let me do skin to skin immediately, or delayed cord clamping.  But they had me stitched up and in my room recovering within an hour, and I began nursing right away.  I had my friend, who also happens to be an amazing doula, there along with my dh.  I know I had a spinal, but not sure on the others.  I didn't really feel out of it, just scared by the OR and everything.  It's so cold in there!!!  I forget why, but I know I preferred I spinal, and so did my dr.

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Thank you. I was wondering about a birth plan..... and  you're right about not wanting to run things by the doc one by one...time is always of the essence in the exam room sadly, so it's best to be prepared. thanks

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I had a combined spinal/epidural for mine. No other drugs until the syntocinon and syntometrine for some excessive bleeding. That is pretty standard for Australia though. We don't usually give sedatives. The anaesthetist will ask you to tell him/her if you feel nauseated and will give you something as needed.

Afterwards I had my epidural in for patient-controlled pain relief until the next morning. I also stated regular paracetamol and an NSAID as soon as I was eating. When the epidural came out the next morning I had oxycodone (a narcotic) as needed for pain. I stopped taking that at about 48hrs post-op, when I went home. I continued the paracetamol/NSAID for about a week I think.

I havent done any birth plans yet but I intend to. I'm happy to post them but thIngs are quite different over here so I don't know how relevant mine will for people birthing in the US.
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I'm planning an HBAC but I still have a backup hospital VBAC (and CBAC) plan in mind.  Havn't written them down anywhere other than my journal yet, which I probably should do...  In the US its definately different from other places but I would be curious to see anyone else's plans.  


For a CBAC, my first thing would be delayed cord clamping and quick skin to skin.  My hospital is very cool with the latter but the cord clamping will depend on the OB on call.  Also, I would want tophermerol (SP?  I have it written down somewhere...) instead of a narcotic during the surgery.  Its not the prefered drug over here but it IS shown to have less effect on nursing.  The only other thing I would change from the first emergency CS would be how much drugs I took afterwards.  The nurses said I needed to take a full dose of oxycotin every four hours or less, so I did, for ten days.  Oh, such a bad idea!  I felt like a zombie with arthritis, and babe of course got all kinds of issues too.  I went straight from that to using only tylenol and wow I felt so much better.  Turns out the side effects were the main pain driver, go figure.  But that's my fault for not looking the meds up on my own, I didn't realize I was taking narcotics.  So that's more liek a note to self to ramp down pain meds ASAP, than a birth plan item.  Otherwise my first CS went very well from a recovery standpoint.  

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