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Help with Wool!

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SO glad I found this section on Mothering.


When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper.  In preparation, I knitted several wool covers for the baby, as well as purchased pre-folds and covers, and one size pockets.


I've only used the wool covers several times so far; I put baby in a pre-fold (with snappi) and then pulled a wool cover on top of it instead of using a diaper cover.  Each time, my husband was the one to change him next, and has told me that the baby's diaper (pre-fold) gets too wet using the wool covers.


My question:


What do you use under the wool cover?


Pre-fold with snappi?


Pre-fold with an insert (is the insert inside the diaper- next to baby's skin??)?


A regular one size pocket?


He pees through his diaper at night, so I end up putting him in a one size pocket with two inserts- that seems to work.  But, I'd really like to make the wool covers work correctly, too.


I am still fairly new to the cloth diapering, only have about 4.5 month of practice here!

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I don't understand what his problem is with the wet pre fold?  That is the way it is supposed to be!  As long as the wool isn't wet on the outside you are good.  Personally I don't like Prefolds and wool- it seems like poo gets all over the wool and then I have to wash them- and I love wool because I rarely have to wash it.  I use fitted diapers under my woolies.  I have put wool over an AIO for night time.

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prefold with snappi or fitted. of course the prefold gets wet - it absorbs the urine. the prefold would get equally wet regardless of what you have on the outside, because the pee is being absorbed on the inside. sounds like he just needed to change it sooner. in terms of night i would use a flat padfolded inside a fitted and then wool on top.

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