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SPOTLIGHT on DarkBlue !!!

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DarkBlue, your up!!!

:) have fun!!!


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Would you like to do a little intro DarkBlue?

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Sure Travelmumma :)

My name is Kelly and I am 24 (I'll be 25 in December, I have been married to my wonderful DH for 6 1/2 years, we have three soon to be four little ones DD1 who is 5, DD2 who will be 4 in October, and DS who will be two in a couple weeks. We live in Utah but are originally from the east coast. We started homeschooling last year in the Waldorf tradition and plan to continue, I went to Waldorf school and so did DH so it means a lot to both of us. I run a *really, really* small catering business, I have a Bachelor's degree in humanities and anthropology, and am working on an MBA, my DH is finishing his Master's program for teaching this coming spring plus he microbrews. I'm pretty eclectic, I traveled quite a bit when I was young and am always open to new adventures :) We're planning on moving to Maine this spring/summer and are really excited to be headed back east-though there are some beautiful places here in the midwest that we will definitely miss. I'm sure I am forgetting lots of stuff but I find it hard to wax poetic about myself, lol...but I will surely answer any questions you mamas have!

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Ah! I swear we were separated at birth! Lol I am studying humanities and anthropology at uni at the moment! LOL


What are your Bubs names? I know you have mentioned Penny and Henry before?? (Henry is on our short list :)  )

Where have you travelled to? Have you got a favourite place? Do you plan on travelling with the kids on day?

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I'm assuming when you say moving to Maine you probably mean southern Maine. But no matter where in Maine you've chosen, what made you want to move there?

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It sounds like you married quite young - how did you meet your DH and how did you know it was right for you to marry at that time (I married relatively young myself so this is always interesting to me!)?


Are you involved in your local community in any way (clubs, church, etc?)

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My babes are Emily Grace (DD1) Penelope Jane (DD2) Henry Emerson (DS) and soon there will be Gabriel Hawthorne and yes Sandy I think we were separated at birth! I've been to London, lived in Leeds for a bit, been to Derry and Limerick, lived in Jamaica off and on for quite a while...I don't believe that going to Canada counts as travel, lol, as it used to be quite close of a trip for me, lol, and I've been to almost all of the states. As for a favorite place, like a proper Anglophile, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for London, and Jamaica is very dear to me although it has gotten increasingly unsafe to travel there as the years have gone on.


We love southern Maine for it's proximity to the coast but we also like the more northen parts and have spent time in Ashland...right now a lot of the places we are looking at are in more rural parts of Maine, we really want an older farmhouse to fix up that is on a fair amount of land; but I feel positive we'll end up right wehere we're supposed to, if that makes sense.


I did marry young! But my DH and I had been together for two years prior to us getting married. Due to a series of unfortunate events in my childhood, I became emancipated and began living on my own and attending college at 16, there was an independent video store in my neighborhood that I used to frequent, and sometimes I would see DH there too picking out some awesome flicks, I got his phone number because it was one of those places where your phone number is your customer ID # and I did something totally out of character-i called and said I wasn't a serial killer or a stalker, but I wanted to go out for a cup of coffee with the cute guy who rented great films...and he said yes! 8 1/2 years later and he's still my lobster :) I have gotten a fair amount of guff from people about getting married and starting a family so young, but I have absolutely no regrets! It was the best choice ever!


I do post partum doula work and know a fair amount of people in the homebirth scene here in Utah, I encapsulate placentas and run an itty bitty catering business, so I have a small circle of friends and larger circle of acquantainces out here, we are quite a ways away from 'my tribe' but I believe that every stop in your journey is for a purpose; it's kind of tough for me to describe how the culture is where I live, maybe Segolily could do a better job, but it's like nearly everyone belongs to a certain club, and if you don't belong to that club you don't really belong, but that in turn opens a lot of doors for meeting other people who supposedly don't belong, if that makes sense...plus out here having tattoos, dreads (I *just* cut them off for something shorter), a hubby that microbrews, and being outspoken makes me stick out like a sore thumb, but I wear it like a badge of honor, because I say god bless the freaks!! :)

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Yes indeed, here (Utah) there is ONE WAY, and THE OTHER WAY, lol! I kwym, darkblue - if you aren't in church with everyone else on Sunday mornings, you are part of the "other" - which I am perfectly happy with, and it sounds like you are too!


So what are your top 3-4 movie recommendations?

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Segolily-Yes!! And 3-4 top movies that is soooooo hard!! By genre? lol


Ummm, it's gotta be more like a bazillion but here goes a few :)

Lost in Translation

Big Fish

American Beauty

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zisou

O Brother Where Art Thou

The Wrestler

Empire Records (because there's a little 90s trash in me, lol)


I am addicted to documentaries a few of my favorites are

Capitalism a Love Story

Business of Being Born

Food Inc



And I think that Game of Thrones is pretty blazing (I loved the books and usually don't like literature bastardized into TV but it's good)


annnnnd *hides* I am a big Buffy nerd, I know it's campy but I loveth it :) except I think it should have ended after season 5


Really, there are so many movies that I think are great I am not really doing this list any kind of justice


And movies aside I am a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan and think everyone should read him :)

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if you are looking for rural farmhouse but would like to still be near the coast, check out washington county. addison, harrington, east machias, etc all have great farmhouses and it is fairly coastal.

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So are you and your DH planning on more children? Big family on a big farm in Maine? :)

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Originally Posted by DeeGee 1873 View Post

So are you and your DH planning on more children? Big family on a big farm in Maine? :)

Yes, lol...that's us :) We would like two more, maybe with a bit more spacing, but then again, maybe not, lol, as whenever it gets to be time to think about birth control we both put it off knowing full well what happens. Right now we have a rabbit, a dog, four fish, and chickens, and we bought a share in our friend's cow so we sort of have half a cow (for milking, lol) but we are really looking forawrd to having a small sustainable farm.

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Where/how did you learn to cook/bake? Do you have any specialties or recipes you are known for?

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I think I was born with it ingrained in my being, lol. I'm self taught and have been cooking in some shape or another for as long back as I can remember...as for specialties? For baked goods I think my most frequently requested goodies are pound cakes, flourless chocolate cake, cheesecakes (traditional or raw vegan), whole grain breads, danishes, sticky buns, this coconut cream layered cake I make that is pretty surreal, raspberry coconut tarts...for entrees? I cook all different types of things, lol, so it's tough...the things people most often ask me to cater are sushi-especially my tamari sweet potato rolls with homemade pickled ginger,my cha shao bao is popular, Indian cuisine like cabbage poriyal, garlic naan bread, cauliflower and chickpea curry, taco bars with homemade blue corn tortillas & smoked free range pork shoulder & homemade monterey jack, plus the sides like guac and pico, corn, etc...jamaican curries because well it's in my DNA, lol and pizzas which DH claims he is addicted to lol, it's pretty basic, but I have come up with a method that allows me to make pizza like the oven rise frozen kind-by that I mean I can make and assemble the pizzas, slip them onto cardboard circles, and cover them with cling and freeze them so you can bake them straight out of the freezer...they are something that I try to keep on hand, because I can make yummy flavor combos and I know that they are made with honest, healthy ingredients so I don't feel like a total hoser if DH comes home from work and wants one :) I dunno, I try my hand at making anything at least once-which sometimes produces awesome results and sometimes results in EPIC fails, lol, but I do my best to only buy components at the store, not things that have been already made...so I make our baked goods, pickled items, most of our cheeses, yogurt, crackers, etc. I am the first the admit that it requres a fair amount of time, but for our family, what the food industry has devolved into is terrible beyond the telling and for us, it works; I hope that no one takes that to be preachy-I don't judge anyone for the choices they make with their family!

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See, I don't feel judged, but I DO want to be you in the kitchen and I'm just not.  I would love your recipe/technique for making frozen pizzas though since that is the #1 thing I buy premade with crappy ingredients that I wish I didn't but need to in order to feed my family and stay sane. 


What do you like to read?  For yourself?  With your kids?

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Mamabeakley, here's the recipe :)


6 cups flour (use bread flour for best results, but AP does fine too!)

1T baking powder
1T yeast
1T salt
2 1/4 cups water
1/4 cup oil.
Directions: Mix all of the ingredients together and knead for five minutes (you can totally use your mixer or food processor to mix it up-I do it old school because I have a thing for playing with dough, lol) Let your dough rest for five minutes or so and divide into three equal parts, shape/stretch into circles (or triangles…whatever pizza shape floats your boat
J) top with cold sauce, cheese, and pre-cooked meats or veggies. If you want to use veggies either slice them super thin before putting them on or parcook bigger things (like broccoli florets, etc.) Put them on cardboard rounds (for this I cut circles from the sides of cardboard boxes, if you feel sketchy about the boxes cover the circles with foil) cover the pizzas with plastic wrap and freeze solid. To cook you just pop one out, take off the plastic wrap, and put it in the oven I have an untreated piece of ceramic that I use as a stone but you can use a sheet pan too! Bake for 25-30 minutes at 425 F

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Eep and I missed the what do I read, I read a lot of theory books about the things I enjoy, like books on fermentation, baking, etc. I love reading about how other people cook things/make things/do things so books on that kind of stuff rock my socks, I love great fantasy stories (ala the Thomas Covenant Series, the Mists of Avalon, Neil Gaiman anything), anything on history or the etimologies of differnet peoples/languages...biographies of creative greats, I like historical fiction, I have a complete love for classical literature, I also really like Kerouac, Steinbeck, Whitman (I mean who doesn't love The Howl????!!!) I am a non-rhyming poetry lover and closet writer...I had a blog for 6 years where I wrote but I got weirded out when it started getting traffic, lol. Really I will read and finish anything anyone gives me or I find...I mean books are a dying breed and I like words a lot :) The babes love Maurice Sendak, Beatrix Potter, William Steig, Shel Silverstein....they also really dig The Chronicles of Narnia and anything with furry creatures, oogly monsters, dancing rabbits, or anything with involving rainboots and/or tutus :)

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Hehe, I was an anthro major (LOVE) and my husband just finished his MAT and will start his first teaching job this fall.  I'm working on a masters in nutrition now, and you and MBA, wowee.  Has the juggling of schedules been stressful for you and DH?  How do you find time to study with taking care of your babies and cooking so much wonderful yumminess?  We like to say that we don't sleep when asked :)  Are you interested in pursuing a career outside the home someday?

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Esp- we have so much in common :) ! Fortunately I am doing the bulk of my school work online at the moment, which is big switch but DH is gone a lot between working, school, and student teaching. Juggling the schedules is stressful in the sense that I never really like being away from my kids so when I have to take a class on campus it's a bummer, I am pretty used to DH being gone a lot with his crazy school/work schedules, and am really grateful he is dedicated to supporting our family. I bring in a modest income from my business, and I tinker with stuff...and so I thought that an MBA would be really practical to have, plus DH has his little brewery that is enjoying moderate success-and I figured knowing more about business law, etc would prove useful if that makes sense. As for how I find time? Hmmm, I do my best to keep my school stuff to the evenings and nights when the babes are sleeping as they don't have a terrific concept of being quiet while I study, lol, I cook off and on all day :) I use a biga with my breads that slow rises overnight so I mix the biga together at night and in the morning make up loaves-I bake 10 loaves 3x a week (we give loaves to our friends/neighbors too), ....some days I feel like I balanced life well-other days? eh, not so much, I think/hope it's similar for us all :)

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Sounds like having a MBA is perfect for your family and for your (and DH's) talents.  I hear ya on the having to leave babies at home for class :(  My oldest hates it when I take classes, but I think we set a good example for the LO's when we demonstrate that mamas have many strengths and the importance of education and goal setting.

I really admire the way you balance it all, good work mama!

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