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Name Thread

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I know we have some name threads, but do we have a general name thread for those of us still looking for names?  





We have some lists for both boy and girl.  We're not really in LOVE with any of the names, but I figured i'd throw some out there and if anyone can give some further ideas and feedback that would be great.  


Everyone can do the same or just comment or whatever.  :)














I also like the name Tor for a boy, but as a nickname, I'd want a longer name to go with.  Any ideas?

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Oh, I LOVE Cedar for a boy and Winter for a girl. 

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We're already decided on a name, but my full list including some randoms that DH would never go for smile.gif was:


I especially love Julian (Jules for short) and Charlotte (Lottie for short).


DH's darling grandparents were named Jack and Lillian, I have always thought that having kids named Jack and Lil after them would be really, really cute. 



John (family name)
Jack (family name)
James (family name)

Cameron (family name)
Benjamin - Ben
Julian - Jules

Ellis (family name)
Evelyn (family name)

Celeste (family name)
Gillian (family name)
Lillian (family name)



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you have some great family names! some of the family names my mom has suggested are Duncan and Minnie Myrtle lol.gif we have a Felix in our family tree but DS is Phoenix so that would be silly.

We have decided on Juniper Lia for a girl (My grandmother was June, DH's mom was Basilia)
but I am struggling with a boy name. we HAD decided on Jude Sebastian but I am getting skittish as I see baby after baby in our local paper being born and named Jude. I am leaning towards McGuire as a first name, but I don't like the nickname Mac. Maggie would be a cute nickname for a girl named McGuire though.

Now I'm thinking Mateo. Boy names are so HARD!
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there are some lovely international names on this page: http://www.baby2see.com/names/world_baby_names.html
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Names are so tricky!! I have a short list of boy names that I'm comfortable with: Leo, August, Elias, Benedict (middle name will be Michael), but I'm stumped for girls. Lots of names I like well enough, but none that jump out enough to put on the short list. I'm starting to get a bit worried about it since I'm 35w1d and technically "full term" in 1w 6d... I've had two vivid baby dreams thus far and both times I had a girl. In one, no name was spoken but it wasn't a big deal, but in thd other dream I was really concerned i couldn't find the right name for this baby!
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well DH nixed Mateo. he suggested David. we are NOT on the same page here!

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I'm liking the name Bo or Beau but I can't decide 1. girl or boy name and 2. would I add make it a nickname or just as is? Hubby doesn't like Bodie or I'd use that as a boy. If I goggle it, some folks suggets a first name w/ a B and a second w/ an O. others on our lists Asa Theodore Colton Lily Agatha Emily or Emelia Emma Alexandra (can't use Alex as nickname, however b/c X coupled w/ last name sounds like a bodily fluid) Greta
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dmpkmom, I like Bo or Beau for a boy. I can't quite handle Beau for a girl (Bo is fine though) because it's a masculine adjective in french so it just strikes me as awkward on a girl, especially if you live anywhere near a french speaking population. Bodie is really cute. I don't think the people suggesting using B.O. as initials have thought it though all the way. I can't imagine going through Jr. High with initials that are slang for body odor!


I love Emelia!


We are still essentially stuck on names. DH likes Ronin for a boy, but it just doesn't feel quite right to me. My favourites are probably Orion and Peregrine, but I can't quite imagine using either one in real life. Barrett seemed good for awhile, until I suggested it to DH and he said, like Parrot? So that pretty much killed that one. Middle name choices are probably Stuart, Flynn, Daniel, or Donal.


Girls names aren't much better. Just about everything I like seems too match with DD's' name.


When DH gets back from his current work trip, we really need to get serious and at least come up with a short list or this baby might be nameless for ever.

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I had a dream last night that we had another beautiful baby boy, and his name was Hudson- we didn't name him that, it was the name he came with. Would you let a dream like that influence such an important decision? We are considering it, now, but before the dream, we had never even thought of it.
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Yes! If a name came to me in a dream, I would absolutely consider it! I actually keep hoping that will happen because I can't come up with anything myself it seems!
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't come up with a name. This baby just may remain nameless. DH and I just can't come up with something we both love.


Boy names we haven't rejected are:

Ieaun (pronounced yey-an)

Roderick Sylvan

Ilario Sylvan


Girl names are:

Eleri Lynaeve



Wow. Those really are pathetically short lists. Ieaun is definitely the front runner for a boy's name, if we could come up with a middle name. Feel free to throw out some suggestions. For a girl, DH likes Eleri but isn't sold on Lynaeve for a middle name. Maybe we'll just call the kid 'Baby'. Maybe I'll have a dream and we'll go with that. That would be nice.

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