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Originally Posted by lenny1027 View Post

So, I need to lose some weight. As in 10-15 pounds, ideally. I want to do it anyway, but I'm also thinking that maybe my extra weight is making TTC more difficult this time around. I KNOW that I am not going to lose this any time soon, and I'm not *really* trying to. I intend on gaining normally during pregnancy, and I DEFINITELY want to get pregnant as soon as possible. But I also haven't worked out since March and I really need to just "get healthy" again by working out regularly again. So I'm going to start that today. I'm just wondering to what extent it's okay to workout and not interfere with TTC. I mean, I know I shouldn't be hanging upside down or doing P90X or anything, but is it ok to do a semi-intense cardio/weight workout, like on a DVD? I worked out at the gym regularly during my first pregnancy, and nearly on the level that I had before I was pregnant (except for spinning and ab workouts), but I can't remember anything that I learned back then about safety. I had a very healthy pregnancy then. Thoughts?

I'm interested in this too. I'm currently at my heaviest weight ever, 30 lbs over what my weight typically is, due to some really difficult family stuff that happened. I started eating like total crap, and stopped going to the gym completely for more than 6 months. I knew I had gained weight, but I'm still kind of shocked at how much. I'm in the largest size clothing I've ever worn, and at that I still feel like a stuffed sausage.

There's a part of me that really wants to lose weight, and a bigger part of me that is afraid if I start actively trying to lose weight, it'll interfere with the TTC process, and I don't want to put that off. I feel so conflicted. On one hand, I know that overall weight loss to a healthy weight will help me to have a healthier pregnancy (and probably an easier time conceiving), I just don't want to put off conceiving any longer... We've already been at it for 5 cycles now, and DS is going to be 6 soon enough.
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Yes, conflicted, that is the word. I know my pregnancy will likely be easier, as will recovery, if I am in better shape beforehand, but I don't want the getting in shape to have a negative impact on the TTC process. (Also, a part of me -- the lazy part -- says what's the point in getting in shape now, why not just do it after the next pregnancy, which will be my last, instead of having to get back in shape twice? Ha.) I bought a DVD today, Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. It's supposed to give good results if you stick with it. I just did it now, and it was actually over with faster than I thought it would be and I do feel like I got a good workout. I think I'm going to stick with it for the month, thinking that if it DOES interfere with TTC, it will only be one cycle. The TTC "downsides" that I can think of are heart rate being too high, but it's only a 24 minute workout, and the bouncing up and down, but the portion of the workout that involves that is actually only 6 minutes. The rest is lifting and abs.  If anyone has any knowledge about either of those aspects in particular being a problem for TTC, I would be grateful to know.

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Lenny: you asked about vitex, so here's a link:


I'm sure there are lots of other websites out there with similar info, and I'm no medical pro, so not much. Good at evaluating medical websites, but that's the gist of what vitex is smile.gif

AFM: I'm definitely about 10-15 lbs overweight too. It's what I never lost from DD1, and I'm totally blaming it on her constantly nursing for the first 15 months, lol! I was back to my pre-DD2 weight by 4 months, without trying, so I am trying to lose some of the extra weight before ttc #3, because I hate the "fat and pregnant" feeling I had with DD2...it was a miserable pregnancy. I bought a Jillian Michaels DVD too...and then got pregnant with DD2 and never opened it!! Also, DH found an exercise bike for 300$ on Kijiji, so he's gonna see it tomorrow and if he likes it, we will have a bike in our basement for me to work out on smile.gif

Babydust to everyone this weekend!
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Hi ladies!  joy.gif


Introducing myself: I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to be here and to be posting this.  I've been a member here at MDC and a participant in the NMY (Not Mamas Yet) tribe for several years.  And now here I am (FINALLY!) starting my TTC journey!


I'm 26 years old and DH and I have been married since 2010.  I'd describe where we're at right now as "not avoiding".  Last month was my last cycle on BCPs, and I know it'll likely take my body a few months to adjust.  If it happens, I'll be thrilled, but I'm trying to be chill through my next cycle or two.  fingersx.gif  My plans right now are to take the prenatal I just bought and carefully chart to try and pinpoint when I O.


So hello, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and experiencing this wonderful time together.


 maydaymom10- please put me as "Waiting to O".  BFPChart2.gif  Thanks!

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Welcome, TwilightJoy!! I hope your stay with us is short! joy.gif
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TwilightJoy...so exciting to be at this point! I hope you have an easy, breezy ttc journey smile.gif

As for weight loss/exercise - I strongly believe that getting healthier will only benefit your little one, make your pregnancy easier and help you bounce back sooner postpartum. It also has potential to help your mood along the way. I've heard different things, but basically it seems that everything in moderation is key. Walking, swimming, water aerobics - all great to start even if already pregnant. Watch your heart rate, but don't use it as an excuse to avoid breaking a sweat! As for nutrition, eat clean, "real" foods (vs. processed foods) in moderation (with good amounts of protein, limiting carbs and fats) and your body will become healthier.

Just my two cents and what works for me!

Also interested to hear about this Vitex.
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Thanks for the advice, SweetMama, I think you're right. I'm going to make an effort to go to classes at the gym regularly, and maybe try some aquafit classes at the local pool.

AFM, I just went to the bathroom and had a tiny bit of red/pink spotting at cd24 (out of a 32 day cycle). Based on cm only, I'm guessing I'm 8-10 dpo today. The only time I've ever had mid-cycle spotting is when I had implantation bleeding when I conceived DS (I mistakenly thought the bleeding was my period and didn't figure out till much later that I was pregnant). I'm really hoping this is implantation bleeding, but also trying to not get my hopes up too much. Please cross your fingers for me that I'll have a BFP by next weekend!! (AF is due Saturday).
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Ooooh...exciting, SStones!! Fingers super crossed for you!

I'm feeling like the every other bd thing is easier said than done (with two kids running around here - we're either busy with them or exhausted by them). It might take a few more cycles just because of that!
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Studying Stones, my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!!

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Thanks for the warm welcomes and for putting me on the intro thread! heartbeat.gif

Studying Stones- sending good thoughts your way! I hope this is your month! I tried to chart stalk you, but difficult w/o temps. smile.gif Do you think you O'd on CD11?
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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

Thanks for the warm welcomes and for putting me on the intro thread! heartbeat.gif
Studying Stones- sending good thoughts your way! I hope this is your month! I tried to chart stalk you, but difficult w/o temps. smile.gif Do you think you O'd on CD11?

This is the month I decided not to temp:) We were camping aug. 2-7, so I didn't track cm during that time either, but I'm pretty sure I O'd on cd14 or 15...not sure why I feel that way, but that's what my intuition is telling me!
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