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So many beautiful, thoughful names fellow Mamas! Great reading suggestions as well.


We're doing pretty well here - i'm very excited because we brought down the twin mattress from the attic/spare room last night and set it up in our room - for me! DS is 4, and although he has his own bed, much prefers to sleep with DH and I. That has worked well - until now! After a nice discussion this wekeend, DS let us know that he is really not ready to sleep on his own yet, and we definitely don't want to push it, but... I'm ready to sleep solo! I decked out the matress in soft new sheets and four pilllows and had the best night of sleep in a week : ) DS slept happily with DH, and when he woke up for the morning, came down for snuggles - the best of both worlds!


On a less exciting note, and at the risk of tmi, I've been battling what seems like a mild yeast infection (no/little discharge, just itch) - this is the fourth day of topical yogurt applications, lots of probiotics and garlic, and a no sugar, almost no yeast (2 slices of Ezekiel bread in the morning) diet, and I think/hope I'm making headway!  Any other suggestions, Mamas? Hope you all have  agreat Wednesday, and I look fwd to keeping up with everyone!

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I would love to give some yeast infection advice, but unfortunately in the past when I've gotten a solid infection, the only way I've gotten rid of it was with over the counter products.  I have deterred the start of them by cutting out sugar and drinking tons of water though...  Homeopathy works well for me, so you might see if there is a homeopathic remedy for them.


I should go put this link in the maternity clothes section, but just found this super cool - so simple I can't believe I never thought of it! - idea for maternity skirts.  Exactly what I was looking for and didn't even know it!  Can't wait to try this.



Seeing my dp today for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks and he's staying through the weekend!  We're taking the kids to the coast and going camping, too.  xox

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For the yeast infection I would suggest boric acid capsules or hydrogen peroxide douching. It is important to get your pH back to normal and that helps tremendously. Some people say to avoid boric acid during pregnancy - others say it is fine. The research I have found is that in high doses in rats it can be a teratogen. A midwife I work with, who I really respect says she thinks after first trimester it is fine.


If you don't feel comfortable, do hydrogen peroxide douches. Start with diluting it 1:10 - but some people are fine with it up to full OTC strength. Use a funnel and lay reclining in the tub, pour some in. Hold it in as long as you can and repeat. The idea is to have it in for at least 20 minutes - and repeat several times a day if you can.


The boric acid capsules - if you do that put them in at night. They are a bit messy - a clear liquid will leak out over the night. Some people will wear a panty liner, but I just put a towel beneath me in bed. Put one capsule in per night for a few nights. Up to a week depending on the severity of your infection.


The other thing to consider is to make sure you have a yeast infection and not a bacterial one. Because the treatment for bacterial is a bit different.


Some people will put the garlic clove in the vagina - make sure it is whole and not nicked. I've never done this. I don't know how you peel a clove without nicking it!


I know a lot of people suggest topical yogurt, but the lactobacillus in yogurt is not really the same strain as the vagina. It does help some, but not as well. If you can get lactobacillus capsules with the vaginal strain (femdophilus is one and there is another, can't remember the name), you can insert those capsules. But it is helpful to do the boric acid or the hydrogen peroxide too - to get the pH back to normal, the lactobacillus can't live at the higher pH that yeast thrives at.


Good luck!

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NewCTmama - I had one in the 1st tri and, in addition to what you're doing already, I applied coconut oil topically with a couple drops of essential oil (tea tree oil and/or lavander), and added it into my diet. Also, I drank a couple Ts of apple cider vinegar in water 3x/day, as well as using it as a vaginal wash much like lulu described with hydrogen proxide (did that too...). And I did the garlic clove suppository thing at night, wasn't clear if you're only eating raw garlic or what but maybe try the suppositories if you're not doing that already. IME you have to peel the clove then score it lightly before you place it inside as the juice is what's most beneficial and you won't get much of that without nicking it up a bit. You don't, however, want to cut into it so deeply that if falls to pieces! Good luck :)

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NewCTmama-Sorry to hear you are having that problem mama, the only time I have yeast infections is during pregnancy and it is lousy. I second the hydrogen peroxide rinses but be prepared it stings, I also have had success with rinsing with a diluted apple cider vinegar solution using a peri bottle for three days , the other remedy that I swear by is gentian violet-it is very messy but it works like a charm when applied for a few days (I use rubber gloves and gently rub it on the exterior and interior) plus it is great to have on hand for when you are nursing in case you or your babe gets thrush...HTH mama!!


Kel-I have used that same tutorial!! Only my skirt doesn't fit anymore, lol

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Ugh - yeast! I tend to get VERY bad yeast infections when I get them. In addition to the above recommendations, I would add NO sugar- no fruit, no dairy (fructose, lactose) for a couple of days. They suck, I hope you find relief soon! Glad you got some sleep though - that is SO important!


kel - enjoy the camping trip! So glad you are getting some R&R :)


I had a wonderful dream last night that baby was born - it was a he, he was about 15 pounds with a full set of teeth and could talk lol, which made me sad that I would miss those baby-baby days! Anyway, I asked him if he liked the name I had picked out, and he made a yuck face and said no. then I realized I had said the wrong name, and asked if he liked the one I had actually picked out. He grinned from ear to ear and said, "YES mama! I LOVE it!" So I'm thinking I am on the right track. Even though I still hope he is a girl ;)

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Hi guys, I've also been out of the loop this week as we had family in town and I had two big projects due in school this week.

I love hearing everyone's name choices!  What fabulous names...  We thought we had a boy name picked out, but now that we know we're having a boy, we're questioning it, sigh.

I have also been on a book mission.  Organizing and trying to find time to read.  Honestly, the Olympics have played a serious role in deterring me from getting my reading done :) I am truly a summer olympics junkie.  I finally realized that today when DD2 was chanting this evening, "yay diving!" Since my overwhelming urge to clean but yet lack of energy has kicked in, I've asked DH to hire someone to clean the windows and blinds for my birthday.  He thinks that's the lamest birthday gift ever.

I went in to be checked for a UTI today because I have just been feeling out of sorts similar to how I felt the last time I had a kidney infection.  Good news is that my pee was clean, but I still feel like junk.  OB thought maybe that there is a stomach bug going around.  I did suspect that DD2 had an upset tummy yesterday, so may be that's it.  

Is anyone else feeling like time is running out to get ready?  I want to really enjoy this pregnancy and take yoga and read all of the books etc and I'm just not finding the time or energy.  Sounds like I need to take a chill pill to me.  Once this summer quarter is over, I'll have a month off, so hopefully I can regroup and change my energy.

I'm off to go fantasize about making cheese, sounds amazing...

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Had a great MW appt yesterday, AND DS2 felt the baby for the first time - he is the first one other that me to feel him/her. He such a beautiful look on his face when I told him he was the first one :)


I started having the kids decorate their quilt squares for the baby quilt yesterday (just using sharpies on white fabric, that I will quilt together). The conversations around the table were awesome:

DS2(10): I'm going to teach the baby to skate & bike & scooter, and probably to play soccer, too.

DP: What if s/he turns out to be better than you?

DS2: Then I guess I will quit competing and become a coach.


DS3(6): I'm going to teach the baby to swim & rock climb & play Minecraft

DS2: I'm never letting this baby near you on the computer. Minecraft is stupid and will rot it's brain.


Eve(7) (Jordan's daughter): There's a baby in Jen's tummy, you know!

Luke (2) (Dp's DS3): That's my sister!!!!

Eve: well it's kind of like my sister too, except it isn't, well maybe sort of. I don't really know. But I would really like it to be my sister.

Darius (6, friend who lives on our property): mama, will this baby be like my brother or sister, too?

Alyssa (his mom): not really, but you can call it anything you want, I bet Jen would be OK with that.

Darius: Jen, can it be my brother or sister? All of these kids have brothers & sisters & I don't.

Me: well, when the baby is born, it isn't going to know who it's 'real' brothers & sisters are - so if you love it, it will love you back like a brother.

Darius: That's freaking awesome.


Your morning entertainment, brought to you by the house of a million kids ;)

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Originally Posted by segolilymama View Post
...baby is born, it isn't going to know who it's 'real' brothers & sisters are - so if you love it, it will love you back like a brother.

Darius: That's freaking awesome.


Your morning entertainment, brought to you by the house of a million kids ;)


Very sweet conversation!  Sometimes I feel like there's a million kids over here and there are only 4!


NewCT mama--  Over here I sometimes get 'yeasty' during pregnancy, actually it's the only time I ever get that mildly itchy feeling.  The mws here suggest getting a peri bottle and putting a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and then adding water to it.  Then you keep it off to the side and after you pee you just rinse the outside area.  That plus wearing cotton underwear seems to stop it right away.  


I'm also someone who has put a whole garlic clove up there LOL.  Yeah, don't nick it, whole clove!  Otherwise it can burn ouch!


Had the ultrasound the other day....looks like one healthy baby!  The sonographer said everything looked normal.  Although we didn't find out the gender I did not see any boy parts (though she only quickly scanned over that area...but it has me wondering.  I was joking about that with DH.  I'm secretly hoping he flipped the switch so to speak, though I'm fine with either just hoping for good health!  The last two babies have been boys, my first two were girls.  I probably could use a break from all the testosterone. However, I will say I am seeing MORE drama from the girls as they reach the teenage years.  I'm fairly certain that my girls would be more enthusiastic about another girl!  My second DD kept on asking why I didn't ask LOL.  I told her if we find out at the birth nobody will be disappointed as the baby will be there already!  

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Segolily-Glad you had a great appt and that DS2 was able to feel the baby, how wonderful!  I love those conversations...so priceless!  I wish we could remember to record them sometimes, or at least write them down.  One of the many, many joys of children (and lots of 'em!).

Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but I can't hold it in anymore.  We had one issue with our anatomy scan.  Looks like baby's kidneys (renal pelvis) are measuring a little bit large.  The doctor advised me not to google it, which was probably the best advice I've ever gotten because I'm sure I would be obsessed.  She said she sees it quite frequently and it often resolves itself.  Worst case scenario, there is some kind of obstruction blocking the draining ability of the kidneys and the baby will need to have his urinary tract monitored after birth.  We have another US in a couple of weeks to see if things are resolved.  I am trying not to think about it, have just been focused on staying on an anti-inflammatory diet and keeping stress to an absolute minimum.  One morning I let my mind go to a place where I imagined the baby having to have surgery immediately after birth and I worked myself up into a completely frantic state.  I am not going to let myself go there again.  The doc said if everything looks normal in the next US we'll just forget the whole thing.  If the kidneys are still measuring large, she'll refer us to a specialist.  DH and I are not discussing it for fear of feeding off of each other's stress.  Ok...slipping back into my peaceful zone.

I hope everyone is having a lovely, sunny weekend!

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esp, I have had two friends (actually cousins) go through this with their little one's in utero. Both ended up being able to pee just fine after birth. One had both kidneys and both were working fine. Turns out that one had a kidney that was kind of "misplaced" and didn't function. Doctors said that it should never be an issue for him since the other one functioned perfectly. They are both happy, healthy little toddlers. smile.gif

Keep us updated on the next u/s.

Sorry for the added stress for you guys. hug2.gif

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esp--that IS great advice ie: don't google it! Many things in utero resolve themselves--it is a period of rapid growth and transformation. Make sure you do things that make you feel good and comforted and nurtured and supported right now ; ) 

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esp--I knew a mom who had a similar finding on an ultrasound and everything wound up resolving on its own.  Try not to stress out, but I'm glad you also vented to us.  It's not good to hold things in and worry about them.  hug2.gif

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Thank you all for your comforting words of wisdom.  They have really helped me to relax, I appreciate your sound advice!

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