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sc exemption each year?

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i know i can call and ask but i am tired of misinformation! any of you in south carolina, do you need an exemption each school year or just the first?

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I have no idea, I'm in WA and plan to homeschool, but I'll bump for you!

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It says nothing about needing to renew annually. I'm sure it would say it if that were necessary.

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thanks! i homeschooled for 11 years! this is the second year of public school for us. not liking it too much :/

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i didn't need to renew my kids' exemptions last year, but when changing schools you'll need to i believe.

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In NM, exemptions are only good for 9 months (so, a school year), and have to be notarized and then approved by the health department.

I know you are in SC; just mentioning this because I'm assuming it's the norm in most states to re-new yearly.
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I saw that your from NM, my son is going into preschool and I was just wondering what reasons you used for not vaccinating? I have the forms and they have omitted the option for reasons of consciousness and only allow medical or religious reasons.

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Yeah - as of July 20th the exemption form has changed to such that you need a religious reasoning to be approved by the health department. We just realized this after my DH drove up to SF with notorized documents (yesterday). You now have to explain your religious beliefs to be granted the exemption. It's frustrating with school starting so soon, to say the least.
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Sorry to seem so intrusive but what are the acceptable religious beliefs the state will accept? We too are trying to get this done prior to school starting.

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According to guidelines an officer of the church must write a letter saying the church uses prayer or spiritual means alone for healing or the exemption form is filled out by the parents...

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by explaining religious beliefs, does that mean the state will accept bible verses...just trying to figure out exactly what the state will accept since time is of the essence and its possible to be denied then a process for appeal will need to take place.

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