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Experiencing anxiety attacks/depression

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Hello, I am looking for any advice. My son is 6 months old and since he was born, I have worried about everything, which in turn stresses me out. Well recently, I started to have panic attacks. Everytime one of these would happen, I thought I was having a heart attack. I have been to the ER almost 4 times in like the past 2 weeks. I always think something is wrong with me medically and that I am not going to make it. Everytime I have an ache anywhere, I think the worst. Recently, I was prescribed Adivan a low dose and 50mg Zoloft. I have only taken the Adivan 3 times and it seems to help. I know it is highly addictive, so I am trying not to use it. I recently started Zoloft. However, I have had side effects of nausea and headahces and still having anxiety. How long does it take for it to start working? Did therapy help with anyone??  I am really at an end here and any advice that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated!!

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Post partum depression has been linked to a shortage of vitamin D and omega 3 fats in the diet, so first thing i would consider is diet and supplements. Spend time in the sun w/o sunscreen too - jus 15-20 min midday will help. Make sure your diet contains 100% grassfed beef, 100% grassfed butter and dairy and wild caught oily fish such as salmon, pastured (not just cage free but chickens running in fields) eggs and look at Nordic supplements - all of which are high in Omega 3 fats. Your doc can prob have your blood levels checked for vitamin D and thyroid levels. Borderline low thyroid could also contribute to depressed/slugglish feelings and can be remedied naturally with a knowledgeable integrative medicine physician.


Secondly, mindfulness meditation has been proven useful in reducing both anxiety and depression. Check out the work of Jon Kabat Zinn and see if you can buy/download one of his meditation CD's. Nursing might be a great time to practice meditating!


Begin to take notes on what triggers your anxiety and then write down the initial trigger, what makes it worse, how realistic the worries are, and some things you can do to interrupt the cycle. Have a plan in place. Sometimes just taking 10 deep breaths, inhaling until your stomach rises, slowly breathing out - can be enough to interrupt the panic. It actually calms down your brain and makes the neurons run differently. Spending time in nature looking as scenery or better yet on a short walk, doing some art or music or soemthing creative all can help with mood. 


Not professional advice... I am only a psych doctoral student, not licensed. I do however have some research experience with depression and anxiety. Best of luck to you!

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I have had  a LOT of anxiety from being a mom.  I asked my doctor for Zoloft once, but later got scared of taking it after reading about the side effects.  I tried St. John's Wort and it helps me tremendously,  IF you find yourself unable to stand the prescription meds anymore, St. John's Wort is a good natural substitute. (Note: You should never take St. John's Wort with drugs like Zoloft since they have the same effect on the brain.)   I've also been taking melatonin at night (3 mg), and it seems to improve my sleep quality (even if my son wakes me up a few times).  Improved sleep definitely helps with anxiety.  I can also second the suggestion you read some of Jon Kabat-Zinn's works-- specifically Full Catastrophe Living.  That book is life-changing.


Hang in there Jenny; it gets better!  You're just such a loving, concerned mom that it's making you stressed out!


Thanks, Attached Mama for all of your great suggestions.  I'll be trying those...

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Hi Jenny,


Go to your health food store and pick up a few things from Bach Flower Remedies.  I do this for a living and this will help you.  Flower remedies are safe, non toxic, and will not hurt the baby, and will help you.  You may need more than just Bach, this is what is sold in the U.S. - but lets start here if you like as your body is just out of balance.


Pick up Rescue Remedy (ask there-they will know what it is).  Use my instructions, as I do this for a living and they dont know much about it at health food stores.  You can read more about them at my site strongestminds.com

Put 16 drops in bottled water.  Sip throughout day, every day.  There was trauma for you in child birth- this will help to start to move you back into balance.  This may be all you need (you should begin to start feeling better).   If after one week, you are still experiencing, pick up




Rock Rose


Take these remedies  - 4 drops, 4x daily.  This should move you right back into balance.  Feel free to ask me any questions.  This is not at all bad for the baby, really, can only help!



Amy D. Cohen

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Christmaslover, how many St. John Wort pills do you take in a day one or two? I bought the extended release kind? Good choice or not?? Also, to  attached mama I went and bought Vitamin D pills and Omega 3 pills. I am hoping the combination of all these will help with the depression and anxiety. Please keep me updated Christmas lover and thanks to all!!

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Hi Ladies. I could really use some encouragement right now. Today I had a stress test done on my heart secondary to chest discomfort I have been feeling, which the doctor and I think is due to anxiety. However, I have had anxiety ever since I had that done. I took St. John Wort and that did not seem to help. I believe that tomorrow I will have to switch to Zoloft. When everyone experienced anxiety, did you worry all the time that you were ill and that you were dying?. I have no appetite and I feel nauseous. The doctor thought it might be a bug but I think it might be the depression and anxiety. I can not go a day without crying and I yell at my husband for no reason. I know he is over it. I always feel like something is wrong, I hate this. I go see a mental health specialist next week. I just want some reassurance that I am not the only one going through this. Prayers please and encouragement from those that have been through this will be deeply appreciated!! Thanks!! 

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Hugs to you Jenny!


You're not alone-- millions of people have anxiety disorder.  Having babies just brings it on really badly in some of us.  Just keep trying different things till you find what works for you.  I take 300mg of St. John's Wort most days-- sometimes 600 mg.  The recommended dosage is 900 mg per day, but that dosage makes me tired and I feel better after just taking one pill.  Many people say that it takes a few weeks for it to start working, but I'm one of the lucky ones who somehow gets instant relief from it.  Jut yesterday, I was miserable from pms depression, paralyzed with sadness, but about one hour after I took the St. John's Wort, I was able to go on with my day.  My brain must be really receptive to it.   Prescription drugs really help some people though.  I have friends who feel like Zoloft gave them their life back.  It just takes the anxiety away and makes them normal.  I have  a bottle of Zoloft, and I'm prepared to take it if I feel the St. John's Wort isn't helping anymore.  


Also, a lot of people with anxiety disorders had a bad childhood. I think it helps me to think back on the traumatic things that happened to me as a child and make that connection as to why I am prone to anxiety.  Being a victim of my mentally ill mother's rages probably caused mine.  Somehow it helps me to understand why I'm different from other people.  I was also neglected as a child,  so I think it makes me *overly* vigilant about caring for my children.  It's like I'm trying to give them the protection that I didn't have.  


I hope you find the thing that works for you!!!  

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Hi Jenny,


You are not alone. It took me years to realize that. My son is now 3 years od and I am pretty good but when he was one month old I started to have continuous panic attacks, anxiety, couldn't sleep or eat, thought I was dying and everything else terrible.

I thought I would never laugh again or enjoy my son.

I was like you and didn't want to take any meds but when I finally started Sertraline I felt hope. I also got to a point where I needed to live again and decided to take Xanax (a really low dosage, 1/2 a pill of 0.25 mg tablet) after taking it in the morning or whenever my anxiety was about to push me over the edge, I felt good again. Yes, they do say it is highly addictive but the low dosage I took didnt have any effects when I stopped it after a few months. You have to look at the pros and cons - I wanted to be happy and love my son, change his diaper, feed him etc so I had to take the step I had dredded for so long.

It helped more than I could have ever imagined and honestly, it is only temporary. You to get you out of this hole.

Another thing you should do or not do is read side effects. If I read them I will not take any medication.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I took Xanax with a psychiatrist by my side and she said that it is not as dangerous as people make it sound when taken in low dosages and as prescribed.


I hope this helps.


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I have a two month old little girl and she is my third. All my life I`ve been prone to anxiety/panic attacks and I`m not doing so well either. Not taking anything at the moment but I always feel better after a nice, long walk. Fresh air, sunshine and eating a well-balanced diet always helps me. That and my faith that God knows my situation.

It also helps to try and look at my situation when I`m feeling well. Then I remind myself when my heart starts to race that all of this isn`t real. Hope you feel better soon.

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I deleted a previous post because it contained a referral to Focus on the Family.  This organization advocates physical punishment of children which we do not support here at Mothering.  That referral is inappropriate in this community.

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Hi - to all of you!

You do not have to live with anxiety.  I am a Practitioner for Emotional Health and Wellness and have experienced what you have.  At one point, my husband could not fall asleep before me as I thought I would die (literally) if I fell asleep and would sleep sitting up!  It was awful.  You are just out of balance and need to be moved back into balance.  I work with homeopathy and flower remedies and it is the blend of flower remedies that will move you back into balance, relatively quickly, usually within the first month.  Dont go to the zoloft yet!  Take a look at my site (which I am revamping as it does not show how incredibly strong and powerful the remedies are to help us).  Feel free to phone me and ask questions - I will even speak to a bunch of people at one time if someone can arrange it.  It is great for us, our kids and even our animals.  On my website, go to the "about" page to get much needed information.  It is botanical medicine that works specically on our emotional state and you can feel better!  I really believe you will not need medication, I never did!


Even if you do not go through me, that is fine!  Look up practitioners and ask for a customized blend.  If you can find someone who works with more than just Bach that would be great for you.

[Admin note: Link removed as we do not host promotional posts of this nature]


Feel free to ask any questions.  I found the remedies through my own trauma, and it has changed my life!  I am now working to get it out there to everyone in the US.  I promise you can feel good again!



Amy D. Cohen, BFRP

[Admin note: Links and contact info removed as we do not host promotional posts of this nature]

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For a brain that will not shut off - always thinking - you need Boronia.  This will help you.   [Admin note: Link removed as we don't host promotional posts of this nature]

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Sorry I had to remove your links.  Please see notes above.  smile.gif

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Sorry about adding links. 

You can find any of the products online.  They will really help you.  Although "flower remedies" sounds like a sugar pill, lol, the health benefits for you are profound.  It is really what we are looking for to bring us back to joy and emotional health when moved so far out of balance.  I was going through a trauma, possibly a nervous breakdown (looking back), and when my doctor suggested a blend, I thought she was crazy!  But it changed my life.....brought me back to who I am, and now this is what I do for a living, so dont let the name push you away.  Try it, you'll like it!




Amy D. Cohen

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