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Another eczema question

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My dd has been battling some eczema all summer.  It is on her wrists and doesn't seem to be getting any worse or any better (well, it did get worse when she had a reaction to corn, but once the corn was gone it went right back to the usual).  It isn't horrible and doesn't seem to bother her that much, but it is pretty rough and has a couple of tiny scabs.  


In the past I was a firm believer that eczema had some sort of trigger, whether it be food or environmental.  Today I have been reading and it seems that many people don't believe that is the case.  I have always avoided putting anything stronger than lotion on her eczema thinking that once I eliminated the offending food or the season passed it would go away.  Now I am not so sure.


The thing that makes me think it is not food related is that it is really at a standstill, not getting better not getting worse.  Her diet is extremely limited because of loads of allergies and she hasn't had any new foods.  If it were food related it is likely the food is pretty frequently in her diet and that would make me think the eczema would get worse which it isn't.


Anyway, is it really true that most eczema isn't caused by food?  Also, does anyone get it in the summer?  People always talk about it getting worse in the winter, but it seems to be opposite for her.  It has been a dreadfully hot summer, could that be an issue?  Should I just try some OTC steroid cream and see if that clears it up?  Is there any danger in that, as long as I don't go overboard??  


Thanks for any insights.



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Something like 70% of eczema is just eczema.  Our house is Top 8 and gluten free and DD still has/had it.


It was bad at one point. I too don't like the steroid thing.  I did it wen it was really bad but that wasn't often.  I did do bleach baths (don't freak, when mixed correctly they are ad diluted as a pool) and vanacream.  Bathes twice a week in luke warm water, pat dry and lotion the heck out of her. Every night I would use a light mister and spray the areas and lotion them at that time.  Within a month to 6 weeks she had great skin.  It pops up here and there now but is nothing like it was.



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My exclusively breastfed daughter gets an eczema rash if I eat tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, or bell peppers.  (This is not a fun diet as she is also intolerant of milk protein, soy, and wheat.)  If I don't consume these foods at all and only bathe her in lukewarm water, she does not get a rash.  This is not to say that some eczema is not food related, but it is for my daughter.

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