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Hey everyone!


Zub - So sorry to hear that you are having early labour worries. I'll bet bedrest will really help, as hard as it will be going from being a runner to resting. I also have a friend who had very early frequent labour pains with her wee one. She never ended up dilating and is at 40 weeks this week, I'll be thinking 40 week thoughts for you!


Pregnova - All those places that fell through really were a sign! This is great for you, nothing better than being able to breath easy about labour plans! 


Vegan - great news about the mold situation! Hope you can get some sleep on that futon :)


Under - your doula sounds great! I'm really happy with ours too, but it sounds like you guys have a really great connection, I'm happy that this means a homebirth for you too!


Micro - epsom salt baths sound great, good way to get in the magnesium for sure. I totally see why you would be bummed about going back to work so soon. It's so hard to balance work/finances and spending quality time with our kids - there is never an easy way, and we feel guilty no matter what we choose it seems.


Silly - I'm 30 weeks now too - and now panicking that I'm still avoiding doing anything to prepare - ha ha! I'm glad that it wasn't morning sickness making a return!


Aurora - I love the name Aspen! Congrat's on your girl :) You have little ones that like to come early, does this mean that you'll be packing and preparing soon? I'm trying to get motivated to get things ready early in case I'm huge and uncomfortable at the end.


Joy - that sounds really stressful to have to worry about. Fingers crossed that everything stays in range for as long as possible!


AFM: I'm still feeling pretty good most days. My body gives me some big slaps in the head when I try to just be "normal" me: extra BH or something starts to ache etc. I forget that I can't just go and go all day. My hip pain is still my biggest complain at night. No pillow configuration or stretches work b/c it's the hip pressed into our too firm mattress. I'm sleeping on top of a soft blanket and pillow right now and it's helping a little. I really need to buy a big piece of foam to sleep on top of, but I'm not crazy about how toxic that would be, so I'll have to make this work. 

I'm still getting out for walks every day, but my bladder has just reduced in size again, so I may have to start just doing laps around our place so I can duck in to pee! 

I got the baby hat knitted - it looks so small! Compared to DS's big head I'm having a hard time imagining how tiny this guys little head will be :) 


Check-ups with the midwives are fine, all is well. I wish I had a really great connection with them, but I don't. I like them, I feel comfortable with them, I trust them - I just don't feel that excited about them, is that weird? Nothing that I'm wanting to change or anything, maybe I'm just too picky. I love our doula and feel really great with her and I have a close friend that has offered to help out during labour as much as she can which will be really nice - I'm really liking the idea of being surrounded by women actually - I feel like women are meant to be supporting eachother during birth and it gives me a sense of calm about things. (coming from a c-sec with a male OB last time)

I won't be going back to work myself after baby, but do have more schooling to finish - I'm anxious to get it finished, but will play things be ear with the baby.



At what point are people starting to pack hospital bags? I know sometimes even homebirthers pack a bag just in case, so I thought I'd ask. I overpacked last time and need to write out a more practical list. Maybe we should start a new thread to share anything we found helpful...

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Zub-yikes!  I hope things settle down and you can carry to term!


We left our old house nearly a month ago and yet I'm still in moving limbo over here, and it's driving me batty!  The end is in sight though, we finally got all our appliances delivered, the internet people are finally coming  to hook us up so dh can move home with us instead of living/working at his parent's house (he's self-employed, internet is essential).  And I'm hopeful that we'll get a vent made in the living room this weekend for the portable air conditioner so I can get some better relief from the heat.  We've had the air conditioner hooked up to the dryer vent the last couple weeks, but it was not in the best part of the house for cooling the living areas, and our dryer finally got here so, I had to move it to one of the bedrooms, which is even worse for cooling the necessary parts of the house. 


Pregnancy seems to be going well, I finally started really gaining weight.  I put on 9 pounds in the last 3 weeks, which takes me up to 16 pounds total!  My midwife was happy about it, I was a little startled that it came on so quickly, but I know it's probably a good thing.  Babe is still head up, but so was ds until around 32-33 weeks, so I'm not stressing over it just yet.  I get BH, but those don't bother me much either.  I think I was having them more frequently with ds, and he wasn't born until his due date.  Plus, the early labor contractions just felt so completely different than the BH for me.  It's getting hard for me to manage ds on my own though.  He just turned 3, and is acting up a bit more than normal (probably the moving stress/uncertainty) and having to wrestle him into the car or clothes or whatever is really starting to hurt my abs or pubic bone.  I really want to get back into the habit of walking regularly, but the temps seem endlessly in the upper 90s, and I just can't get up the nerve to go when I don't even have a cool house to come back to.  I'd go in the evening, but ds has been going to bed early, and without dh at home, I can't leave the house while ds sleeps. 


So that's me.  I'm looking forward to catching up with every one next week. 

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Spring-- I agree about the midwife situation.  I have 4 midwives and I really like them, but find it impossible for form a connection when there are so many.  I haven't even met one of them- that is my fault due to reschedulling my appointments when they orginally had me schedulled with her.  Overall, though, I think that I have realized, over time, that the midwives are great, but in my experience they come in when they have time and/or when you're giving birth and therefore I don't think I feel the need to form a connection.  It's not like they are there when you are in labor, like a doula.  There are exceptions to the rule though....my sister gave birth in a freestanding birth center and the midwife was there the entire time.  I am most concerned about my connection with my doula...although I have nothing to worry about since my doula is my best friend and "little" 34 yo sister!!  :)  Also-- my midwife said epsom salt baths and chiropractor's can help with hip pain....  Haven't tried either yet, but will try the bath soon.  I hesitate to use a chiropractor bc my insurance won't cover it and I don't want to spend lots of money if I'm not sure if it's going to work.


Angel-- I feel for you....it's so hot here as well...and if I didn't have a AC to come home to, I don't know if I could convince myself.  I am definitly walking less.  I am just so tired from waking up to hip pain and flipping all night long....

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springmum- idk why, but I have this weird obsession with getting all my supplies for the birth put into a box. lol Maybe that's my equivalent of a hospital bag right now. I'm having my doula over to get to know our apartment in early September, and I want to have everything organized exactly how I'll leave it for the birth so that she know where anything pertinent is located and can easily bring me whatever I ask for.Plus, she's had two UCs herself, so I want her to be able to check over what I've gathered and be able to suggest whatever else I might want that I hadn't yet thought of. So, I think my project for next two weeks is to stock up on everything and put it all in a box I won't hate looking at for however long it takes for Babe to arrive! lol Maybe I should find something ds could paint?

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Wow, you guys with the individual replies are amazing. I am reading and following along, but I'm not sure I can make individual responses. I'm loving the updates and glad to hear all the good news. And sorry to hear about the threaetened pre-term labor and bedrest.

I had my appointment today and it went well. Baby is measuring 2-3 weeks big, which is good, because pre-e and bp issues usually inhibit growth. My fluid level is perfect, placenta looks great. Baby was tranverse looking down. She was a stinker and wouldn't give us a face shot or even a decent profile. Dr said at first she was hiding her gender, but then she revealed and he confirmed girly parts. She has been breech so I'm glad she has gone tranverse because she is at least heading in the right direction. This is a first for me. All my girls were head down by 20 weeks and stayed that way. I have to do more 24hour urine and bloodwork next week and then I have to do another BPP in 3 weeks.

I don't usually pack my bag till closer to due date, but I'm thinking of throwing together a small bag of must-haves, just in case. But I'm a procrastinator so I probably won't.

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I'm not sure that I'll pack a bag for me just in case - unless my midwife tells me I should (having a homebirth). But I def think I'll put together a bag for DD in case I need to transfer or in case I just can't handle having her here and need a friend to come grab her. I'm doubtful that will happen, especially since the doula is supposed to be in charge of her. But today I had a stomach ache and just wanted to lie on the couch on my left side and instead of being nice and understanding bc mommy didn't feel well, she threw herself on the floor and got mad at me bc she wanted my spot. I definitely don't see myself handling that well while in labor! I'm just hoping she wouldn't be that way though bc she seems to really want to help make me feel better when I'm in labor - she always practices giving me back rubs, like she sees people doing in the birth books we've read.


Silly: I saw the chiro pretty regularly in my last preg. I did find it helped with hip pain. But nothing they did ever lasted more than a few days bc of the relaxin - it would just slip back out of place. I've really been putting off going this time too bc I don't want to pay out of pocket. My insurance covered a good chunk last time! I'm betting I'll end up going before this is over, but I'm waiting until I really need to go. 



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zub- hopefully the baby decides to stay put for a while longer!


Names: We had one selected before I even knew i was pregnant.. This little one will be Annabella Lynn..Bella for short unless my daughter's have a say in it then they like hitchhiker. They say it suits her lol.gif


Packing bags: I usually wait until around ohh 39 weeks. I have NEVER used my labor bag. My first I just didn't want my hubby to go get it, the 2nd was an unplanned uc and my 3rd I got to the hospital around 830-9 and had him around 10.. The last one I didn't even make it out of the triage room, he was delivered there. I will still pack a labor bag.. I generally pack several small bags.. 1 for labor, 1 for post partum and 1 for coming home for me then the diaper bag for the baby. Oh and I have to pack bags for the older ones to take with them but fist I have to find someone to watch them! I know NO ONE over here, I have no due who will watch them honestly.


Ive been sicker than anything this pregnancy to the point I barely function most days.. an I say this is the first time Id rather the baby arrive sooner rather than later? Shes breech though so first she needs to flip baby flip Sheepish.gif By early though I mean like 39 weeks instead of waiting to 40+.. Of course because I feel that way shes going to be my 42 weeker wink1.gif

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zub- You and yours are in my thoughts! With my last pregnancy I ended up on bed rest at 31 weeks. It was rough, but worth it. I was on bed rest from 31 weeks to 36 weeks and then baby took another week to come. She was healthy at 37 weeks! I am hoping for the same for you!


silly- I am going to stay home this school year too, but I may help with guided reading a few hours a week after Christmas break. I would like to bring in a little money too, and it would be good to keep my foot in the door, you know?


pregnova- I am so glad you are feeling at home in your new place! And, I am glad you feel comfortable with your doula.


vegan-Hurray for easy fixes! That could have been a nightmare, so I am happy for you that it was not too bad to clean up! I was a SAHM until last school year. I waited until our youngest was entering kindergarten, and then I went to work. This baby is a huge surprise, but we are really excited!


micro- It is always nice to hear that someone else loves the name Beatrix! Most people irl I have floated it by absolutely hate it. I am sorry you are bummed about going back to work. I am glad you get a few months home with your sweet babe though! It is a hard decision, and I still wonder if I am doing the right thing by staying home this school year. I definitely want too, I just worry about finances and getting a job again, when I am ready. The job market is stiff out there.


under- Yay for finding a great doula! Babysitting sounds like a great way to bring in a little money.


spring- I plan on packing my bags soon. I am planning on birthing this baby at home if she is not too early. My labor's have gotten progressively faster each time, so I am also going to back a bag to keep in the car in case I go into labor while out and about. My kids go to a fantastic school that is about 35 minutes away from home, so I want to be prepared for anything. My sister and friend both teach there and their kids attend as well, so they are going to help with driving my children until after this baby is born. My hips are killing me too, I am sorry you hurt!


angel- I hope you get settled in soon! I imagine you are ready for some peace and down time.


joy- Congrats on the girl! I am sure she will turn soon, and you are right, she is halfway there now! My little ones stay transverse until just a few days before they are born. 


oki- LOL! Hitchhiker! I love it! I am sorry you have been so sick. 39 weeks sounds perfect. 


AFM: Doing good, tired as all get out though. We took the kids swimming yesterday and that was fabulous! We had so much fun! I was completely knackered after so we had popcorn and leftover pizza (from lunch) for dinner. Sheepish.gif The kids thought it was the best day ever! LOL! 


My dh is in a management training program at work and he is not allowed to take any days off while in it. It was supposed to end right as I hit 36 weeks but they pushed it back a week. I am just hoping and praying this baby makes to to 37 weeks for lots of reasons, but this is a big reason. 


I have lots of knitting and sewing to do for this wee one, but it is so hot and I am pretty unmotivated. Wish me luck.

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Ack, I never thought about having stuff in the car! LOL. I'm sort of expecting a super fast labor - but guessing I probably won't venture very far from home at the end. 


So I was at Joanne's Fabric today getting jewelry making supplies for my 3 yr old. (she's sooo excited to make dress up jewelry) Anyway, they've have fall/autumn stuff out for a while now! I'm always a sucker for fall decorations. I've done a good job resisting - until now. I couldn't resist this little "welcome" thing. It just makes me think "welcome fall baby". :-) I think I'll put it out for labor. Now watch this baby come at the end of summer. ;-)








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Super cute welcome sign! I think it is a terrific welcome for your babe! I love Autumn! It is my favorite season. 


LOL about the car. Normally I would just stay super close to home too, but with my children attending school 35 minutes away, I want to be prepared. My sister and friend are going to drive my kids, but you never know if they might get hurt or sick and then I would go get them. My third child's labor (first labor and vaginal birth after 2 c-sections) was 3.5 hours and then my fourth child's labor was 1.5 hours, so this next one could be super fast. With both children I went into labor late on Saturday night and had them both early Sunday morning while the other children slept. I am hoping for the same this time too. love.gif

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Wow, Aurora - 1.5 hours?! Was it just overwhelming bc it happened so fast? My first labor was 7.5 hours so I really don't know what I'll get this time - but everyone is sort of preparing to be able to get to me very quickly, just in case it's only 2-4 hours this time. I know it could be longer this time though.

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It was very overwhelming and afterwards I felt like I had been run over by a bus. lol.gif  Like you, I realize this time could be longer, but who knows? I think you are wise to prepare for a fast birth.

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Wow, those are some fast births! lol I'm a *teeny* bit envious! lol I'm hoping for something in the 24 hour range this time although technically, my active labor was only 8 hours last time.


I also went to the craft store today to get my last bit of crafty shopping in before Baby. With the bus, it's a haul, so I doubt I'll get a chance to go again. But, I got yarn for some pumpkin hats to knit for ds and the baby, and a bunch of felt to start working on my mobiles. I have a rainbow one and a black and white montessori one planned out in my head. I also got some more wool for one last diaper cover, and some not yucky acrylic yarn for a baby blanket because I just realized I only knit one blanket and this babe only has three blankets total! yikes!

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Pregnova: I want to see your mobiles when you're done! And pumpkin hats sound SO adorable!!


I am so sore today! DH has been out of town for the last 4 days and just got home tonight. I'm so glad!!! My hip now throbs, even when sitting in a chair - i'm guessing from sleeping on the futon all weekend. My sciatica is so bad today I can hardly walk. I have a super sore spot on my belly that feels like she is just pressing pressing pressing - but it's up SO high!! And my boobs hurt today. So I'm delightful. LOL. Hopefully sleeping in my own bed tonight will help me feel better. I'm getting a prenatal massage on wed (DH's b-day gift). But at this point I think I might finally break down and go to the chiropractor!


Have any of you checked out Dandlez's recent blog post? Her little guy is looking GREAT! He's even starting to get a little pudge. It made me so happy to see! Plus it's crazy to see him and think that my baby is about the same size, etc as him. Or maybe he is bigger? I don't know if they grow faster on the inside or out? 



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Oh how I long to delve into making adorable baby things!  Alas, the moving has taken precedence, but look!  I'm online!  At my house!  It's a miracle!  I have been getting some knitting time in, but I can't seem to finish anything.  I'm really close on an adorable fall dress for me.  I found I had a lack of cute dresses I could nurse in last time, and this one has a big cross over collar that opens nice and wide!  I'm also really close on a wool baby romper that I dyed the yarn for.  I need to make a romper for my sister's Oct baby, and I want to make matching pumpkin hats for hers and mine.  And hopefully another romper for mine.  I'm itching to set up my sewing machine, but it's going in dh's office and he hasn't been here to put away the boxes that are in the way. 


Dh is moving home with his computer tonight, I'm so excited!  Ds has really been missing him, and I am tired of being single parent.  Plus, I was starting to feel like a kept woman, with him only coming over on weekends to do a few things around the house and have sex, lol. 


Sorry to those who are suffering from hip pain :(  I'd definitely look into getting a nice soft mattress topper.  I was so glad last time that we had a sleep number bed.  I usually like it on the firm side, but when all those nights of side sleeping starting making me ache I just let some air out so it was softer and it helped a ton.  My sister just got a mattress topper for her firm bed and she noticed a big difference right away.  I have pain around my pubic bones off and on, but it gets better when I lay down and adjust it. 

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Sorrry, guys, I forgot to share about my herbal bath. We use Shonda Parker's. My midwife was with her at a lot of her births. They are good friends. So my midwife has been using her recipe forever. You can order it Here . The herbs are listed right on it so you could also make your own. We put the herbs in a big stock pot with fresh garlic and boil it. We start it usually about when mom starts transition. I love the smell because I have associated it with a new baby. Then we strain it into the bath. Put a paper towel in the strainer before pouring it through so you don't get pieces in the tub. Be prepared if you share pics of the bath because it looks odd, people either assume it's bloody water from birth or dirty water. It's a very precious moment. Babies tend to fold up how they were in utero and moms are always going "Oh there's that foot" or elbow. And it gives moms a chance to really check out their babe. It's very healing for sore bums too. And kinda helps moms come down a little from the high so they can rest.

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Angel - yay for being in the house with working internet!

Joy - that herbal bath sounds really nice! 


Dandy's blog has really been wonderful - I keep thinking about them, and it's so nice to see them doing well - what a journey!


Pumpkin hats sound like fun! I'm feeling crafty, but don't want to start anything new yet in case I get too many things on the go.


I got a big pregnancy slap in head last night. Took DS out for a walk and was feeling pretty good. Got home, showered and sat down to relax - when I went to stand up again my right groin (like where your thigh meets) was in so much pain! It's still tender today, so I'm waddling funny and some movements are just a no-go. I think this little guy just had another growth spurt and I underestimated just how pregnant I really am....silly me :(


Speaking of growth spurt, the last of my t-shirts that were barely hanging on as a clothing option are now definitely out - ha ha! Is anyone else already tired of trying to find clothes that fit..


In good news, friend #2 (of 5 who are due before me!) just had her 2nd baby and it was a wonderful hospital birth! She had a really rough first birth and when she told me the details of this one, it sounded great! Friend #1 had a great homebirth too. It's great hearing all these positive stories, even with different locations and comfort measures - it's very motivating! Plus I'll never get tired of looking at those little newborn faces :)


In other strange things - I woke up on my back last night in an odd position. I had my legs folded like they were crossed (as in when you sit on the floor cross-legged) and I was flat on my back. I was dreaming that I was propped up, but then I quickly woke up and realized where I was and changed positions. Other than a little toe tingling I felt fine (no racing heart or nausea or anything) and this little guy was more upset by me waking up to pee than that position, so I don't think I was there long - but it was so weird, I've never woken up like that before.  Nevermind the crazy dreams that I have in between waking.


Is anyone else having crazy dreams or doing anything unusual in their sleep? 

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lol, I've actually been having a really hard time sleeping...which is a first for me in this pregnancy. But, I think it's because I'm just too excited about this baby to let my mind drift off to sleep! lol It's ridiculous how excited I'm getting with each week!


I think our belly thread dropped way down, so I thought I'd share here...32 Weeks!


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Pregnova: Cute dress! And cute belly!! You should revive the belly thread! We forgot to take a pic last week but I'm going to try to take a decent one this Sunday bc my friends on Facebook have been bugging me for a belly pic. Sorry you're having trouble sleeping now. 


It's funny - I've been sleeping really well since moving back into my bedroom from the basement futon - it's like my bed is heavenly or something. LOL. But really well still means getting up every hour or two to either go pee or flip over my millions of pillows so I can roll over. I think the magnesium and restful legs sort of knock me out a bit. No crazy dreams lately. 


Baby is hiccuping right now. :-)


Has anyone noticed that movement is different now? Like she still moves a lot but it's more subtle feeling. I definitely get a knee or a heel poking out of my side sometimes but not so many real "kicks" - probably bc there is less room. 



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Yes! Movement is REALLY different now for me. Baby seems to have a set schedule now...and I hardly get 'kick's anymore...more like wiggles and rolls and pushes against my belly. I don't think there's much room left for big kicks anymore!


So...anyone else having LOTS of cervical twinges? And bum pressure...like the sort you get before you REALLY get the urge to push? Baby dropped a bit ago, and it was already low to begin with, but now it's like...idk...SERIOUSLY low feeling. I'm not worried about it, I think it's all just a result of good positioning, lol, but anyone else? I'm starting to get worried it's just going to fly out of me once things get moving!

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