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I must sound like an Apple Cider Vinegar sales person or something but I swear, for heartburn, NOTHING works as quickly or as consistently. I mix it with cold water and down it, some people make it like tea in warm water with some honey. The unfiltered kind. not Heinz.
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@Mamanfrancaise: Oh boy, I'm so sorry you had such a bad fight. Glad to hear you got everything off your chest though and are feeling better. Some men seem to need a wake up call every now and then.


SAme old, same old over here. I cleaned and scrubbed, washed and folded all weekend long and still didn't get everything done. I took the kids to the beach today. I didn't even want to stay long but we ended up staying 2hrs. AFter that we took a needed nap (I usually zoom out right around noon these days) and the kids had their yellowbelt karate test this PM. I don't know if they got it, I sure hope so :). I was not allowed to stay and watch (no parent was).


That's all...I have boring pregnancies...no aches, pains, issues etc. Just braxton hicks every now and then.

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MamanFrancaise-- that sounds horrid and I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, but it sounds like you have a good plan lined up. I hope it helps with all future dealings you get with the ex.

My midwife messaged me on Facebook today that she got back my bloodwork results and all looks well except my hemoglobin levels are low. I'm already taking Floradix, but only half the recommended dosage (instead of 10 oz twice a day, I've only been taking it once because it's so pricey, but clearly I need more, so I'll take it twice per day because this baby is worth it and so am I).

Made some progress in house stuff, but not nearly enough since my home visit is just a week from tomorrow! If my house isn't cleaned up more, I'll totally stress about it and I'm worried my blood pressure will get a high reading again! *breathe*

I really should bust out and read my Birthing From Within book. It changed my life, I swear. Need to actually start thinking of the actual birth now and really prepping for it!
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Wow, lots of updates and it's only tuesday! 


I agree about ACV. Oddly, I had more issues with reflux before I got pregnant. But I snack every two hours, so I guess there's never really any time when my tummy is empty and so not as much time for acid to accumulate and bubble. I also get something now and then if I eat a huge meal too close to bed time. I just have to remember to minimize all meals and make them more frequent and it's been ok.


Last night I slept terribly because I had a piece of Key Lime pie like an hour before I fell asleep. Now I have a real reason to stay away from the sugary foods! 


I'm 34 weeks today. It's so funny to think I was worried about my husband leaving for Japan and being alone at 34 weeks. I don't feel anywhere near having a baby. And I guess at this point, that's a good thing. Luckily he couldn't go anyway, but I just keep thinking "what are you worrying about?" I get the feeling I'll be like most first-timers and I'll be late. So I'm aiming for 41 weeks just so I don't get too worried at 40. Everything else has been good. My midwife never called me about the lab results, so I guess I don't have a UTI. I was taking vitamin c and cranberry pills just to be safe.


I had my first good jab in the ribs yesterday in the car. I'm guessing it was a foot. I literally felt my bones crunch. CRACK! DH had no clue, even though I could have sworn it was audible. He did hear me say "whoa! be nice to mommy!" And of course he's laughing. He keeps saying things to him like "ready for karate?" Although mostly I get the but rolling across the top of my belly, which is seriously like a scene from Alien and feels so weird. I guess he likes to shake his tushie!


There were just too many things to respond to, I'm sorry. I'll try to be more up on things for the rest of the week.

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So, last night I ended up taking 6 tums!  so I finally sucked it up and went to whole foods this morning.  I bought papaya enzymes and I learned from one of my friends that they have cider vinegar pills!!!  So I bought those too!  I am going to try them out at lunch time today.  I will let you know how it works!

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I slept like CRAP last night. I couldn't fall asleep (which is so abnormal for me) and then I couldn't stay asleep. Then DS jumped up into our bed around 3 and positioned himself so he was kneeing me in the boobs all the rest of the morning. they are so tender it was like murder! I finally gave up trying around 630. I have a MW appt today then DS is going to preschool and I'm doing a water fitness class. can't wait!
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Finally on Sunday I was in full-blown anxiety attack mode and called my midwife asking if I could take my anti-anxiety meds because I hadn't even needed them since before I was pregnant. I was crying so hard I'm surprised she even understood what I was saying. LOL

So sorry you had a horrid meltdown!  It's absolutely the worst.  I've started using warm baths to calm myself down, and the occasional half glass of wine.  People seem to become especially overbearing and annoying in the last weeks or pregnancy, and for me at least, I need my personal space more than ever.

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Hahahahaha.. I am *dying* here from a mix of laughter, embarrassment, and abject horror. My husband was up and out the door long before I was awake this morning, and when I went downstairs I noticed that he had moved to the guest room sometime during the night. I texted him to ask when he'd changed, and he said about 1:30, that he couldn't sleep much at all after that. "Oh, honey, why?" I asked, and he responded by sending me a voice memo.


My friends, my snoring sounds almost demonic. I don't even know how to describe it. I'm not usually a snorer, but have been one for the last few weeks, and now with the cold? HAAAAAA. Each snore has this little bark at the end? And because of what our lungs are like third tri, the intervals are that much shorter. It's awful, and hilarious. He had earplugs in and could still hear.


The best/worst part of it all is--I actually slept really, really well last night. ROTFLMAO.gif

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hyde - thanks for that story, you had my laughing out loud!  Wish you could share the vvoice memo!

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Hahaha, hyde! At least *you* got some good sleep!!

I, unfortunately, was in the poor sleep group! The power went out around 2:45 a.m. which woke up everybody (we all have fans running, partly for white noise, but also because it's so dang hot. So we had a fun flashlight gathering to let everybody wear off their excitement and then I brought dd4 in our bad so dd1 could have her bed (she didn't want to go back down to the basement). I had so much trouble falling back asleep! :/ The power finally came back on around 5:30am.

I'm ready for a nap wink1.gif
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Hahahahaha.. I am *dying* here from a mix of laughter, embarrassment, and abject horror. My husband was up and out the door long before I was awake this morning, and when I went downstairs I noticed that he had moved to the guest room sometime during the night. I texted him to ask when he'd changed, and he said about 1:30, that he couldn't sleep much at all after that. "Oh, honey, why?" I asked, and he responded by sending me a voice memo.


My friends, my snoring sounds almost demonic. I don't even know how to describe it. I'm not usually a snorer, but have been one for the last few weeks, and now with the cold? HAAAAAA. Each snore has this little bark at the end? And because of what our lungs are like third tri, the intervals are that much shorter. It's awful, and hilarious. He had earplugs in and could still hear.


The best/worst part of it all is--I actually slept really, really well last night. ROTFLMAO.gif


Hyde, you're so good-natured.  I would NOT be amused if DH recorded me snoring. 


I'm sorry so many of you are having rough nights and bad heartburn.  My heartburn this go round has been much milder than with either of my past pregnancies.  I do sometimes take TUMS in the middle of the night when I wake up to pee.  I know it's not the perfect natural thing to take, but when I mentioned it to my midwife she assured me it was not a problem at all, and it's easy, and I like the mint flavor, and it helps, so I'm sticking with it.  We ordered delivery pizza on Saturday evening because we were in the middle of project work and didn't want to break to fix food.  That night I had awful heartburn.  So, pizza's out for the rest of my pregnancy, which I don't mind at all.


We're having quite the week.  Late Saturday night a good friend came over to help DH load up two dressers we're getting rid of, and told DH his wife is leaving him.  He's been a SAHD for years, will maintain primary custody of their 2 young DDs and will continue living in the house, and we're good friends with their whole family.  I'm processing the news, and trying to figure out what we'll tell our girls and when.  It's not public yet. 


This morning DH's car (a 2005 civic that we bought new and has always been pretty dependable) wouldn't start.  He had it towed to a repair shop and we're waiting on the verdict.  DD2's birthday is next Tuesday and DD1's birthday is 6 days after that.  We're having a joint birthday party the weekend between, which I still need to do some planning and shopping for. 


And DH is suddenly following up on a possible job change back to a company he worked at for 7 years and left 1.5 years ago.  It may be an awesome opportunity, and he does need to leave his current job in the next year just because it has NOT been a good fit at all.  However, the timing is sort of wild.  Looks like he'll be doing an interview in the next week...

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Is anybody else kind of ... squeamish? or maybe just leary a bit of having a baby on Sept 11th?  I know it's not like a bad omen or something, but I would just feel a bit odd about it.  Nothing that would totally put me off, but of any days within the five week window of baby arrival dates, that's the one I'd rather avoid. 

Here's my two cents about this - I believe that God has a big hand in the creation of life.  Births are miracles, and while we should never forget 9/11, that day happened to create fear in our hearts.  We need to remember the tragedy, but we also need to remember that we can move forward.  What better way to show that than with new life?

My mom was born on Pearl Harbor Day. I bet that really meant something to her parents who lived through the attack on Pearl Harbor, but -for the rest of us- it really just helped keep track of what day is Pearl Harbor Day. It wasn't really that impactful for her growing up either. She knew it was the anniversary of the (then) only attack on American soil, but it was really just an event in history. Yes, I would prefer to be able to focus on remembering the attacks on that day and have Alex's birthday on another day, but I don't think it'll matter all that much to her.

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I grew up in a suburb of Oklahoma City, and I was in high school when the Murrah Federal Building was bombed (you could feel the explosion from where we were, but it was a while before students knew what had happened). I will remember that day and that date my entire life. However, I see a birth on that day (19 April) as a celebration of life, a reminder that our lives can so quickly change. Even when horrible things happen, wonderful things can happen, too. I feel similarly about 9/11, except that didn't affect me in the same way (I didn't directly know anyone who lost a loved one).
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OT here, but i just wanted to share my frustration on the LACK of boy shoe styles to choose from that don't all look the same conservative colors.  There are a few companies out there (puma and converse) who do a decent job of adding color to their boy shoe wardrobe but, not with fun bold graphics that AREN"T character driven.  I just posted a rant on fb about it.  I was looking at one company and the girls has 60 styles to choose from.  Boys had 23.  How is that fair in any universe?


My son is growing out of his squeaks and he wants a pair of shoes that'll make him go 'fast'.  In other words, with a lightening bolt or something on them.  not boring stripes.  


ARGH!!!  okay, just had to share my frustration.

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found these on etsy:

these are from Morgan and Milo: http://www.zappos.com/morgan-milo-kids-ltt-slip-on-lighting-bolt-toddler-youth-strong-blue-bolt?utm_source=shopstyle
apparently they come in blue or red.

Or you could go the etsy route and paint a lightening bolt on.

Had my 36w visit yesterday. She felt the baby anterior and in the center- neither laying on the right or the left, which she thought felt like a position babies get into when they are getting ready for birth! at least one more week ok baby??
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MadiMamacita-- That's so exciting! Hope baby's position really does mean good things for you (not tooooo early, just early enough wink1.gif ).

I get all the things I've read with bringing life in and such on.a tainted day, but I still wouldn't prefer it. Dh and I were married on September 8, 2001, so just three days before 9-11. That's close enough. ... I was *gasp* about three months pregnant at the time and it all really rocked mr with new marriage, new life, etc... Clearly it looks like I'll probably be setting myself up.for a birth on that date now wink1.gif

I go this afternoon to get my blood pressure rechecked by my chiro. It's her first day back from maternity leave and she's just there two hours. I hope i can also make an appointment for an adjustment because my right hip is killing me! I could hardly sleep last night because every position to lay in would cause this lightning bolt of shooting pain. Funtimes for sure wink1.gif
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I have been so extremely tired. So. Tired. And I have so much to do to get ready for this baby. I think the main problem is I get this second wind late at night and then don't get to sleep until after 1am or so. I usually do get to sleep in the next day though. I suppose getting used to wacky sleep patterns is a part of getting ready for baby, right? At least I do make up for it by sleeping in or napping. My son is 9 and my daughter is 6 and they are good about letting me rest without doing major damage to something in the house at their ages, lol. 


It seems my little guy has figured out that he can stretch his legs out and kick me in the ribs! Eeek. He gets hiccups a lot, like at least twice a day. My daughter was like that too. The other day he was tapping my belly in such a perfect rhythm that it looked like a pulse, lol, it was so odd. At first I thought it was my pulse from the extra blood volume, but it was just in this one spot and then Benji pushed way up with his foot in that spot. It cracked me up. 


We won't be moving out of this retched apartment until after the baby is born (lease ends October 31st) and so I am doing lots of things to get this place feeling acceptable to birth in. The main thing I want to do is reduce the bug population to zero, lol. We have already cut it back to about 2/3 of what it was so I know we can do it! We need to do some caulking in a few more hiding spots we found. I am seriously considering staying at my mom's house for a few days so we can do a bug bomb type treatment, but I'm not sure I truly feel comfortable with that even. The main issue is German roaches, and we have our fair share of spiders as well. I would love to hear any advice on this subject. Otherwise, I am nesting away - decluttering, scrubbing, and I'll be steam cleaning the carpets with our little steam cleaner. I think we need it done professionally though, I don't think the one we have cleans deeply enough for some of these stains in our carpet. We have found a nice apartment that has 3 bedrooms, lots of storage including walk in closets (our current place has very little closet space), a park right behind it, and its a block away from my husband's job. This is most likely where we will be moving to unless we find something better. If I find a house for rent in our price range, I would like that even better!


The baby shower is coming up this Saturday, and it will be nice to see some acquaintances I haven't seen in a while, and some family. My mother shared some shocking news a few weeks ago that my stepdad just found out he has non-Hodgkins lymphoma - but it made her want to do the baby shower even more so she has something happy to focus on. He is stage 4 and his chemo starts tomorrow. It is scary, he's a good husband and stepdad/grandpa, a hard worker - thankfully he has a great doctor that has a good track record with treating/putting into remission this particular type of cancer. 


My kids woke up this morning and drank almost all of my husband's 2 liter of Pepsi and a good amount of dark chocolate. Surprisingly they are not bouncing off the walls! But I think I will take a walk with them to the park down the road just to make sure they burn off all that sugar and caffeine lol. I could use some exercise as well, anyway. 

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Madimamacita, great news about the baby!


Worldshakerz, the new place sounds great.  I'm sorry to hear about your stepdad.  It sounds like he's in good hands, I'm hoping for the best for him. 

I woke up at 3am the other night and couldn't get back to sleep, DH was up too so we chatted in bed for a while. . . my stomach was hurting and I just couldn't get back to sleep. And this was the second night I'd been awake with a stomach ache.  I couldn't figure out the problem and after seriously, at least a half hour it dawned on me that I was hungry! It was hunger pangs and I just assumed that that was impossible because we'd had a huge dinner at about 8 or 9.  I got up, dug through the fridge for some hard boiled eggs I'd made the day before and fixed DH and I a little plate of eggs with sea salt, we ate them in bed, in the dark, I chugged a bunch of water and was back asleep within 15 minutes.  It cracks me up how happy he was to eat eggs in bed with me at 4am.  He's going to be a great dad.  :)

hyde, any chance you'd be willing to share the voice memo???!!!!!! ROTFLMAO.gif


katt, I hear you on the boy clothes/shoes - it seems like Zulily is 80% stuff for girls - and I'm pretty over boy clothes that say stuff like "Little Digger" or "Slam Dunk", just not my style.

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Katt, that's funny, 'cause a couple weeks ago I was ranting about the lack of selection of girls shoes. lol. There are 350 million options for sparkly, colourful, dressy sandals and shoes, but try to find one good pair of sporty, playground worthy sandals she can climb and run and splash around in! Most of the stores didn't have a single option in her size. After weeks of looking, I bought her a blue/black pair of boys sandals that work just fine, and later found a single pair of pink ones that can double as water shoes if I can ever get her to keep them on. I don't know why the manufactures can't balance things out a bit, and maybe realize little girls like to run and play, and little boys might like something other than blue/black/brown and Cars characters every once in awhle.


Hyde, that's hilarious and horrible all at once. I'm not sure my husband would have survived doing that to me!


MamanF, sorry your ex is causing you stress. It sounds like it's time for him to grow up. You'll have 3 kids to worry about as it is, you don't need to be responsible for him as well.


Judybean, good luck with your appointment! I hope your blood pressure is where it belongs and that you get some relief for your hip.


Birthdays, I've really enjoyed this discussion. I have to admit, I'd lean towards prefering that this baby's birthday is not Sept. 11, but if it happens, many of you have presented some great ways to reframe it as a positive.


Sleep, I'm in the not sleeping well category too. DD had a couple really rough nights where she was up really late, then woke up a couple times during the night, but she's been better for the last 2 nights so that's helped a bit. I'm pretty tossy/turny though and having trouble getting really comfortable. Oh well, only 6 to 8 more weeks, then I'll have a newborn keeping me up instead!


AFM, it's been hot since last week, and DH has been out of town except for 1.5 days since last Tuesday, plus my parents (who usually look after DD for a half day a week) are away so I've made almost no progress on my to do list. DH is probably away for another couple days next week, then I think I"ll ask him to take a day or two off so we can get the house in order before our midwife's home visit which should be 2 weeks from now.


My 34 week appointment is tomorrow, and I'm interested in seeing how things measure. At 32 weeks, I was measuring 34 weeks, and while I know that number means almost nothing, I'm sort of hoping not to be further ahead now. I'm really starting to feel big over the last few days. I'm short, so baby has been up in my ribs for ages, but now it feels like there's no room for him/her to go anywhere else. I was supposed to get my iron checked between last appointment and this one and never got around to it, so hopefully the midwife isn't too annoyed. I don't feel anemic, but at the same time, I'd rather double check and do something about it if I am. I might just pick up some Floradix and supplement just in case until I get those numbers checked.


This weekend is Edmonton Folk Fest, an awesome 4 day outdoor music festival that we try to get to every year, and I'm really looking forward to it. It does mean a lot of walking, mostly on hills so hopefully, my hips/pelvis/back stand up to it, and it's not too, too hot. I'm hoping I can take it easy, and let DH chase our daughter all over the festival grounds this year. Folk Fest was actually my DH's and my first date, 9 years ago, so it always feels like a special weekend.


And with that, I better get going. I need to get ready for the weekend, plus apparently I'm running to the pet store, as our *#$% cats just dumped the fish food container for the 2nd time this week, and there's pretty much none left out of a whole new jar.


Hope everyone's having a low stress, relaxing week!

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Carlin - The music festival sounds awesome!! 


My DH is taking a 4 day vacation soon and it looks like the in laws will be taking my kids for two of those days so we can have half of our vacation kid free. We haven't yet figured out what we will do with ourselves! LOL. We'll probably check out an art/music festival one of those days in Ybor City. 


Hyde - That sounds like something my DH would do. I have begun snoring as well though, and woken myself up doing it haha. 


MamanF - Having to deal with your ex like that seems so stressful. It sounds like you have a good plan to at least improve the situation. I ran into my ex husband a week ago (a one year marriage when I was 19 lol) and it was so embarrassing, he walked by and said, "Oh its The Ex" and made a really rude face at me. When I divorced him (for violent behavior) I was so relieved that I had no children with him so I would never have to deal with him on a regular basis again. He seems to be twice the @** he was when I knew him. And my daughter was like, "You used to date him? Ewwwwww!" Lol, that gave me such a much needed laugh. 

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