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JudyBean, Those are SO adorable!!!! I have NEVER seen any so cute in my life.  Not anywhere close.  I love them.  I'm coveting them.  Did you make up the pattern or use a store bought one?  I love baby nightgowns for the first month with all mine. They are so convenient I hardly ever use anything else.  Tell me more about your pattern! And where you get your fabric?

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JudyBean, Those are SO adorable!!!! I have NEVER seen any so cute in my life.  Not anywhere close.  I love them.  I'm coveting them.  Did you make up the pattern or use a store bought one?  I love baby nightgowns for the first month with all mine. They are so convenient I hardly ever use anything else.  Tell me more about your pattern! And where you get your fabric?

Wow! Thanks smile.gif

I used the Zwergenverpackung pattern by Farbenmix to make these, but any lap tee pattern would work (quick note, Farbenmix is a German pattern company that I adore! They have a ton of patterns and many are in English... probably the most comprehensive seller of them is www.banberryplace.com... I also have a ton of knit fabric from that site!). I know that Fishsticks Designs also has a good lap tee pattern (you can search it directly or get it on etsy or youcanmakethis.com). I just take a basic lap tee pattern and add 9.5-10" to the bottom and then create a casing around the bottom and run some elastic through it! I could explain more if needed or make a tutorial too!

I happened to get the giraffe print (and matching giraffe PUL that I've made some diapers with) from www.verybaby.com. I got the velour off of etsy from www.etsy.com/shop/Ottobredesign. I have a serious love of various European fabrics. I don't have a lot, but would rather have small amounts of fabric I adore than a lot of fabric I'm lukewarm about!
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There are a few other sites I frequent in shopping for knit fabrics (that's really the bulk of my sewing fabric of choice). I also like www.sewzannes.com, www.thefabricfairy.com, www.naturesfabrics.com, and www.girlcharlee.com. They all have quite extensive fabric selections and I've had good luck shopping at them (along with the links in my previous post!).
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Thanks Judybean, I am SO excited about all of these sewing pattern & fabric links!!!! I can't wait to sit down and go through each one.  I am also in awe of the cute sleepers, the cloud print is fantastic. 


Right now I'm off to pick my mom up from the airport.  She's very cat allergic so I dropped our cat off at the cattery yesterday for a few days and spent the day watching Project Runway and cleaning all of the linens, couch cover, pillows, rugs, etc so that she can breathe while she's here.  Burned out at about 6pm, rode bikes to the lake for a swim with DH, ate a huge dinner and crashed, so now the rest of my house is undone - dishes in sink, counters crumby, floors need to be mopped, and bathrooms not nearly as clean as MamanFrancaise's!! DH is still asleep so I've been tidying here and there but can't do anything major because our apartment carries sound like you wouldn't believe and the poor guy has been working like a dog this week, I want him to sleep in. 

I love the house when it's quiet like this in the early morning and the baby's kicking, I am looking forward to early quiet mornings holding and nursing him. 

Have a great weekend!

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MirandaM -- I forget often that you're in Switzerland, so you're closer to so much of what I love (my favorite pattern companies are based in Europe, along with so many of my coveted fabrics!  I'm jealous!)!  The direct Farbenmix site is http://www.farbenmix.com where they have TONS more patterns, but many are just in German (not sure how your German is... mine is pretty basic, but I can figure most things out.. plus... I can wing most things just by seeing pattern pieces... and.. if nothing, they have EXCELLENT visual step-by-step tutorials for all the patterns on their site too!). Like here is for the lap t-shirt pattern portion of the Zwergenverpackung pattern: http://www.farbenmix.de/en/zwergenverpackung-fotoanleitung-shirt.html ... Instructions are in German, but following pictures is universal ;)  There are actually a few other clothing pattern items along with that pattern.


AFM -- yesterday I cleaned my bedroom!  Like, AMAZINGLY cleaned it!  Probably hasn't been that clean since we moved in ;)  I'd post before an after pictures (except I didn't take any), but there's no way I'd post the 'before' pictures because it really was THAT cluttered!!  But it's lovely now!  Today is only supposed to be in the upper 80s (BLISS! SUCH a cooldown), so I'm hoping to hit the kitchen as long as my body holds out!

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Just stopping in quickly before breakfast-


dry/scratchy throats in a.m.- well, we all know where mine comes from. (glad the audio was good for a laugh!) i've been using a humidifier the past few nights and that soothes my throat a little- the air here is just really dry, especially with running a/c and a fan.


calpurnia, how are you doing? Was thinking about you last night.


WCM, what a rotten conversation. I wonder if that woman has any clue how she sounds. Is your husband on board with UC? 


judy, what adorable clothes! :) So happy to hear all the positive news re: family, cleaning, sewing.. fingers crossed for the weather to turn sooner than later.


Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start!

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My bedroom is currently that cluttered. It is the next project to tackle this weekend though! Having a family of 4 going on 5 and being in a 2 bedroom apartment - things pile up quickly around here. 


My DD is singing "Firework" at the top of her lungs right now. DS is reading. I'm straightening the house before I head over to my mom's for my baby shower today love.gif My mom told me she would help me with anything I need, if after the shower there are still things that I need. My stepdad had his first chemo treatment Thursday and so far so good, he feels fine so far. He'll be getting the treatments every 3 weeks until November. He is still working and plans to as long as he is able - it helps that he works from home because he can rest if he needs to. We're all feeling confident that he will respond well to treatment!  


My husband has been working crazy overtime. Tomorrow he'll have his first day off in about 3 weeks, it will be so nice to spend some time with him. So after the shower I'm planning on doing some major cleaning/organizing - I'd like to just relax tomorrow and I don't want my DH feeling obligated to do too much since he really needs a day of relaxation. I'm feeling ambitious, I hope my energy matches that ambition later in the day lol. 

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Yeah, I'm not too happy about the OB either.  It really does have me worried about what birthing in that hospital would be like... the only experience I have there is when I had my c/s.  I've come to peace with it, although it was unnecessary.  It happened.  Whatever.. but I sure as hell won't let it happen again (for unnecessary reasons, that is).  My husband is on board, but it's not his ideal choice.  He couldn't believe some of the things the OB said to me (he wasn't with me, didn't want to drag my kids in there in case things got heated).  He wants to talk to the midwives and ask them what good they are if they're nothing but labor support.  Fancy doulas?  I won't let him do that, but really, it does suck.  I hate the state of birth in our area.  It's terrible.  I'm totally comfortable with UC, it was my first choice for my DD2.. and then the c/s happened.  I guess we'll see how things pan out...



The weather has been *beautiful* for the past couple of days.  70s during the day, low 60s at night.  Hello open windows!  I love it.

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I obviously did way too much yesterday. I've been very tired today, but more than that I've been having quite a few contractions. I'm laying down on my left side and trying to keep hydrated. *sigh* I'm 36 weeks today .. so too dang early, baby. Stay put!
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I just realized that I've been lurking all week and haven't posted anything! I've just been having these crazy bouts of exhaustion for a few days at a time. I totally posted this in the wrong thread just a second ago too. I just wanted to pipe up and say hello to everyone.

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Originally Posted by hyde View Post


calpurnia, how are you doing? Was thinking about you last night.

I'm myself again, thank goodness.  If every day could be like today, I could make it to 42 weeks no problem.  So my goal is to make as many days great days as possible.  This will mean figuring out how to limit my time at the office.  I'm going to see how my boss feels about me working two days a week from home (ideally Thursdays and Fridays, to give me four days at home in a row each week). 


I was really feeling in a funk about when the baby will come - it's so hard not knowing, especially on days when I have false labor and have never experienced real labor to know the difference - but I spent a lot of time meditating and connecting with my baby.  Mae will come when she's meant to come, and it's a wonderful thing to be able to let go of all my worries and trust that process.  If she's ready today, yes it's early, but she will be fine.  If she's ready in a few weeks, even better.  I'm sure I'll slip again and feel depressed and tired of being pregnant, but at least I know that lots of rest keeps that negativity at bay.


I think I've been doing too much and not resting enough.  After almost 12 hours of sleep last night (even with about 6 potty interruptions it was still divine) I feel like myself again.  In fact, I felt so good this morning that I got the rest of my culinary nesting out of the way: batches of whole wheat pancakes and cornbread for the freezer and a big pot of beans.  DH and I enjoyed a big brunch of pancakes, strawberries, and sausage.  After we got the kitchen sparkling clean, I'm officially supposed to rest for at least the next hour and a half, then we can go to the pool.


I still feel super duper heavy, as my belly has practically doubled in size this past week, but it's definitely making its way downward.  Huzzah for progress!  Now if only I were four or five inches taller to give my stomach a bit of breathing room...

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Originally Posted by WindyCityMom View Post

what good they are if they're nothing but labor support.  Fancy doulas?  I won't let him do that, but really, it does suck.  I hate the state of birth in our area.  It's terrible.

I feel the same way. I'm so disappointed in my midwives' care. They have been distant, disorganized, and impersonal throughout my pregnancy. More often than not, when I showed up for my visits they either weren't expecting me, didn't have me in their system, forgot that I'm having twins, or I had to wait forever because they wouldn't have the NST machine ready for twins or whatever. Most of the time I felt like a name on a chart. Very disappointing. I kind of feel like maybe they checked out on my pregnancy because I'm having twins and they thought I would end up having a section anyway, especially because A has never been vertex. I don't know.

The silver lining, though, is that the OB they partner with is lovely. I feel so comfortable with her and I'm glad she will be delivering my babies.
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Hi Ladies, I've been lurking too, reading a lot but never answering.


@WCM: Wow...I'm speechless. I  can't really tell from your posts but are you still going with that OB and gonna birth in that hospital? You mentioned UC. Is that the only other option for you? Wishing you all the best. It's frustrating to see you having to fight so hard for a vaginal birth...almost ridiculous how many stones are in your way to achieve something that is so natural. Good luck.


@SEWING MOMS: I love seeing everyone so creative. I haven't really gotten into the swing of things sewing wise. I made a cover for the stroller and a changing pad, some wipes but that's about it.


AFM: Still in nesting mode. I'm cleaning like crazy every day. I feel sorry for my kids cause just toys in the living room drive me absolutely bonkers. I steam cleaned the carpets yesterday and DH rearranged the living room furniture. I cleaned up the toy room, washed chairs and done other little things that needed to be done. DH and I also had another bad bad blowout yesterday. Worst fight so far as long as I can remember. I said some pretty mean things and he did too...all in front of the kids. I felt so bad, I think I had a panic attack because divorce came up. It's my biggest fear. Apparently we're on total different levels relationship wise. While I think our life is perfectly fine and we're having a good relationship, he's missing the 'relations' which is understandable. It's hard for me (no pun lol)...I have no libido and I don't know what to do. He also said I was too hormonal, bitching at him whenever I have the opportunity. We talked it out and all was well in the evening. We had a great day today, we apologized to the kids, it should have never happened like that. I think I should start that little project with the post it notes on the bathroom mirror. Someone here brought it up. "30 reasons of why I appreciate my Hasi" LOL.


Other than that, I have no problems. I have plenty of braxton hicks and I get tired more easily. The heat is finally also getting to me. I can't wait for cooler weather and I'm secretly hoping baby is coming early BUT, not tomorrow (I'm only 34 weeks anyway) because I'm going to see Jason Mraz (whoop whoop), next Saturday is DD birthday party and AFTER THAT...baby can come. I have nothing packed so far, should do that. OMG is it really getting time to pack a bag? Holy cow...this pregnancy seemed to drag on forever and now it's almost time. We also don't have a name, oh no. Maybe we'll wait until the due date lol...just to get everything in order first.

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Judybean: super cute, as usual. :)


WCM: Not all midwives are like that. Mine, at the birth center, are incredible. They are knowledgeable, supportive, and (besides their concerns with my weight) make me feel very confident in their abilities to help me through this process.


Calpurnia: so glad you got some good sleep!


AFM:  I just had a prenatal massage, and I'm not sure how I feel about it! The woman did Chinese "cupping" on my back, thighs, and butt. She basically gave me what I thought was an "Indian burn" on my arms, and the cupping left these large hickey marks all over my shoulders and two lines down my upper back. She pushed so hard on my arm's tendons that they caused involuntary movements in my hands. Most of the massage was painful and I tried to practice my breathing and she said something like "this isn't as bad as contractions, girl!" (how do you know what I'm feeling?) I had two hours of pain relief after (probably due to adrenalin), but now my back is aching again and all the areas that were tender are now sore. I will watch it for a couple of days, but is this what prenatal massage is supposed to be like?? I don't love that I feel beat up and now my pain is back, so what the heck was the point?? I'm a little upset by this experience. Everyone else says she's great??

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is this what prenatal massage is supposed to be like?? I don't love that I feel beat up and now my pain is back, so what the heck was the point?? I'm a little upset by this experience. Everyone else says she's great??

I have had prenatal massages for all three pregnancies, using 4 different therapists. I have had fabulous, good, and boring experiences- never, never painful! The person I saw once back in June, and will see again next week, is so amazing that I felt like a new person afterward- like the weeks of hip, back, and pelvic stress had never happened. Do you find yourself having a difficult time providing feedback, normally, to massage therapists? I'm accustomed to all therapists letting up any time I even make a quick intake of breath or a quick 'ouch'- I can't imagine any reasonable massage therapist who'd think it normal for the body work to be actually painful. I even saw one massage therapist during my second pregnancy who seemed to be atraid to use any real pressure whatsoever.

If she was recommended by friends, I'd talk to them a bit to find out the details of their experiences. Otherwise, I'd call the therapist and discuss the treatment and your body's response with her. If I were in that line of work, I would really appreciate the feedback.
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help:  I do usually give feedback to therapists. I was sitting there saying "that's very tender" "ouch!" and gasping. But each time, before I would have the chance to say, do that less, she'd reassure me with some stupid remark like "yeah, you have a lot of tension, here" so it made me feel like I was the problem, not her. It kept distracting me. I'm usually SO GOOD at telling them less pressure.  And usually my therapists ask me how the pressure is. She even told me to let her know, but every time I would try, like I said, she'd turn it around like it was my body making that pain, and I needed that pressure to make it better. I'm so frustrated with myself and her!

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As of right now unless some event happens UC is my plan. i am too far along in my pregnancy to have to start looking for a new care provider. I am also on Medicaid and that is frustrating in itself. I am comfortable managing my birth and that's what we plan to do as of now.

My midwives are phenomenal as care providers and as people... But if they're just there for labor support and have little say in the decision re: whether to cut me open or not.. Id rather do without.
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We're writing our birthing wishes letter today! (Break now because sweetheart's dad called, so he went for a walk to chat with him.) So much fun thinking about how we want labor/birth to go! Right now I am way more confident about my choices than sweetheart is about his :). "Do you want to catch the baby?" "I don't know. Maybe? The midwives are experts at it." That becomes in our letter "[Sweetheart] wants to be actively involved with the birth. Maybe he will catch the baby, or he may prefer to have the midwife catch the baby." Our letter is full of "maybes" and "if we change our minds" because he is so concerned that me-now will make different choices than me-then, and me-now shouldn't restrict the choices of me-then. I think it is very sweet, but it is after all a wishes letter. Of course I have the ability to change my mind later :). Where we are birthing it isn't a risk that changing my mind will lead to medical interventions- it is a natural birthing clinic. It's more that I think I want to birth in the tub, but if it turns out I don't want to, then I will birth on land. To me that seems like an obvious maybe, but sweetheart prefers those maybes to be in our letter.  

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We had a weekend of great accomplishments!  DH steam cleaned the carpets while I finished the nursery and got bags packed.  Last night we went out to a fabulous, romantic dinner that left me energized enough for a nice long walk.  So I managed to get some exercise.  It's getting really hard to find the energy, but I need to get it in where I can.  Still doing the squats, kegels, and pelvic tilts like they're going out of style.


The baby's room is finally done!  We also have hospital bags and "car bags" packed.  DH was concerned about driving a laboring wife to the hospital, so I prepped grocery bags for each of our cars with chux pads, trash bags, and old towels.  At this point, pretty much all we need is a baby!  Of course there are other things on the to-do list to keep me busy while I wait, but it's nice knowing that we can spend the next few weekends relaxing, going to the pool, and enjoying time alone together while we still have it.


Has anyone started their evening primrose yet?  I started Friday.


Check out pictures of Mae's room below!

















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Wow! Great room!

Midwife wants me to wait till 37w to start EPO so I will start weds!
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