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Had my baby

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I know I wasn't the most active member of the club, but I just wanted to let eveyone know I had my baby boy on his due date, Aug. 1st.


He was a normal (really fast!!) delievery. He was born a bit blue and having trouble keeping his O2 up, and followup throughout  his first night showed he had an undetected heart defect. He's in the NICU now and doing great, and having surgery tomorrow.


I'll try to write up a birth story later, I've just had my phone, no computer, so didn't really check in until dh brought the laptop today.

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Congratulations on the birth. I'm sorry to hear about the heart defect and surgery, that's really scary. We had a minor complication that is frequently linked to heart defects and while nothing has been diagnosed at this point, it is possible that when blood flow reverses after birth that there could be an issue so I am trying to do my best to emotionally prepare for that possibility. I'm thinking of you and interested to hear more if and when you are ready to share.
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Congrats! I hope everything goes well with surgery tomorrow. 

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Justmee, congrats!  Can't wait to hear the birth story.  Best of luck with the surgery tomorrow.  I hope you're holding up well and get to see and hold your bambino in the meantime.  Keep us updated.  We'll be thinking of you!

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Congratulations on the birth Justmee and welcome to your baby boy! Wishing you all the best for the surgery. 

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Congratulations, Justmee! It sounds like it's been a bit of a rough road, but how wonderful that things are looking hopeful! Hoping the surgery goes well tomorrow--I'll be thinking about you and your little guy!

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Congratulations! I'm sure you are so full of mixed emotions right now - both excitement and worry. I will be thinking about you and hope that everything goes well with the surgery. You are a strong mama!!

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Congrats JustMee!!  Thinking of you and baby, sending positive thoughts for a successful surgery and quick recovery.  Please keep us posted!!

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Congratulations on the birth, Justmee.  I hope the surgery goes well.  Sending you and your family positive thoughts!

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Congratulations on your little boy, Justmee.  I'm thinking of you, your family and your little boy, and sending prayers for the surgery.

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Just a quick update. Came out of the surgery well thank goodness, now we are just waiting to go through each step in the recovery (should take a couple of weeks), and hope there were no complications they couldn't see (don't think so, but until they do a brain scan I won't feel totally 100% relaxed). Now is the waiting, being with him, and of course pumping. At the moment he is still under and on a ventilator until his lungs can totally take over (he had some fluid in them, which was to be expected but will still set us back a bit). First step to clear fluid, get him off the vent, get him woken up, then we can work on eating and growing again. It will be a long process, but as I said the surgery was a success and the heart is now working as it should (which should clean out his lungs)

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Congratulations on the birth of your little guy and big hugs to you as you both recover and heal. I'm so glad the surgery went well. I hope its smooth sailing for all from here on out.

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That's great to hear Justmee - please keep us posted on his recovery!!  Good luck - take it one day, one goal, at a time.  Sending you both lots of strength and healing vibes.....

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Good news about the surgery, Justmee. I hope that the healing goes as well or better than planned!

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Thanks for updating us, Justmee. So happy to hear that things are on track, even though the waiting must be very challenging. It's difficult to think about such a little body having to go through such big things so early in his life. Sending you and your little guy a lot of healing vibes and strength for the next while.

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