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August 6th Weekly Chat Thread!

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Since nobody else has started the thread yet this week, I figured I'd do it! How is everyone doing? We're having an explosion of babies right now! I keep looking at the Due Date thread to see who is supposed to be "up next." I'm due on Sunday, but my mom is convinced this little one is coming tomorrow. We'll see. :)


I can't believe we're all having our babies right now!! Yay!


Congrats to everyone who has just given birth!

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Congrats to everyone on the births!  Wow.  We are really cooking and it's still super early in August.


AFM, I'm still frustrated.  Today's the due date, but nothing other than some contractions Saturday night that woke me up for about an hour and then stopped.  Oh well.  I decided to just get back in the saddle again and do some work and get in a due date workout.  My sister is coming into town today and while I was really really hoping to get to show her a new baby, it'll be great to just hang out too.  I have my doc appointment at 1pm today, so I'll update if anything interesting develops, but I can't see anything happening.  I'm declining cervical checks anyway unless my doc has a reason for wanting one, so I don't anticipate learning anything earth shattering.

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Every time I check the site there are several new babies! It is so exciting. 


Sally, what do you think about your mom's prediction? I have been surprised because my mom has been so low key lately and hasn't been calling me for updates constantly, although she let slip that she keeps waking up all night long. I'm not complaining. This is a woman who drove me crazy at the beginning of my pregnancy asking the weird and insensitive question "are you still pregnant?" every time we spoke on the phone. Maybe she got the idea when I stopped responding at all to it. 


Lily, contractions are something! I hope you have a great time with your sister.


AFM, I am not even having contractions. N o t h i n g ! And it's been too hot here to even motivate myself to go for walks yesterday and today because it's already been in the upper 80s in the 8:00 hour. At least there's yoga. I had a really active day inside the house yesterday, though, cooking, cleaning, organizing, yoga, watching Olympics, and working on my project. I even took a few naps. For some reason Sundays are elastic and I seem to get so much more accomplished than the other days of the week.

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Hi everyone! It feels like things are really happening now! (for others, not me) All these new babies are so exciting.


Sally--I'll be curious to see if your mother's prediction comes true. I wonder how people get these intuitions about things, and if they're completely baseless or not. Are you ready to have your baby tomorrow, if that were the case? If so, I hope your mom is right!


Lilyl--I'm not where you're at yet, but I can sympathize with the frustration. Sooner or later, your baby will come--that's guaranteed. Hoping it'll be sooner, though, and that you'll find ways to occupy yourself/mind in the meantime (easier said than done!). At least your sister is around to be a bit of a distraction. I can't wait until we get to hear your news! It's gotta be soon!


Andaluza--good for you for staying active, especially in the heat! I've been experiencing a bit of a lack of motivation to get out for walks lately too, although I don't have the excuse of heat. And I agree--Sundays are wonderful, flexible days. You're getting close!


AFM, I'm 38 weeks today, and this past week was the first week I started feeling ready to be done being pregnant. I don't want to complain, because I've had a relatively easy and enjoyable pregnancy. But I'm just getting ready to have my body back, you know? It probably doesn't help to watch the Olympics and see all these nimble and graceful athletes jumping around. But overall I'm doing well. I would be happy to have this baby any time now. Our midwife appt. yesterday went well; everything is still looking good. My MIL is starting to get anxious and posting a lot on my Facebook wall asking when the baby's going to come, etc, which kind of bugs me. Sometimes I also get annoyed when people project certain emotions and things that they think I should be feeling, which my MIL also does. Like the fact that I should be sooo uncomfortable by now, or sooo ready to be done being pregnant. I don't know if I'm just being difficult, but I kind of don't want peoples' sympathy unless I am specifically complaining about something, which I don't usually do.


Anyway, best wishes to all the new mamas and babies, and those of us impatiently waiting for our own!

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Congratulations to all the mama's who are loving on their new babies!! So exciting to know new LO's are coming everyday now. joy.gif


Sally - Keep us posted. :) Does your mom have a history of being intuitive? Some ladies are just tuned into things that the rest of us miss. 


Lily - Have a great time visiting with your sister. How long is she staying? Maybe she'll get to be w you for the birth!


Andaluza - I agree, sundays are the best day of the week. We tend to just relax and get stuff done around the house...not quite as productive as your Sunday but it always feels great. :)


Sarah - Yay for 38 wks! I'm with you, I can't wait to feel like me again! But unlike you, I am not ready for this LO to come yet. I'm still hoping to go 41wks. We'll see what baby Lu thinks soon enough. I hope you can tune out all the 'are we there yet?' inquiries and projections. That can be super frustrating.


AFM, we're still trucking along. No changes or anything too exciting to report. DH and I spent yesterday at the beach. It was so nice. But I can't believe how huge my belly is looking! DH took a few pics and wow! Its funny how you don't really get a sense of the changes that are happening, then suddenly Bam! it's ginormous! Hah. I'll post a pic on the belly thread to illustrate. ;)

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Hi Everyone!  How exciting to see all these babies coming now, I can hardly keep track already!  It's like Christmas morning every time I come back to this site..... Best wishes to all of you who are still waiting!!  



Sallyrae - hope your mom's prediction is true... IF you're ready!!


Lily - happy EDD day to you (hang in there)!!  Enjoy your visit w/your sister, hopefully she'll get to meet your LO very very soon!  (I'm betting that you'll still have yours before mine comes!)


Andaluza - Moms can be weird sometimes, huh?!  I did not hear from my parents at all over the weekend, whereas everyone else seemed to be coming out of the woodwork checking in for updates....


Sarahdb - I want my body back tooooo!!  I've been trying so hard to be a good sport throughout this pregnancy, but now (post due date) I'm just starting to get stretch marks - and that's the final straw!!!  I totally agree that watching all the fit athletes on the Olympics only makes it worse, too!


LeAnn - ahhhh, the beach.....  I would sooo love to be there right now, showing off that crazy belly!  Look fwd to your pics....   :)



AFM -  1 week past EDD and....still here waiting for baby!  Had a(nother) burst of nesting energy return over the w/e, so we ran lots of errands and I scrubbed the house AGAIN, hoping for something to start.  No dice...... I just ended up sore as ever (again) and now I can barely walk (but for the wrong reasons!)  Oh, and I ate an entire pineapple (in one sitting) both Sat and Sun.... that didn't work either - not even a cramp!


We have an u/s first thing tomorrow to make sure all's still well and then Thurs is the deadline for them to "induce" - starting off w/Cervadil and then Pitocin, if absolutely necessary.  I really wish we could have the u/s today, but it's a holiday here.  I'm going to beg them to try the Cervadil tomorrow while I'm there and not wait to Thurs (although I am in NO hurry for the Pitocin).  Really the only thing driving me to get this baby out (NOW!!!) is my in-laws and stepdaughter's arrival this weekend.  Obviously DH and I are not going to get that "1st week alone w/baby" that I hoped for, but I'm settling for even 2-3 days alone before they come.... I really need that time/space!!  I know my in-laws will be helpful, but they are very high-energy - which can wear me down pretty quickly.  I also need to be rested/adjusted enough so that I can give my step-DD the love and attention that she needs (she's 10 and I haven't seen her in months).  DH does not agree w/my "complaints" about this, saying that I'll only be stressed if I worry about it.... but I think my concerns are realistic!  Now, I'm worried that if I indeed have a meltdown next week, he's going to say that I brought it on myself! ...... I need to get him reading some first-hand updates posted by new mama's here on MDC, to get a sense of what I'm "worrying" about!!




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Quick update: we tried to do a membrane sweep at the doc today and I'm only a fingertip dilated, but the cervix is very soft so that's a good sign.  My doc said that either way, I'll have a baby in two weeks, but she understands the frustration.  We'll just have to wait. 


Andaluza, I hear you on Sundays.  I have a magical burst of energy on Sundays that is great for getting things done around the house.  It's been too hot here to do much of anything, though I did do a longer walk yesterday.  I think part of my frustration is cabin fever at being stuck in the only a/c room in the house during this wretched heat.  I hope it breaks soon so I can be a little more active.


sarah, I completely agree on the people projecting thing.  If I had a dime for how many people told me how miserable I would be at the end or how the heat would be intolerable, I'd be rich.  And in fact, the heat has only really been bothering me in that it's too hot to be active, which it would be if I weren't pregnant too.  It's interesting how people love to make pregnancy out to be this disease or something.  Other than emotional frustration and some pelvic discomfort, I'm doing fine, and it sort of annoys me too when people are like, "You MUST be MISERABLE."  Not really helpful.


NewMum, I almost missed your post because we cross posted!  It sounds like you're doing pretty well, all things considered.  Have you done a membrane sweep by any chance?  Just curious if it worked for anyone.  Hopefully all you'll need if you do have to be induced is a little cervadil to get things going.  Like you, I worry about pitocin because it makes the contractions stronger.  But if it's necessary to get baby out, it's necessary.  Membrane sweeps and sex both produce the same natural prostaglandins as cervadil, though if I remember correctly, you and DH have been having some bonding time for a while now.  So maybe more wouldn't do much. eyesroll.gif   Hope it's super soon for you!!!!

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Yes, huge congrats to all the newbies!! How awesome!!!


NewMum: Do you know if you are dilated yet?  I think I might have mentioned this, but with so much preggo brain going on I can't remember. I had a very successful "induction" with castor oil last time around. Not for everyone, but it worked for me! Sorry you are still waiting, I know it is so hard hug.gif


Lily: Did the sweep hurt? I have heard it is pretty painful. Hope you get some more action soon. But encouraging doc said "2 weeks" no matter what. 


Andaluza: Yup, you described how I am feeling exactly. As a second timer I am just wondering if I am not noticing the pre labor or if I am just not having any!! Oy! 


Sarah: I totally understand what you are saying. I don't wanna complain about this pregnancy either, but lately I have literally been fantasizing about my body without baby. Like how awesome it will be to sleep on my tummy, or have more then one glass of wine a week, etc. Dh is ready for me to be a non-preggo too. 


LeAnn: Looking forward to seeing your picture!! We have close due dates as I am the 17th. 


Sally: Hi mama, thanks for starting the thread. Glad you are well. 


afm: it's a purple day. I have a midwife appt this afternoon. They probably won't do an exam...even though I would love to know if there has been any progress. I would love to confess to them just how ansy I am for birthday, but I am somewhat embarrassed. I just "knew" baby was going to be early, and now I am half way thru 38 weeks and feeling let down. But, I guess I have to just practice letting things be. I have been reading my affirmation cards, and one that really pisses me off is "you don't have to push a river, it flows by itself" grrrrrrr.

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Lol, Poppy! I love that your affirmations are pissing you off! ROTFLMAO.gif


My fingers are crossed for surprise labors for you, Newmum & Lily! :)

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Thanks LeAnn!


Poppy - too funny!!  Yeah, I would move that card to the bottom of the stack....!


LilyTiger / Poppy - I've had 3 cervical checks so far - all w/my hopes up and as of this past Friday I was barely 1cm dilated.  At this point, I won't bother with another until I really believe I'm in labor (and also, my u/s tomorrow morning should bear some details).  I had planned to let the doc do a membrane sweep @ last Friday's appt - I got myself ALL worked up about it, the possible pain, and the hopes that it would soon put me in labor - but then she couldn't do it since I wasn't dilated enough.  That was a big letdown!  Funny too, how much my acceptance of certain "induction methods" have changed when reaching this late point in pregnancy!  I had spelled out "none of this, that or the other" on my birth plan yet here I am, feeling very differently about some things!  I still dread Pitocin, but will not deny it on Thurs if they determine that baby really needs to get out - however I will insist on the smallest dosage possible.


As far as home methods to get things started, I've been drinking a pitcher of RRL tea daily, lots of EP oil, sex, frequent walks, vigorous housework, fresh pineapple, sex, lots of tailor sitting, squatting, bouncing on the exercise ball, sex, spicy foods, and sex...... the one thing I'm still hesitant to try (despite many recommendations) is castor oil.... I'm just too scared to suffer labor AND possible diarrhea at the same time!!

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Originally Posted by NewMumJoy View Post
As far as home methods to get things started, I've been drinking a pitcher of RRL tea daily, lots of EP oil, sex, frequent walks, vigorous housework, fresh pineapple, sex, lots of tailor sitting, squatting, bouncing on the exercise ball, sex, spicy foods, and sex...... the one thing I'm still hesitant to try (despite many recommendations) is castor oil.... I'm just too scared to suffer labor AND possible diarrhea at the same time!!

I did castor oil the first time around because I was absolutely desperate. Nobody in their right mind would recommend it, but you are not in your right mind at the end of pregnancy. :-P It gave me really strong contractions, but they stopped and my water ended up breaking 2 days later. I drank A LOT of castor oil, so the effects were pretty instant and horrible. Nobody should have to pee out of their butt. LOL. Anyway, if you do it, do it when you have a lot of time to sit on the toilet - preferably during the day/early morning. Also, make it into a smoothie. It's absolutely horrid, but I was able to choke it down.


Your body will be cleansing itself out before labor anyway, so you can think of the castor oil as a little jumpstart. Sometimes it's the extra ooomph that some women need - but then again, you can do acupuncture. Have you tried that yet?

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Yes, I'm totally open to acupuncture right now!  Unfortunately it's a civic holiday here, so nothing's been open over the weekend or today.... I wish I thought to make an appointment sooner!!

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Poppy, I actually wasn't dilated enough to do the membrane sweep, but my doc warned me it would be pretty painful.  I didn't get to feel it, but she did have to pull my cervix forward because apparently it's pretty far back.  That was NOT a good feeling.  And I was only a fingertip dilated anyway, so no membrane sweep for me.  Also LOL on the affirmation stuff.  Some very well meaning people keep telling me that no one has the baby on their due date.  It enrages me.  Of course I know that and of course it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.


NewMum, I would say you've tried pretty much everything!  That's a pretty funny list there.  Good luck though!!!!  I really hope your baby comes before pitocin time.


AFM, I'm also leery of castor oil.  My Bradley instructor used to be a doula and she said she's seen it go horribly awry, as in women not able to relax through contractions because they're stuck to the toilet forever.  Ugh.  Also, I read something about increasing the chances of meconium in the amniotic fluid, but other stuff I've read says there's no connection at all.  I did a "due date workout" today with lots of squats at the gym and I figure that will be my last adventure in induction this week.  This kid will just come when it wants to.  Next week is a different story though....

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Seems like lots of you are feeling the same frustration I am.  I'm still 7 days from my due date, but man am I ready to be done being pregnant.  Even though DD was born at 42w1d, I never had this restless impatiant feeling.  I'm tryng to get out and walk some, but it is so hot here.  Thankfuly the baby has dropped.  I can eat again.  It had gotten to the point that I could barely eat more than 4 or 5 bites of anything at one sitting.  At the MW visit 2 weeks ago my belly was measuring 38.5, last week it was only 36 so she's settled down into my pelvis.


Now I just need my blood pressure to stay down.  2 weeks ago it was firmly in the normal range, last Fri. the 1st time the nurse took it with the automatic cuff and it was pretty high (I can't remember the numbers)  Then she took it manually while I did my best to breathe deeply and think very calm thoughts, and it was down to just barely above normal.  If my BP stays high, then  can't use the birth and labor tub at the hospital.  Thankfully there are no other signs of pre-e.

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I'm thinking happy "going into labor" thoughts for all of you who are close or overdue and ready to be done (mostly you, LilyTiger and NewMumJoy!)!  I'm pretty convinced at this point I will be the last person in this DDC to give birth.  My due date is August 30, and so far I have had zero signs of impending labor.  No braxton hicks, no clearing out of system, zilch.  Sigh.  It's 105 here today.  Double sigh.  The good news is that I'm not done collecting all the things I need for a home birth, so at least I'll have time to get that done!  Counting down the seconds until I can stop working full time next week.  


I am so so so excited for the mamas who have had their babies.  It's been so fun to hear about all the new little ones in the world.  

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Seems like everyone is feeling the same way right now.  I'm 38+3 according to conception, 38 according to midwives. I have had a lovely pregnancy, but I'm starting to feel ready to be done.  Or maybe I just want to stop working.  I planned to work until my due date because my first was two weeks late, and I didn't want to use up much time before the baby was here.  But I am SO over working right now.  I'm working hard to finish everything and get it all ready for the next person who is going to take over for me, but when that's over with, I think I will just leave early.  I'm thinking this Friday, but it might be even sooner. 


I am a second timer, so I am NOT going to do one single thing to induce labor.  I did it all last time: lots of sex, bouncing on a ball, bumpy car rides, pineapple, eggplant parm, spicy food, EPO, chiropractic adjustments, accupuncture, walking miles.  Nothing worked, not a darn thing. The only thing I was too scared to try was caster oil.  So this time around, if I get to 41 weeks, I will consider caster oil, but I'm not going to bother with anything else. 


I also don't want to get my hopes up because this baby just might take her time like her sister did. Except..... that I feel like things are happening.  My body is cleansing itself today in a way I don't remember happening at all in my first pregnancy.  I have BH contractions CONSTANTLY.  Anything I do triggers a contraction - getting up, sitting down, reaching, stretching, rolling over, any movement at all.  And I feel so crampy.  Part of me would LOVE for baby to come now.  But the other part of me wants more time to finish all of our projects and have a little time so I can be home relaxing and preparing without needing to work at all.  Why don't we all have 2 years of paid maternity time? I would've left work months ago!!!

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Wow, so fun to see all the babies.  Hope the births come quickly for those of you anxiously awaiting! The waiting is so hard, especially once the due date hits.  When my daughter was late last time I tried accupuncture, and sure enough the baby came a few days later, although I was four days late at that point so it's hard to say what would have happened otherwise. Still though, I'd definitely try it again if I hit 40 weeks.


AFM, I'm still very much in the not wanting the baby to come yet mode--Like Jenna, I'm holding up the rear with an August 30th due date, so not even 37 weeks yet, and I'm just so not prepared. But in extremely exciting news, today was my last day of work!!! I'll still have a few odds and ends to deal with, but the crazy hours and stress should be done. Thanks goodness! Last week was insane--with tons of work, including being at a mock trial all weekend, and earlier in the week I ended up having to take a taxi 35 miles from my work back home when I started having really painful contractions and there was a risk it was pre-term labor.  So I'm just happy to have gotten through it without going into labor, and am really hoping I get a few weeks to relax and prepare now. 

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I'm almost afraid to poke my nose in here since having baby a week early lol.gif  I won't lecture you all about being patient, baby comes when it needs to blah blah blah if you all promise not to go all choppy on me  lol!


I'm just enjoying some down time, yesterday was a write-off for all of us since being up basically all night. Poor DH had no concept of time whatsoever, but somehow managed to make three meals, clean up the kitchen a bit, do barn chores, keep the kids halfway happy and made a ton of phone calls - both baby and farm related.

He has today off, which is great, but the rest of the week is iffy :-/   I really appreciate how he tries to be such a good employee, while being an awesome husband/dad, but I feel bad about the amount of stress it puts on him.


As for baby news...Baby G. is so mellow thus far!  Nursing well, I'm patiently waiting for my milk to come in - any time now I'm sure. He's only squawked a couple times but never a real cry. It's so nice, he has yet to wear anything side from a diaper because he's always wrapped up and on skin.

The kids are absolutely enthralled with him, you just never know how they'll react but so far it's been great.  The youngest is particularly excited and has taken to the big sister role very seriously. She makes sure he always has a stuffed animal nearby, and that nobody's squishing him, she has a comment for every little noise and grunt he makes :)

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My mom's intuition doesn't have the best track record, so I'm not expecting to have this baby today. :) I haven't had any strong contractions or anything since Saturday or so and nothing else has been going on. I have a chiropractor appointment at 11am today, though, so something might hit after that or something. I'm not going to hold my breath, though. 


I'm sorry that a lot of you are starting to feel frustrated at the end of your pregnancies! I totally remember how that felt the first time around and am so thankful that my health is good this time around. I mean, I have moments of feeling incredibly uncomfortable, but this pregnancy has been relatively easy at the end so far: no pre-eclampsia for me!!


I really hope that those of you who are struggling are able to meet your babies sooner rather than later!

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