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LeAnn--your belly pics are fantastic! I know what you mean about not totally realizing how big you're getting until you suddenly see yourself in a picture or from a strange angle in the mirror. Hope things are still going well as you deal with the post-move chaos and organization.


NewMumJoy--let us know how your u/s goes this morning! I can totally see why you are feeling anxious to get your LO out. It's hard enough to go past your EDD, but then when you have another due date of relatives coming, that makes it feel even more urgent. I would be feeling the same way. I'm sorry you're not going to get that week of precious alone time with your DH and new baby... That would make me sad too. There are some great older threads on here about having visitors post-partum--I recommend showing them to your DH so he gets a wider perspective of just how challenging the PP period can be, especially with visitors added to the mix. I did the same thing, and it seemed to help my DH understand (plus, I learned a lot too!).


Lily--good to hear that your cervix is soft, but I know you're hoping for a lot more than that! You still seem to be maintaining a good attitude in the midst of it all, which I think is great. But I can understand your frustration. Here's hoping things progress quickly!


poppylove--how did your appt go yesterday? Could your midwife sense your impatience? I love it that you are getting annoyed at your affirmations! I've been listening to pregnancy affirmations too, and some of them are starting to drive me a little crazy: "I love my pregnant body and accept it every day." Umm, nooo.... not loving it all the time!!!


KristyDi--yep, I'm feeling your antsiness too. I hope your BP stays down so that you can still take advantage of the tub. I always get nervous before every BP reading, even though they've all been low so far. I always think, "will this be the time it's suddenly shot way up?" Mine had risen a little bit at my last appt, but is still below average.


JennaSpring--I have no signs of impending labor either (except for a lot of BH), so you're not alone! But it's good that you're not feeling impatient. I did not feel ready for this baby to come before we had all of our homebirth supplies gathered either. But now that they're sitting all neatly on the shelf, I'm good to go! It'll be great once you're finished working though, so you can focus exclusively on getting ready.


1stTimeMama--I think you should leave work early too. Maybe your body just needs to have the emotional peace of not working in order to relax enough to go into labor. It's good to hear your experience as a second-timer and what you're not going to do in order to induce labor. I guess in a way, all those methods probably just make us more obsessed about when the baby comes, which might not always be helpful. But I imagine it's pretty hard to avoid feeling that way! Does it still feel like things are happening in your body?


rebecca10--congrats on being finished with work! That must be a huge relief! It sounds like the last while has been kind of stressful for you, so it's great that you'll be able to relax now and focus on what needs to get done. Enjoy this time!


Tizzy--glad everything is going well! Kudos to your DH for being so helpful too. I'm actually hoping that the mamas who've had their babies don't disappear from this thread! Otherwise, those of us who are due later in the month will end up feeling pretty lonely by the end! I love hearing about how things are going with the new babes.


Anyway, it's Tuesday, and not much new to report. Just sending a lot of good labor vibes to those who really need them at this point!!!

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Tizzy, sounds fabulous! So nice of you to report back for us about the days following birth. Sounds much more calm then my first experience (fingers crossed I get to experience "calm")


I am sorry I was so grumbly yesterday everyone. duh.gif

Thank you for asking about my appt Sarah! Mw & I had a good long talk about fears/anxieties and I think it was just what I needed. 

2 times now, I have actually been so happy baby isn't here yet. Last friday Dovie (my 2 yo) caught a cold, and was stuffy and crying all weekend. 

Then, last night, the oil refinery that we live pretty close to caught on fire (ugh!) and our entire half of the bay area had a shelter in place order.

And I just kept thinking how happy I was that I didn't have to be worried about precious newbie lungs getting ash in them. 

So...sigh. Starting over. Practicing patience, and gratitude. 


Good luck on your NST today Joy, and your chiro appt Sally

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Good luck to everyone with impending and past due dates!  I find it entertaining how much what we are willing to try to naturally induce increases as that due date creeps up and passes!  I'm still a few weeks away, but can already understand wanting to be done!


Everyone who isn't quite ready, I hope you baby stays put until the perfect time!


and WELCOME to the new babies!  They are adorable!  Happy babymoon!


I'm right there with everyone else due at the end of the month... nothing!  I have TONS of BH, but I have had more than what seems normal the entire pregnancy.  They are definitely getting stronger and there is usually one or two a day that have a some pain, but mostly they just make it hard to breathe and put a lot of pressure on my bladder (because we all need that). My family are all convinced I won't make it to the due date, but I'm afraid that mindset will make the end harder if she comes late.  I've always thought she would come a little late.  I wish I had some time off of work before my due date, but its too late for that.  


I'm also very jealous of the bursts of energy some of you have had!  I hope I get a few of those!  

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Hey Ladies!  I'm back from my u/s and baby is doing just fine.  I don't think he's in any rush to come out.  Still enough fluids, healthy hb, cord and placenta, and he "measures" approx 8lbs12oz (which is a lot more than I expected, although the tech insisted that these figures are not dependable).  I was really looking forward to getting a good peak at his face or other features, but it was just too crowded in there to make out any parts....  :|


As far as induction, I'm "on the list" for Thursday (40wks+10days is their limit) - however I have NO appointment or guarantee.... IF there's enough beds/bandwidth/space at the hospital, they will call us ON Thursday to tell us if/when to come in.  We just have to sit here and wait.  So, if they are too busy or "backed up" we might not even be getting induced until this weekend!!!   Oh, the joys & pains of public healthcare.....
And, since we plan to just start off w/Cervadil, which might not work immediately (before next step Pitocin)..... I can easily see this being drawn out over the weekend.  I'm feeling good about baby's well-being and respectful of his readiness to come, but am getting really anxious about our house guests' arrival "deadline" of this weekend - and missing out on any alone time w/baby and DH until September...  greensad.gif
I did schedule an acupuncture appt. for this afternoon!!
Thinking of you all who still have some weeks to go, as you get your final preparations in order!  If you're still at work, good luck getting everything wrapped up for your mat. leave and hopefully your time-off will arrive soon enough so that you can enjoy some "you" time at home!!
..... And lots of love to all our new Mamas who are hopefully resting up nicely and enjoying every minute w/their new babies!!!
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How exciting for you to have your little boy, Tizzy.  I hope you all continue to get some much needed rest.


Lily, Sarah, and NewMum, I hope things move along for you.  Lily, I saw the pics from your EDD workout, pretty impressive!


Firsttime, it sounds like things are starting to happen for you!


I'm hoping your BP stays down, Kristy.


Poppy I would LOVE to lay on my stomach again.


LeAnn, I'm with you on the whole belly thing just sort of one day being like, "whoa!"


Sally, I'm also interested to know if your mother's prediction is accurate.


I'm 37 weeks today and no signs of impending labor, which I'm okay with: I would really like Q to be born in September so she has a sapphire for a birthstone, and I keep feeling Sept. 4, I think I might start to get super antsy if I go past then, my EDD is 8/28.  I'd also like more time to hang out with my sister before the baby comes, when I don't have to work during the week...4 more days to go until I'm done working!!!!  That is what I'm most excited about for now, so I totally get it, Jenna and Rebecca.  I still have a lot to do to get ready for this baby. 


Also, I've been thinking that maybe placenta encapsulation might be a good idea.  At our Bradley class the instructor showed us a chart that has the baby being more fussy at two weeks, and then a big angry face at 6 weeks, and Brian will be back at work and traveling at that time, he will be home for the weekends, but I feel like I might get overwhelmed not having him come home at the end of the day to help give me a break if the baby is really fussy.  Plus, I'd like to get back to being able to be active ASAP after the pregnancy.  Has anyone else done or thought about placenta encapsulation?

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Hi M, yes, we are doing placenta encaps. My midwives swear by it! Plus, I needed something the first time around and wished I would have done this. I love your thinking! Sapphire!! Totally agree, what a lucky birthstone! Keep up the positivity mama, it is infectious!


Interesting Joy! But, alas, public healthcare has got to be better then a 500-1000 dollar a month payment for insurance eyesroll.gif

Fingers crossed baby comes before Thursday, or that they have a bed for you. Good luck with the accupuncture this afternoon!

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I'm also doing encapsulation this time around. I didn't with my son, but I never had any sort of baby blues or depression or anything. It runs in my family, so all of the women in my family talked with me about it...it just didn't happen to me. I was too happy. :) As for the chart you mentioned Veritas, I never had that experience. My son didn't really cry or get upset until he was about 6 months old and that was after he had his first vaccine (coincidence?). So...you never know what your babe will be like!


My chiropractor appointment was good, but all of a sudden the lower part of my body really started to hurt and I couldn't really walk, so I booked an appointment for acupuncture at 4:15. I think my bones and ligaments are just so loose that the adjustment might have "helped" and then I stepped wrong or something and the lower half went out. I have no idea. All I know is that it's painful to walk and baby doesn't really feel lower (I can still feel feet in my ribs). Hopefully the acupuncture will help with the pain!

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I'm planning to do placenta encaps too.  I'm also hoping to eat a small piece of my placenta right after birth (to prevent hemorrhage-- we're talking, smaller than a dime sized piece, though)!  I may try to take it like a pill, or have DH put it in a smoothie.  I also reserve the right to NOT do that if I'm not feeling it, but I do like the idea of getting some of it down right away and not waiting for the capsules.  

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VV-- I'm 37 weeks today too!  Lots of BH, but no other signs of baby.  Babies tend to come early in my family, but watch me be the one that has them late!   I'm not ready yet (still so much to do!) but I would like to have a Leo baby versus a Virgo (I'm a Virgo and we have lots of them in our family) so I'm pulling for this babe to come early.  I'm off to Google and find out what the August birth stone is :) 

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August is peridot.

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I'm probably going to do placenta encapsulation too. It took a while for me to get over being squeamish about it. The possible benefits are just so compelling, and it's one of those things where the risks seem non-existent. My midwife asked if I'd be open to eating part of it after the birth if I was bleeding a lot... I said I'd be open to it, but the idea doesn't seem very appealing, to be honest. The capsules seem a lot more doable to me.

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sally - I hope the acupuncture helped you out!  Not cool to feel all disjointed at your point in pregnancy!


VV - I hope your final days at work go smoothly and that you can really enjoy your sister's visit.  Do you have a jogging stroller so you can get back to running soon afterwards?


I've only heard really good things about encapsulating, if I did hemorrhage I would consider consuming a small amount of placenta....but it's not on my list of things to do unless necessary :) 

Each of my babies has been very VERY mellow for the first 6 months (they are all un-vaxed), and right around 6mo they seem to wake up and come into their personalities. That's when they start to hear things when they're sleeping (until that point, I'm able to vacuum practically right beside them sleeping!) and start to acknowledge excessively wet overnight diapers and so on which disrupts their sleep patterns as well. My 3rd actually didn't cry for more than 30 seconds twice in her life until she was 6 months old, but then she got chicken pox so....yeah...that wasn't fun.


They're all sooooo different, but I seriously believe that our babies are so easy going because DH and I are. We just hold them whenever they need to be held and I like to keep their "schedule" in the back of my mind, they've each fallen into a 3hr nursing pattern on their own and have each slept through the night, like a full 6-8hrs at two weeks of age.


Mind you baby G. is not quite 48hrs old LOL so there's still time for him to develop colic and TOTALLY throw me off :lol

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The acupuncture totally took away the horrible pain I was feeling! I mean, I'm still a bit sore, but it's nothing like it was yesterday. Also, no baby here. My mom was wrong (which I'm honestly thankful for)! :)

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I don't have time for personals because I'm hanging with my sister (she's putting together a shopping list, so I snuck away to update really quickly).  I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow!  I spent last night convinced I was in labor due to regular contractions that were getting stronger.  I finally went to sleep around midnight feeling really hopeful that this baby might actually arrive while my sister is here.  No such luck.  Woke up this morning in a wretched mood.  Cramps and contractions had totally died away (only after preventing me from getting a decent night's sleep).  I'm feeling better after a nice walk (and about 20 minutes of stairs at the park eyesroll.gif), a latte, and some delicious homemade egg sandwiches.  I know the prelabor stuff is a good sign, but I can't stand the constant emotional up and down.  It's like a crazy emotional rollercoaster.  So I've given up and sort of accepted that my sister won't be able to see the baby until it's two months old probably and that the only member of my family who will be around to meet the baby immediately is my mom (and DH of course) since everyone else is leaving for our cabin this weekend.  It's just a tough situation and I'm really trying to be patient with my body, but I was soooo hoping to be able to introduce this new little person this week.  Oh well.  I hope everyone else is doing well.  And congrats to all the mommas who are snuggling their little ones!


(I did manage a fun due date workout and then some long walks, so I'm hoping gravity starts to get things moving soon!)

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VV - hooray for finishing up work soon!  Hope you're having a great time so far with your sister in town...... and congrats on your engagement - that's wonderful!!


Sally - glad your acupunture worked!!  I threw out my knee this morning, just getting out of bed - and I was sooo worried how I'd get into all these laboring positions in that condition.  Somehow it popped back into place (thankfully!!)  Gotta be careful w/those loose ligaments and all that extra weight we're carrying around!


Tizzy - I seriously hope to be half as lucky as you've been w/the temperament of your babies!!


Lily - I can totally understand your frustration at this point!  It's hard when there are external "deadlines"....Hugs!!  I've had a few false starts myself in the past week, and it does get tiring (and boring, when you've gotten everything important finished and there's nothing left to do but "wait")..... Just try to keep busy and focus on those last little "selfish" indulgences while you can!



AFM - I just had my 2nd acupuncture appt in 24 hrs.  Since yesterday's session, I've had constant tightness and pressure in my back and front - but only as long as I'm on my feet or walking.  Once I sit or go to bed (which I eventually had to do!), everything eases up.  So, naturally I woke up today disappointed again.  Today, the naturalist sent me home w/some blue cohosh pills:  to take 6 under the tongue, every 3 hours, "until labor starts"..... this is our final attempt, before tomorrow's "Induction Day" so hopefully it works!!


My worries about my inlaws' untimely arrival has been replaced w/more concern about tomorrow's supposed induction plans.  I'm less excited about the Cervadil after reading a bit more about it.  For starters, I'll have to hang out at the hospital as they monitor me for any labor progressing (whereas I assumed I could just go back home and return when I was well into labor).  It also sounds like Pitocin is a very likely follow-up to the Cervadil (after # hours) - and we all know what that entails....  I just hadn't given it much thought until now, since I felt so certain that I wouldn't be going this long past my due date!  I hate the thought of being admitted before I'm even in labor!!!  We live so close to the hospital that I was really looking forward to hanging out at home as long as possible w/DH and Doula (which is also why I didn't want any guests to arrive too soon).


And I'm also bothered that we won't even know IF we're actually going through with this induction until they call us tomorrow (as long as they're not "too busy" in L&D then we're "good to go")!!  (Poppy - yes, public healthcare rocks!!  But as expats, we pay full price for services that are stretched quite thin AND we are still paying uber-premium bucks for U.S. healthcare coverage on top of that!  And so I rant.....)


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NewMumJoy - There's still castor oil. :-P 

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So I'm a little curious about the whole membrane sweep... Does it hurt a ton? My OB (no midwives in this area unfortunately :( ) offered me a sweep last appointment but I refused that and an internal check as I didn't want to make myself go crazy waiting in case I was already dilated.   I'm 40+3 right now and I have a non stress test tomorrow and another doc appointment afterwards. I know she's going to offer a sweep again but I'm unsure of it.  I'm also booked for an induction on Monday if i don't go into labour by then so that's why I'm considering letting her do a sweep...   Anyone with experience with membrane sweeps?? Would love to know...

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I had a sweep with my first and personally speaking it was not any worse than an internal check.  I got the sweep and had my daughter 2 days later.  However, it doesn't always work.  Honestly I'd rather go that route than be induced if those are your options.  Definitely doesn't hurt to get it done at this point.

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Mtngirl81 - I had probably three or four membrane sweeps with my first and I don't know if they really did anything. I mean, I went into labor and didn't have to be induced, but it was either a combination of the things I did or my son was just ready to come out. It's not the most pleasant feeling experience, but I would definitely do it again if I were facing an induction!

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Originally Posted by NewMumJoy View Post


And I'm also bothered that we won't even know IF we're actually going through with this induction until they call us tomorrow (as long as they're not "too busy" in L&D then we're "good to go")!!  (Poppy - yes, public healthcare rocks!!  But as expats, we pay full price for services that are stretched quite thin AND we are still paying uber-premium bucks for U.S. healthcare coverage on top of that!  And so I rant.....)


duh.gif Yikes mama, that stinks. Too bad ex pats have to pay...how crummy. Rant on, rant on.


But sending you positive birthing vibes and hopes that the cohosh does just the trick. And ya, there is still Castor Oil winky.gif

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