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Earth Day ideas

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I was just curious is anyone here is doing any neat things for earth day and if so do you mind sharing your ideas?
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Tree Planting

We are going to plant some community trees. We are also going to go buy some recycling bins. We live in an rural nonrecycling area. We've decided to buy some big garbage cans and put our recycleables (it's to early to spell correctly) in them and drive them to the next city every month.
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We did a few things in our Cub Scout pack since this month's theme revolves around conservation. We went on a tour of the local recycling center, made crafts from recycleable materials, sponsoring an aluminum can recycling drive, and planting a flower/shrub bed for the city.

We aren't doing anything special at home other than what we already do such as recycling(we are req. to by our disposal company), conserving energy and water, reusing things, etc.
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We are making a worm compost that we will keep in the garage.Worms get our fruit and veggie scraps,and we get some good castings for our plants.
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i'm recycling little onesies and writing on them- I LOVE MY MOTHER-and then drawing a picture of planet earth.
i use those fabric crayons-they come out cute.
also do 'organically grown' and draw peas and carrots.
one year i bought a bunch of white washcloths and wrote on them with fabric crayons-you can make a difference- and attached them to a stick for the kids to wave as flags.
preggo moms got one for free!
we also have some trees to plant and clean up opportunities.
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